Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer Review

What a year it’s been! At least we’ve seen some big improvements in the way of e-rigs. The new PuffCo Peak Pro is a nice advancement over the much beloved Puffco Peak which has now been out for a few years. We’ll go over all the new aspects of the vaporizer in our Puffco Peak Pro review right now!

How to use the Puffco Peak Pro?

The Puffco Peak Pro has in no way reinvented the wheel, rather it has simply improved it. Being the original portable e-rig to have come out, the OG and new Puffco Peak Pro have very similar operations.

To use the PuffCo Peak Pro, simply fill the bubbler with a small amount of water and power the device up by double-clicking. A single click will cycle you through the 4 pre-determined temperature settings.

Load up a small BB-sized amount of wax and you’re ready to go. The Peak Pro does all the temperature regulation afterwards and all you need to remember is to inhale! For more dense vapor simply place the carb cap onto the device while you inhale.

Overall it’s fairly easy to use the Peak Pro and miles easier than trying to operate a standard torch & banger dab rig.

Puffco Peak Pro How to Use

Puffco Peak Pro Battery 

The original Peak wasn’t bad by any means and the Peak Pro hasn’t really made much in terms of improvements on this front. We’ve averaged around 25 sessions per full charge, or ~100 good hits. This is par for the course as far as e-rigs are concerned.

The docking station for the Peak Pro is expensive but very neat. Wirelessly charging your Peak Pro or acting as a power bank for a smartphone, the dock is a good upgrade if you’re a heavy concentrates user.

Aside from that, the Peak Pro charges via USB-C which is a nice upgrade to see over the MicroUSB port found on the original Peak. It’ll take aprox. 2 hours to top up from empty, though it’ll be usable again within ~10 minutes.

Puffco Peak Bowl Size & Heating System

They’ve gone with ceramic conduction chamber on this vape. Honestly, it works fine – however we much prefer quartz when it comes to dabs. This is the one aspect of which we’re a little bit disappointed with. Ceramic doesn’t have as good a flavor as quartz does and is a little more irritating to clean.

To clean it, simply remove the atomizer and soak it in isopropyl alcohol. This is at least a very easy step and from what we can tell, it’s fairly reliable.

Puffco Peak Vapor Quality

The meat and potatoes of our Puffco Peak Pro review – this is the deciding factor.

We’ll admit – it’s very good! The purist in me still prefers my high-tech torch  and banger setup or anything which uses quartz for the bowl, but for 95% of use case scenarios, the Peak Pro is absolutely good enough.

The only thing to keep in mind is having that atomizer cleaned frequently. Ceramic likes to build up dark gunk quickly which can impose a coarse flavor onto the rest of your dabs.

Regardless, you’ll get very smooth and tasty hits from the Peak Pro and it’ll satisfy almost everyone out there. We’ve had good success with large dabs, though it gets messy quick and it certainly works best with small-medium chunks.

Puffco Peak Pro Vapor Quality

Is the Puffco Peak Pro portable?

We’ve seen a few new units launch recently like the XMax Qomo which is absolutely smaller, however for what you’ll use an e-rig for – the Peak Pro is a perfect size. It has a great size and shape in the hand, nice weight, yet doesn’t take up too much space in the bag.

The included carrying case is robust and will protect your precious tech handily. For storing in a backpack and expected on-the-go use, we’re very satisfied with this unit!

Definitely don’t go out walking the streets and hitting it while expecting to be discreet and stealthy – the funky light show and aesthetics will draw attention easily.

Puffco-Peak-Pro portablity

Manufacturer Reputation and Dependability

It’s safe to say that Puffco makes a good product! The original Peak was a great success and overall reliability was fine. The Peak Pro seems to continue with that notion and is very well built. You pay a pretty penny, absolutely, though you get a nice bit of kit in return.

Snapping shut with magnets and improved in every way, we’re really fond of the carrying case and it’s among the best for any vaporizer we’ve seen out there.

Too, you’re able to affix any of the original Puffco Peak bubblers that are out there on the market as they’re compatible with the new Peak Pro!  We’re really glad to see this since there are so many gorgeous custom glass toppers for the original Peak that now have a new home.

Puffco Peak Mfg. Quality

Is the Puffco Peak Pro worth it?

The high-tech dab enthusiast who wants an excellent user experience, app integration, and great performance.

For daily and frequent users the Peak Pro app even will keep track of how many dabs you’ve taken. Maybe you’ll feel a little guilty though by checking, so you can avoid that screen too!

For the occasional/infrequent dab user, the Peak Pro is a little bit of overkill. It’s great and all but you can achieve similar results for less money.

The Puffco Peak Pro vs Source Orb Versa is a worthy competitior and while the Peak Pro is more portable and has that Bluetooth app function, the Orb Versa is an excellent e-rig.

You may be interested in the Puffco Peak Pro vs Dr. Dabber Boost Evo as well. They’re equal competitors and what the Boost makes up for in raw vapor quality, the Peak Pro wins in overall build and function.

Other vapes to keep in mind are the likes of The Core e-rig which is an excellent value and comes close to the expensive e-rigs out there.


The Peak Pro is undoubtedly a great machine. While the price is definitely a factor and a tough pill to swallow for many of us, you absolutely won’t be disappointed in it. Picking up the docking station and spare atomizer will set you back a lot of money and perhaps you’d be better off with a cheaper e-rig like The Core.

Thanks for reading our Puffco Peak Pro review here! If you’ve got any questions or thoughts, drop them down below either here or on any of our social media channels. Also be sure to check out a very similar device in our Core E-Rig Review

Until next time!

PuffCo Peak Pro Tips & Tricks for Best Performance

  • Pre-heat the atomizer to allow wax to melt into the chamber easily
  • Low temperatures for tasty and light clouds, high temps for heavy hits.
  • Clean the atomizer after every couple of sessions with isopropyl alcohol
  • Fill the water slightly above the percolation holes.
Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer Review
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Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer Review
Has the puffco peak pro revolutionized the dab vaporizer experience? We go over all of the key details.
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