Should you buy the Lookah Seahorse Pro?

If you’re looking for a unique take on a dab pen, then you might be interested in the new Seahorse Lookah Pro. As a nectar collector, the atomizer section will work to vaporize any kind of concentrates it comes into contact with, which is then funneled up through the body of the vaporizer and up through the normal mouthpiece, or attached bong whip. Despite these cool features, the Lookah is a very affordable unit, and in this review, we’ll be comparing it to other wax pens of a similar cost to help you decide which unit to buy.

Lookah Seahorse with box

Lookah Nectar Collector Key Features

As an improved version of the ever-popular ‘dib and dab’ / nectar collector idea, the atomizer coil is made from a high-quality ceramic base with a porous ceramic tip. With a 650mAh battery and glass mouthpiece that fits onto the body with two O-rings, everything just seems to work well on this vape. With three pre-set voltage temperatures for the 510-threaded atomizer, you’ll be able to use your favorite cartridges or choose to use the three-pronged silicone water pipe adapter for much more enjoyable sessions that adds a lot of ergonomic comfort to using it. If you’re still unsure what I’m talking about, just imagine using a pencil-shaped dab unit with a vacuum for a mouthpiece!

  • Straight-forward design
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Super unique ‘vacuum’ atomizer
  • Great as a party trick
  • Optimized for slow inhales
  • Compatible with bongs and bubblers right out of the box

Lookah Seahorse

What’s in the Lookah Seahorse Pro Kit?

  • x1 Seahorse PRO Dab Pen vaporizer
  • x1 Coil Cap
  • x1 Quartz coil
  • x1 User manual
  • x1 Cleaning brush
  • x1 USB charging cable
  • x1 Silicone hose with 14 & 18mm adapter

Lookah Seahorse accessories

Lookah Seahorse Pro Heating System

You’ll have three voltage settings to choose from:

  • Blue 3.2v, Purple 3.6v, and White 4.1v

Purple seems to be the best combination of flavor and cloud production that most people will tend to enjoy. For high potency dabs, you might prefer the blue setting, and dab enthusiasts will most likely be drawn to the highest white setting. The triple-clicking of the power button seems to be the best way to use it, as you’ll need a bit more time compared to normal dab pens to ‘nectar collect’ your stash of dab. One of the good things about the voltage settings is that they are quite varied as opposed to all being very close on some other wax pens that don’t really affect vapor quality at all.

Size of Vape

With a 510 cartridge installed, the Lookah Seahorse is about the same size as a Crafty Plus with a mouthpiece swiveled out. For use with dabs, resins, etc. I would recommend using the silicone water pipe adapter with a vaporizer bubbler or bong. You can choose to use the normal mouthpiece, but it can be a bit awkward holding your dab on a tray up to the heating element. For this reason, it’s not going to be the best for use out of the house. If you want to use it while out in public, the 420 storage keychain can be a great way for you to hold up to four different dab sessions always at the ready in a convenient spot.

Lookah Seahorse portability

Vapor Quality and Coil Options

Included in the kit, you’ll have the option to use either the quartz coil or the ceramic coil. Based on our experiences, the quartz coil is better oriented for flavor, while the ceramic will be better suited for the bigger clouds with much less flavor.

For different kinds of sessions, you might consider using the included water pipe adapter with the ceramic coil so that it will be much easier on the lungs during big hits. For flavor chasers, the air never really got harsh during medium temperature pre-heats, so despite the short air path, the normal mouthpiece was enough and will allow you to get the maximum flavor out of the dabs that you’re using.

For overall vapor quality, the Lookah Seahorse Pro delivers as a top-tier nectar collector. Once you get past the initial learning curve of having to ‘vacuum’ your dabs up, you’ll be able to get quite big clouds that will be smooth with the included water pipe adapter.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Battery Life

With a proprietary 650mAh battery, light users will be able to get about a full day of use, while heavy users will need to use the micro-USB charger to get through a whole day.

Vape Comparisons

As nectar collectors are quite unique, the closest comparison would be to something like a Stonesmiths’ Slash or the Utillian 5 because of their integrated dab tool mouthpieces which first scoop up your dab, and then have it drop onto the coils as you heat the device. The U5 does have a better 1500mAh battery though, as well as a Utillian 5 Glass Bubbler which will help to boost your vapor quality, just like the Lookah’s with the included WPA.

How to use the Lookah Seahorse Pro?

Ideally, you’ll want to have a big supply of dabs in a silicone cup or glass container so that it will be easier to navigate your chosen dab product and get the most vapor quality you can. In other words, it kind of sucks having to fish around an empty container if you’re using the normal mouthpiece, as it can be hard to see your dab.

Once you get your concentrate set up in an easy-to-use container, press the power button five times on the vape to turn it on. Once it’s on, you can cycle through the three preset temperatures by pressing the power twice (blue, white, and purple), before holding the power button down for three seconds to begin a 20-second heating cycle.

Alternatively, you can choose to press the power button three times to begin a 15-second preheat cycle, which you’ll be able to dab with for 30 seconds. This mode will be much easier when you’re using the normal mouthpiece so that you won’t feel as rushed fishing around with the coil.

Lookah Seahorse How to use

How to clean the Lookah nectar collector?

One of the good things about the Seahorse Pro is that the only real thing you have to worry about cleaning is your coil and a bit of the tube. For the tube, you can use a small pipe cleaner, and for the coils and rest of the body, we tend to just use a vape cleaning wipe, as well as soaking the mouthpiece in some isopropyl.


With only a 30-day warranty, you’ll get some initial coverage, but nothing as time goes on. The main failure seems to be the battery, but the price is affordable enough so it’s not too big of a dealbreaker.


With a price tag of under 55$, and coils going for 25$ for a 5 pack, there is a whole lot to love about the Lookah Seahorse Pro if you’re looking for a unique take on dabbing. I have to maintain though, that it’s a big learning curve, and only people who really want to go out of their way to fish around in their concentrate bowls will like it. For a more traditional dab pen setup with 510 cartridge compatibility, make sure that you also check out the G Pen Micro+. While you won’t get as many color options as on the Lookah, it’s equally affordable and features a ceramic bowl setup that will be much easier to load for medicinal users compared to the nectar collector design.