Volcano – Easy Valve Fine Screen Set

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  • A finer screen prevents clogs from happening in your Volcano or Plenty Vaporizer

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Product Specifications

Volcano / Plenty Fine Screens Set for Sale

Fine Volcano screens are made specifically for very fine grinds or for kief in the chamber. Used above or below your chamber, these fine screens will prevent fine debris from falling into the heating element, or from traveling into the hookah whip or balloon. 

These are the direct replacement screens made by Storz & Bickel. They’re made of medical and food-grade stainless steel. Compatible with the Plenty Vaporizer and all models of the Volcano vaporizers (Volcano Classic Weed Machine, Digit, and Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer).

When to Replace Volcano Fine Chamber Screens

You’ll know that you have to replace your fine chamber screens when your Zeus Purify soaks have no effect on loosening up the cooked-on resin for cleaning. At that point, the screens are just going to increase the draw resistance of your sessions.

Other Volcano Accessories

What's in the box

  • 6 x Easy Valve Fine Screens

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Volcano - Easy Valve Fine Screen Set
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