Month: June 2023

Hitoki Trident Review

Learn more about this laser take on the old fashioned bong. With a hookah-style whip and powerful laser that you can see through the viewing window, the Hitoki Trident desktop unit might be a little on the pricy side, but packs a huge punch and is an amazing device to bring out at parties! Read on as we discuss its key features like build quality and smoke quality.

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New Puffco Peak Pro Review

What a year its been! At least we’ve seen some big improvements in the way of e-rigs. The new PuffCo Peak Pro is a nice advancement over the much beloved Puffco Peak which has now been out for a few years. We’ll go over all the new aspects of the vaporizer in our Puffco Peak Pro review right now! Does it hold up as one of the best E-Rigs of 2024, or is it surpassed by a top dab pen like the Utillian 5. Read on to find out about its key features and more.

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Pax Plus Review

In our Pax Plus review, we go over its key features and specs, as well as who we think this portable vaporizer will be best for & how it compares to the Pax 3 with its improved 3D oven screens.

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Arizer Air SE Review

If you're looking for a new budget vaporizer that won't break the bank, you might consider checking out the Arizer Air SE. Arizer has gone out of their way to cut out some features to pass along savings to people looking to buy their first vaporizer, but are the changes worth it? Read our Arizer Air SE Review to find out if it's right for you or not.

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Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic

Learn more about the differences between the Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic Desktop Vaporizers. Are the upgrades on the Hybrid enough to justify the $200 price tag? Read on and out if the new whip and touch screen user interface are worth it.

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