Is the Puffco Proxy worth it?

The Puffco Proxy is here to bring new life to an old and timeless design – The Gentleman’s pipe. Instead of wood, it uses modular glass. Instead of using a lighter, it has a ceramic glazed atomizer. Made primarily to be used for dabs and wax, does it hold up against the market’s different wax pens and E-Rigs? in this review we’ll be seeing how it fares compared to our list of the best dab pens by looking at how it works, its key features, pros & cons, and vapor quality – Let’s get into it.


Puffco Proxy Specs + Ratings

Material Compatibility Concentrate
Pass through charging Yes
Swappable Battery No
Charge Time 90 Mins
Charging Port USB-C
Battery life 6 Sessions
Heating system Ceramic Atomizer
Heat up time 30 Seconds
Temperature control Pre-Sets
Temperature Range 490, 510, 530, 545°F
Oven Size 0.15g
Vapor path way Ceramic / Glass
Accessories Modular Glass / Dry Herb Chamber
Vibration Alert Yes
Motion sensor No
Warranty period 1 Year
Price 300$ USD
Coupon Code
Ease of Use 8/10
Vapor Quality 9/10
Manufacturing Quality 10/10
Ease of Cleaning 8/10
Portability 6/10
Durability 6/10

What’s in the Puffco Proxy box?

  • Carrying Case
  • Glass body
  • Ceramic Atomizer Chamber
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Dab Tool
  • Cleaning Q-Tips


Puffco Proxy Key Features

The ceramic chamber and base are made to be used with any bodies that Puffco will eventually have for sale. This will allow users to simply pick up the base and drop it onto their favorite body. It features a popular 360° style atomizer that will evenly vaporize your dabs. You’ll also have a one-year limited warranty.

Puffco Proxy 3D atomizer

With your ceramic atomizer and base, you’ll be able to cycle through four voltage settings as indicated by an LED light strip:

  • Blue – 490 °F
  • Green – 510°F
  • Red – 530°F
  • White – 545°F

There isn’t too much temperature variation, and the heat-up time is nothing to write home about as it comes in at roughly 30 seconds. However, the main goal of the Proxy is to provide a relaxing experience to vaping concentrates with an emphasis on flavor without any of the burning that coils are prone to. There is also an accessory for the dry herb you’ll be able to place into the chamber to light up your cannabis flowers to use the chamber as a normal and traditional pipe.


Not so portable

Due to the need for a glass pipe, the Proxy definitely isn’t the first vaporizer that comes to mind when it comes to portability. You’ll need to bring a vape case to keep everything secure and safe. The one thing it does have going for it for its discreetness factor is that most people will be familiar with the pipe shape and won’t have any judgment. While there isn’t any pass-through charging, you will be able to bring a battery bank with you to keep the party going while you’re out camping for example.


Does it only do dabs?

Due to the slow session style of the Proxy, you’ll be able to use any kind of concentrates that you want. When a session is coming down to a close, you can just press the power button twice to run another heating cycle. The flower combustion insert for the glass that will cost you 35 USD, but out of the box, you’ll only be able to vape concentrates.

Puffco Proxy Vapor Quality

Overall, the vapor quality is incredibly smooth and people have been incredibly happy with the results. Like the Dr. Dabber Stella, even the highest temperature on the Proxy will never be scorching, instead focusing on slow-boiling down your concentrates. Personally, I think hash works best in the chamber as it will melt more quickly and provide a lot of surface area for your Proxy to get to work and provide big clouds with awesome flavor.

Limited battery life

Depending on how you’re using the Proxy, you’ll be able to get between 5 and 15 sessions in before needing a recharge. Not the worst, but certainly not the best. As a plus, it does have USB-C and pass-through charging. In my opinion, it’s not enough to make up for the mediocre battery life compared to a powerhouse like the 1500mAh on the Utillian 5.

How to use the Puffco Proxy?

The Proxy is extremely super easy to use, as I’m confident that even a monkey could figure it out. Just drop a dab into the chamber, choose your temperature, and then run heating cycles until the vapor quality starts to diminish. When you turn the battery off, it will flash green, yellow, or red to indicate a needed charge. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process:

  1. Press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn on the device
  2. Single clicks will toggle between the heat settings
  3. Place your dab product into the chamber after opening the carb cap lid, then reseal it snug
  4. Double tap the power button to begin your session
  5. After a 30-second heat-up time, the pulsing light will turn solid and will vibrate to let you know that it’s ready to be inhaled from
  6. If you’re not done with your session after the first heating cycle, double tap the power button to run a boost which will increase the heat and add 30 seconds to your session

If you don’t mind the slow extraction compared to a dab pen, then the relaxing pace will be a good fit for you.


Puffco Proxy Maintenance

The Proxy is a super easy device to maintain as all that you’ll have to do is use a vape cleaning stick after a session to remove the leftover residue from your dab. If you don’t do this, over time you’ll begin to have cooked-on buildups that will be hard to get rid of. A replacement heating element is $60, so for the extra 10 seconds of cleaning, it’s worth it to wipe out your old dabs!

Puffco Proxy Alternative

One of the first things I thought about when I saw the Proxy and its 300$ price tag is how it would compare to a simple setup using a DynaVap, DynaCoil, and the J-Hook glass pipe. You’ll remove the mouthpiece from the DynaVap, place the DynaCoil Dab Mesh pad into the chamber, and then heat your DynaVap as normal for a super smooth hit from your dab. This setup will cost only a little over $150 and will have much faster extraction with all of the same great taste thanks to the steel and glass airpath.


  • Fully modular design
  • Consistent vapor quality
  • Never harsh temperatures
  • Classic and sleek design
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Pass-through charging


  • Slow session style may be unsuitable for heavy users
  • Limited battery life
  • Same cost as a premium E-Rig

Final thoughts

If customizing your vaporizer is a big deal to you, then you’re going to love the Puffco Proxy. While I wouldn’t call it disruptive, it’s a very versatile concentrate vaporizer that will let you customize the look and feel of your vaporizer. When you feel like smoking your cannabis, simply swap out to the combustion chamber for a few extra dollars. Over time, more modular glass pieces will be released and the full range of customization will really shine. Where I do disagree with the Proxy is the claim that it’s supposed to be lowering the barrier of entry when it comes to vaporizing concentrates due to its classic design. If that is the case, it wouldn’t be north of $300. While you’re sure to get lots of attention from the amazing design, there is only so much to improve upon an atomizer design – It still has the same vapor quality as a pen at a quarter of its price like the Dr. Dabber Stella which is focused on less heat and more flavor. I don’t think the Proxy has disrupted the Dab Rig market at all, just made an overpriced pipe that they’ve claimed as revolutionary with their fancy marketing. There is currently only one modular glass design for sale on Puffco’s website, a bubbler stem, that’s going for 100 USD – Insane. It will be interesting to see if the ecosystem eventually grows as more artists hop on board. But, until the price comes, down, I’ll be staying clear for now.

Puffco Proxy Review
Puffco Proxy Review
The Puffco Proxy is here to bring new life to an old and timeless design - The Gentleman's pipe. Instead of wood, it uses modular glass. Instead of a wooden straight airpath, it has a ceramic glazed atomizer. Made primarily to be used for dabs and wax, in this review we'll be seeing how it fares compared to our list of the best dab pens.