Utillian 2 Vaporizer Review

Author Rating: 7.7/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 7/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10

Utillian has been putting out a lot of vapes lately with improvements in quality with each coming release. We thoroughly enjoyed the Utillian 620 and Utillian 722 herb vapes, and the Utillian 5 as a solid and attractive wax vaporizer.

The new Utillian 2 is a smaller, ultra-portable alternative to the solid and larger brother, the Utillian 5. With 4 voltage settings, a small form factor, and easy operation, is the new Utillian 2 worth it? Check out our Utillian 2 vape review here for more info!

How easy is it to use?

Most wax pens are dead easy to use, and this pretty true for the Utillian 2. Getting monster hits is pretty easy even for a beginner. You get 4 voltage settings to fiddle around with, which varies up the experience pretty significantly.

To use it, you’ll want to use a little dab tool to scrap up around a half rice-grain sized amount of wax. Pulse the fire button a few times to heat up the atomizer before gently melting the wax onto it. Once that’s ready, just re-attach the magnetic pieces and wait until you’re ready!

When you’re ready to take a hit, just hold down the power button at the same time as inhaling. Keep inhaling a second or two after you’re done hitting the power to allow the atomizer to cool down and not waste your precious dabs!

You can take a couple of hits before you’ll need to re-load the vape. We recommend cleaning your wax vape every couple of sessions or so – wax vapes get gunked up really quickly!

Just remove the atomizer and mouthpiece from the device and plop them down into a small glass of isopropyl alcohol. Let them sit for around 15 minutes before taking them out and rinsing with distilled water.

Let the parts dry out properly before re-assembling for use!

Utillian 2 Wax Pen

How long does the battery last?

A pretty standard thing to find on wax vapes, it comes with a USB port for charging and a 650mAh battery. It’ll take around an hour to top up fully which is pretty standard for portable wax pen vapes. You can get around 75 hits from a fully charged battery, which is pretty fine. Nothing special, all par for the course.

Bowl Size & Heating System (convection conduction induction?)

This vape does best with small-mid sized dabs. You definitely can’t be loading up big globs as it’ll get really messy and taste bad quickly, and honestly become a bit of a waste of wax. We recommend using a BB sized amount at most – less is more in terms of dabs! 

You get two coils with this vape, the dual quartz and the ceramic donut which I think a lot of people will be attracted to cause it is easier to clean and lasts longer.

This vape is only designed for vaping wax concentrates like shatter, live resin, rosin, BHO, budder, and other types of dab concentrates. Not for oil and dry herb!

Utillian 2 Dual Quartz Coil

How’s the Vapor Quality?

The vapor path is essentially all metal and glass. On low temperatures, you get pretty solid flavor from high-quality concentrates. High temps really smack you with some pretty hard hits, definitely enough for the vast majority of people who aren’t dab-kings.

It’s hard to compare any wax pen to a traditional torch ‘n banger setup, and you won’t get the same results. With that in mind, the Utillian 2 has a lot of versatility in the temperature control and can give you some pretty great results!

It’s nice to draw from, hits well, and gives good flavor! We wouldn’t really see how it can be improved very much and overall we’re satisfied!

Utillian 2 Glass Vapor Path

How Portable and Discreet is the utillian 2?

It’s a really small device and a bit bigger than a Sharpie type marker. Fits comfortably in the pocket, has a nice weight to it, and looks quite nice! It fits in your pocket just fine and you really won’t have a problem taking it anywhere.

Portability and Size

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

Utillian has made some pretty big steps in terms of quality lately, and we’re really happy to see that! The Utillian 2 is nicely made, feels great in the hand, and looks good. It comes with a 1 year warranty and we’re really fond of the all-magnetic assembly. No sticky threads and most importantly, no potential to cross-thread it!

Manufacturing Quality

Who is this Utillian 2 for?

This vape is really solid for beginners and those who want wax hits on the go. We think in fact it’ll suit the vast majority of users, aside from those who want those giant hits and real dab experience.
For heavy users, we’d recommend the Utillian 5 or a different wax vape that can handle bigger loads with better battery life, 


We can’t really find anything wrong with it. We would love to see USB-C charging on such a unit, but aside from that, it’s pretty solid overall! Good price, attractive build, fully magnetic assembly, and 4 temperature settings.

While it’s not the best wax vape we’ve ever tested, it’s by no means bad and we’re pretty fond of it overall! The magnetic assembly and 4 voltage settings are definitely the highlights of this unit and what gives us a reason to reach for it over a different vape.

If you’re in the market for a good budget wax vape or a small wax oil pen vaporizer, this is definitely one to look out for!

Tips for best performance

How fine or course of a grinder should be used. How tight or lose should the chamber be packed or can it be half packed or is there a chamber reducer? How to draw vapor. The best temperature . to stir or not to stir

  • Pulse the fire button a couple times to warm up the coils to let the wax melt onto it easier
  • Before taking a hit, also do a couple of pulses of the button to pre-heat your wax before a rip.
  • Less is more! Use small amounts to reduce the cleaning, waste, and messiness caused.

See Product & Customer Reviews.

Utillian 2
Utillian 5

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