Best Wax Pens Of 2022

Wax Pens might be the most popular cannabis product in the entire legal industry, not just the vaporizer market. What are the top wax pens available right now? Which ones can vaporizer low viscosity concentrates like oil and which ones are just purely used for waxy concentrates? Which pens have the best coils, build and vapor quality?

This section is all about the top wax pens out there and how to get the best experience when vaping concentrates. We handpicked each pen and evaluated based on many factors beyond vapor quality and the coil types. These devices are also ranked based on customer feed backs and how they have performed to date and we update this list regularly to bring you the most up to date rankings.

Best Dab Pens for Beginners

Learn about the different styles of dab pens, as well as our top 5 picks for beginners to vaporize concentrates with.

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Ditanium Vaporizer Review

The Ditanium is one of the most interesting desktop vaporizers on the market. Made by Hardwood out of Arizona, it's a 2-in-1 unit meaning you'll be able to do concentrates and loose flower out of the same unit and comes in a nifty and portable kit with an included whip and wooden exterior. In this review, we'll be giving you a full rundown of how it works so that you have a better understanding if this is the next desktop vaporizer to buy for yourself!

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Rio by Stache Dab Rig Review

Learn more about the the super portable Rio by Stache Dab Rig with integrated butane torch. Is it worth it? Or should you just buy a wax compatible vaporizer?

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Ispire Daab Review

If you're willing to spend the extra bit of money for quality, then this will be a good dab rig pick up for yourself.

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Focus V Carta 2 Review

If you've been looking for a new 2-in-1 electrical dab rig with the most modern features on the market, the Focus V Carta 2 is here to answer your prayers. As the upgraded model of the Focus V Carta v2, there have been upgrades made throughout the device that have this looking like the best E-Rig release of 2022.

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Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer Review

The Boundless Brand has produced some high-quality dry herb vaporizers over the years, like the Tera and the CFC 2.0. The Boundless vapes brand releases another concentrate vaporizer in the Terp Pen, which is the sibling of the CF-710. The Terp Pen is a light, compact, very easy to use and affordable budget wax pen. But is it cheaply made? How about the vapor quality? What is the best cheap wax pen, is it this one? Keep reading our Boundless Terp dab pen review for all the details!

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Yocan Evolve Plus XL Review

As the newer version to the Plus, new and old features like adjustable airflow, improved coils, integrated storage container, and more. In this review, we’ll be going over these key features and comparing them to other devices on our best wax pens list to help you make the right decision when it comes to your new dab pen!

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Dr. Dabber Stella Review

With the latest wax pen release from Dr. Dabber, there has been a lot of buzz about the Stella.  It's a concentrate pen that has focused on maximum power output and USB-C convenience, but is its limited battery overpowering of this? In this Dr. Dabber Stella review, we'll be going over all of the key features to help you decide if it's worth picking up or not.

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G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer Review

The brand new G Pen Micro+ is here with a new take on the wax pen / dab pen categories with a concentrate vaporizer that is able to thread 510 oil cartridges, as well as use its included coils to vape dabs. With three pre-set temperatures, haptic feedback, and a mouthpiece cap, there is a whole lot to love about this unique concentrate pen. In this review, we'll be going over these key features and more to help determine whether it's the right purchase for you or not.

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Stonesmiths Slash Wax Pen Review

Vape manufacturer Stonesmiths' has burst onto the scene with the recent release of the Stonesmiths' Slash. USB-C charging, a built in dab tool, and excellent manufacturing quality - Will it live up to be a Puffco killer and does it have the goods to compete with the big boys? Find out below!

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