Volcano – Easy Valve Normal Screen Set

Key Features

  • Stock replacement screens for the Volcano and Plenty vaporizers
  • Ideal for a normal grind of flower

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Product Specifications

Volcano Vaporizer Screens for Sale

A replacement set of screens for the Volcano Easy Valve bags, it’s definitely a good idea to have a fresh set on hand which can be replaced in a second in case the current screen gets too clogged up. If you’re a lover of your Volcano vape, then it’s definitely worth it to have a spare set of screens on hand at all times!

These are the direct replacement screens made by Storz & Bickel. They’re made of medical and food-grade stainless steel. Compatible with all models of the Volcano vaporizer including the Volcano Weed Machine, Volcano Hybrid, as well as the Plenty Vaporizer.

How to clean Volcano Chamber Screens?

You’ll know that your screens need cleaning when you begin to notice resin buildups that are starting to effect the airflow or taste of your sessions. When your set has all become dirty, you can soak them in the Zeus Purify cleaning solution for fifteen minutes before a gentle brushing and rinse off.

When is it time to replace your Volcano Screens?

When your resin has become so cooked on that soaking is having no effect on loosening up the resin for cleaning, it’s time for a set of replacement normal screens. You don’t want to be stuck with reduced airflow and screens that look gross.

  • If you tend to stick to a very fine grind or keif, you might also be interested in the Volcano Fine Screen Set for increased filtration.

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What's in the box

  • 6 x Easy Valve Fine Screens

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