Lookah Seahorse Pro Introduction and Overview

As a high-quality budget nectar collector wax pen, Lookah really tried to change the game with their newest release of the Seahorse Pro Plus.

With more modern upgrades like an improved coil and USB-C charging over its older model, there’s also been a slight increase in price. So, is it worth it?

  • Read along as we go into all of the nitty-gritty details to see if this is the wax pen that you’ve been waiting for or not.

Seahorse Dab Pen Pro Specs Chart

Material Compatibility Concentrates + 510 carts
Pass Through Charging No
Swappable Batteries No
Charge Time 1 Hour
Charging Port USB-C
Battery Life 650mAh
Heating System Quartz Tip Coil
Heat Up Time 5 Seconds
Temperature Control Yes
Temperature Range 3.2V / 3.6V / 4.1V
Oven Size Very small amounts
Accessories Stand, Glass Bubbler
Vibration Alert No
Motion Sensor No
Warranty Period 30 Days After Purchase
Dimensions 5.2in x 1.3in
Price $55

What makes the Seahorse Pro Plus by Lookah unique?

There are some unique features that make the Seahorse Pro Plus standout against competitors as a cheap electric nectar collector:

  • A Strong Battery Life
  • A Porous Quartz Coil Tip that Pumps out Vapor once its absorbed your dab
  • An Included silicone waterpipe adapter
  • Fast USB-C charging
  • Compatible with both dabs and with 510 thread cartridges

How to Use the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus?

Like all the other Lookah Nectar Collectors, the Seahorse Pro Plus is super easy to use!

To get ready for your Seahorse wax pen session, you’ll want to have your concentrate jar open and ready to go before anything.

Then, remove the atomizer glass cover and tap the power button five times quickly to turn it on. With two clicks of the power button, you’ll be able to cycle through the three pre-set voltages of:

  • 3.2V Blue (Low)
  • 3.6V Purple (Medium)
  • 4.1V White (High)

Once you choose the level you want, hold the power button to start heating the tip manually, which is better for lighter users or beginners who don’t know their limits yet.

When you’re ready to go balls deep, you can also graduate to tapping the power button three times to fire up a 15 second pre-heating cycle, before holding that set temperature for 30 seconds.

It’s not quite as easy as the inhale activated Boundless Terp Pen, but beginners should have no problems figuring this unit out.

  • I had success with both dipping the tip into my dab container, and also loading a small amount onto the tip before my session started!

Quartz Tip Heating Element and Temperatures

The coil that’s included in the Seahorse Pro Plus is called the quartz type V coil, and is made to be a bit stronger than the older model’s type 1 coil.

This type 5 coil is made from clear quartz and is made to be porous and see through, so you’ll be able to visualize how your dab is melting during your session.

You won’t need to load more than this per session

I found the heat up time to be about five seconds before the quartz started to absorb and vaporize my wax.

During both the session and manual heating modes, I found the vapor to be pretty hot and potent, so I stuck to the blue voltage mode for the most part.

Using the Silicone Whip with a Bong

One of the nice features is the includes 14mm / 18mm silicone waterpipe adapter that will let you pair your seahorse electric nectar collector with a bong or bubbler. Especially for the two higher voltages which can pump out thick but harsh vapor, I would highly suggest using a glass piece like the 14mm Mega Bubbler

meha bub with seahorse pro plus

How to use it with carts

This Lookah nectar collector can be used with all of kind of vape carts. To use it, just remove the quartz tip and attach a 510 oil cartridge instead. After that, it will function exactly like a 510 Thread Battery.

How to Clean the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

A good indication that its time to clean your Seahorse Pro Plus is whenever the vapor starts to taste more burnt than normal – For heavy users, this might be once a week or so.

To clean the quartz tip, Lookah recommends just running a burn off cycle to get rid of any leftover resin stuck in the quartz. Personally, I had more success soaking it in isopropyl, rinsing it out, and then running a burn off cycle once it had fully dried.

While you’re doing this, you can remove the glass mouthpiece and the mouthpiece cap and give them a quick soak in Orange Chronic Cleaner before a rinse off.

  • A four pack of Lookah Seahorse Pro replacement tips will run you about $40 when the included coil has died. 

Portability and Convenience

If you don’t plan on using a bong or vape bubbler with this portable nectar collector, then you’ll be okay taking it with yourself anywhere you want – Just make sure that you have the glass tip cover installed to keep yourself safe in your pants pocket!

One other thing to note is that you won’t really be able to have discreet sessions in public with this unit!

Especially if you’re using the auto-heat function, the clouds will be very noticeable as you struggle to keep up with the copious amount of vapor it pumps out.

Battery Life

The dab pen uses a 650 mah battery, ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy about 40 minutes of runtime, or about 10-15 sessions depending on what heating settings you’re using.

When you’re charging it up with the included USB-C charging cable, the battery has two different color indicators: A red light indicates the battery is charging, while a cyan color indicates the battery is fully charged.

  • A full charge will only take one hour which is a great feature to have, and an improvement over the Seahorse Pro which used a Micro-USB cable.

Seahorse Dab Pen Vapor Quality

Overall, the vapor quality on this Lookah straw is pretty solid because of the glass and quartz vapor path it uses.

In other words, while the vapor might be a little hot, there are no plastics or metals which change the flavor or your dab, which is a great feature to have as a budget nectar collector.

Since you can see the whole vapor path, it’s pretty cool to see your thick white vapor building up in the glass body as you begin to take your inhale, and in my opinion, it’s half the fun of the session as well.

I’ve been a little spoiled lately by reviewing the Best E-Rigs which use ceramic dish coils to slowly cook your dab, but the Seahorse Pro Plus has some nice vapor to it for its low price tag!

Who’s it for?

Nectar collector vaporizers will never offer the best flavor due to the high voltages they pack into their tiny coils, but, for a decently priced small vape that also functions as a 510 battery, it definitely gets the job done.

It can be a great money saving solution for anyone that likes hitting harsh dabs through a bong similar to a glass banger and torch dab rig setup.

Budget electric honey straw Pros and Cons



✅ Secure magnetic coil cap
🚫 Limited battery capacity compared to the best wax pens
✅ Improved coil compared to the Seahorse Pro
🚫 The size might be portable, but the sessions aren’t discreet
✅Included USB-C charging cable 🚫 Glass parts are fragile if dropped
✅ Removable glass mouthpiece
🚫 Loses flavor on middle and high voltage
✅ Consistent vapor quality

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Accessories

Unlike Lookah’s Dragon Egg and Mini Unicorn, luckily they included a charger as well as some other awesome accessories including a waterpipe adapter.

One thing to note is that while there might not be a dab tool included in the kit, you don’t need one with a nectar collector as you can just use your dab container if you want to.

  • 1 Seahorse Pro Plus Dab Rig
  • 1 Magnetic Tip/Coil Cover
  • 1 Connection Hose
  • 1 14/18mm Adapter
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 Type 5 Seahorse Pro Plus Coil

As for sold separately accessory upgrades, you’ll be able to pick up a Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Stand so that all you have to do is press your dab container to the atomizer, and as well a mouthpiece bubbler upgrade which goes in place of the normal mouthpiece.

Lookah Seahorse Pro vs Pro Plus

  • The Pro Plus has a magnetic coil cap makes it more convenient and secure, as it prevents the cap from falling off or working loose
  • The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus has a USB-C charging port, while the Lookah Seahorse Pro only has a micro USB charging port
  • The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus has a quartz tube coil V, while the Lookah Seahorse Pro has a quartz coil 1.

The main difference is the quartz tube coil V that the Plus version uses as it delivers fuller and thicker hits, compared to the quartz coil 1 which is a bit weaker.


Overall, I’d highly recommend the Seahorse dab pen to anyone that was considering a budget nectar collector.

You’ll be able to get some good flavor from your concentrates on the lower voltage, unlike some of the other cheap nectar collectors I’ve reviewed like the XMax Daboo.

It does have its downside from using a porous atomizer though, as you’ll be wasting a lot of the dab and losing a lot of flavor, especially with live resins.

If you do prefer using high-quality concentrates, I would recommend a premium E-Rig like the Utillian 8 which will let you effortlessly pump out crazy amounts of vapor in a setup similar to the Lookah Seahorses.

The Utillian 8, and likewise the Best Wax Pens simply have better performing coils that will offer a lot more flavor and cooler vapor as well.


What’s the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus charge time?

The charge time of the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus is about an hour from 0 to 100%.

How to use it with harder concentrates?

To use the Lookah dab pen with harder concentrates like diamonds, you’ll have to press it against your dab as it heats up until you start to see vapor, which means the quartz has absorbed some and is ready to be hit.

What are some mouthpiece alternatives?

You’ll be able to upgrade to the glass bubbler mouthpiece, use the silicone adapter with a bong, or you can use the DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece over the glass mouthpiece with a 14mm Hydrotube Bubbler.

Is the Seahorse Pro Plus a smoking device?

No, the Seahorse Pro Plus is not a smoking device, but a vaping device.

How much does the Seahorse Pro Plus cost?

The Seahorse Pro Plus costs about $55 before tax.

Does the quartz or ceramic coil have better performance?

The quartz coil has a porous structure that delivers a rich flavor and aroma of the concentrate. The ceramic coil has a double coil structure that heats up faster and reaches higher temperatures.

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