Best Wax Pens Of 2022

Boundless Terp Pen XL Review

The Boundless Terp Pen XL is a bigger nectar collector wax pen that packs a good punch! As a larger version of the original Boundless Terp Pen, all of the features are a little bit bigger and stronger to give you more battery life and functionality. Learn more about these improvements and features in our in-depth honey straw review, as well as how it stacks up to competition.

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Hydrology9 NX Review

The Hydrology 9 NX is a portable vaporizer that stands out in the market because of its unique integrated water bubbler. With oven inserts for flower and concentrates, there is a lot to love at face value, but is it worth the steep price? Read on as we discuss what we liked, and what we didn't like in our in-depth vaporizer review.

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Linx Apollo Review

The Linx Apollo 2-in-1 vaporizer features awesome manufacturing quality and functionality, but does that translate to good vapor quality? Learn all about how it works and performs as we discuss the E-Nail and Dab Pen key features & more.

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Best dab pens under $100

If you've been looking for the best cheap pen pens - Voila! Here you are! A list of the best 7 dab fens for under $100 that will all have some great redeeming key features despite their small price tag. We'll give a quick summary about how each one works and their pros as well, so that you'll leave this blog post with a good understanding of your next budget wax pen!

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Puffco Proxy Review

The Puffco Proxy is here to bring new life to an old and timeless design - The Gentleman's pipe. Instead of wood, it uses modular glass. Instead of a wooden straight airpath, it has a ceramic glazed atomizer. Made primarily to be used for dabs and wax, in this review we'll be seeing how it fares compared to our list of the best dab pens of 2022.

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XMAX Daboo Nectar Collector Review

The Daboo from XMAX is here to take your nectar collector dabbing experience to the moon - Buckle up buckaroo because we're going to cloud-9. See if its 2-in-1 key features like 510-thread cartridges and porous quartz atomizer, integrated glass bubbler, and draw-activated heating are enough to have it competing for one of the best dab pen 2022 spots or not in our in-depth wax pen review and comparison!

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