Focus V Carta 2 Wireless Charger

Key Features

  • 10000mAh battery capacity
  • Input/Output USB C
  • Input USB-A
  • Wirelessly charge your Carta 2 or other compatible E-Rigs & devices

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Product Specifications

Focus V Carta 2 Wireless Charger

If you’re tired of constantly having to charge your Focus V Carta 2 as a heavy user, this wireless charger is the official accessory by Focus V to make your life easier. With a massive 10,000mAh battery capacity, you can charge your Carta 2 several times over even without a power supply.

As it’s also compatible with the Puffco Peak Pro, it will enable the on-demand heating mode on that E-Rig which will automatically turn on heating whenever you remove it from the charging pad. Spend less time charging, and more time dabbing with the Focus V Wireless Charger!

How does it work?

This wireless charger comes with a 10,000mAh capacity, and seeing as your Carta 2 has 2000mAh, it will allow for 5 charges of that E-Rig while on the go. To operate it, all you’ll need to do is turn it on by clicking the power button above the Focus V logo twice. When it’s turned on, simply place your device in the middle of the charging pad, and it will begin charging up as indicated by a green LED light.

Each LED light indicated the battery % level, and when it’s dead, you can use the included USB-C charging cable to charge it back to full.

Not to worry if your device isn’t wireless charging compatible, as you’ll be able to charge it through the USB slots for use as a normal battery bank if you’d like.

Focus V Wireless Charging Compatibility

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What's in the box

  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Focus V Carta 2 Wireless Charger

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Focus V Carta 2 Wireless Charger
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  1. Avatar for Franklin H

    Franklin H

    It charges a bit slower than the normal USB-C, but it’s nice to have on trips for a few cycles on the carta 2 and phones.

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