Volcano Hybrid Tube Kit

Key Features

  • Volcano Hybrid Whip Replacement
  • 360° swivel design
  • Mouthpiece, tube, and valve attachment included

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Product Specifications

Volcano Hybrid Whip Replacement

Accidentally break or misplace your whip for the Volcano? Happens to the best of us. Of course, the Volcano Hybrid Tube Kit is exactly what you’ll want in order to get back to speed right away.

It’s a great idea to have a second one of these on hand at all times in case disaster strikes mid-sesh. Or maybe your original whip has gotten gunked up or clogged after all the heavy use its gone through. Regardless, this whip kit will have your unit feeling almost like new!

This is an official replacement part made by Storz & Bickel.

How to clean the Volcano Hybrid Whip?

If you’re beginning to notice some resin buildups or yellowing of your whip tub kit, but don’t want to pick up a new one, you’ll be able to use the Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit to prolong its life.

With an ethyl alcohol solution, it will be easier on the plastic, and you’ll be able to use the included pipe cleaners to scrub away the resin in the tubing. Afterward, give everything a few hot water rinses, and it should be in much better shape.


Volcano Hybrid Accessories

What's in the box

  • Full replacement whip (mouthpiece, tubing, flexible insert)

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Volcano Hybrid Tube Kit
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