KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer Review

Author Rating: 7.5/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 7/10
Battery Life: 6/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10

The KandyPens brand has been popular and fairly well respected among vaporizer enthusiasts since they released their first product, the Galaxy wax pen. Rapper Fetty Wap showed off one of their units in a video, and many wax pen lovers consider the brand the best wax pens in the industry. This commercial success doesn’t mean that KanyPens will be resting on their laurels, though as they continue to put out new and innovative units like the Gravity wax pen. Does KandyPens deserve their reputation, or are they just great at marketing? Is the price tag of $129.95 justified for the Gravity? Read on and you decide.

KandyPens Gravity

Battery on the KandyPens Gravity

Just about every unit that KandyPens has put out utilizes a 650mAh battery that is of the ego-style variety, and the same is true for the Gravity model. This battery is fairly run of the mill. It is not bad, but it’s not the best you can buy, either. Most users get about four or five solid sessions from one single battery charge.

KandyPens Gravity Battery

Using the KandyPens Gravity

When it comes to ease of use, the Gravity is very similar to most of the other devices from KandyPens. To power up the device or to turn it off, press the button five times. To change the four different preset temperatures, press the button three times. The Gravity comes with two atomizers. Pick the one you want to use, fill it with your extract, and attach the battery to it. Lastly, connect the mouthpiece and you’re all set.

The KandyPens brand is known for producing devices that won’t clog easily, but some of their old models lacked high quality airflow, which sometimes results in low quality vape hits. KandyPens addresses this problem and attempts to rectify it with the Gravity, which got an upgrade in the airflow vents department with an extra hole. Like other vape pens similar to the Gravity, we recommend vaping on low temperature settings with the double coil atomizer, and on higher temperature settings with the coil-less atomizer.

As we said, there are four different temperatures with the Gravity, indicated by four colors that light up behind the ‘K’ logo. The light colors that KandyPens went with to indicate the four different temperatures are a bit puzzling, as most other devices use red lights for the highest settings. At any rate, the lowest setting is 149 degrees Celsius (pink light), the second setting is 177 degrees Celsius (red light), the third setting is 199 degrees Celsius (green light), and the highest setting is 221 degrees Celsius (blue light).

Portability & Discreetness

You won’t have any problem concealing the Gravity wax pen, as it fits inside of most pockets. The carrying case isn’t bad at all, and it does a solid job of protecting all of the components that come with the Gravity. The Gravity looks sleek and feels comfy in your hand, but some users aren’t too impressed with the overall build quality of the device, saying that some of the components feel a bit cheap.

Portability and Size

Vapor Quality on the KandyPens Gravity

The vapor quality on the Gravity is great at every setting. At the lowest setting, you aren’t likely to see much vapor at all when you exhale. This is perfect for vape users who are on the go and want to be as discreet as possible. We find that most people who own a Gravity tend to use the highest two temperature settings. At the highest temperature, you will definitely see nice sized vapor clouds – nothing too milky or huge, but not disappointing for a wax pen. The Gravity does a good job at preventing wasted extracts, especially when using the atomizer with coils. You will have to experiment with both of the atomizers to decide which one works best for you and your individual vaporization style. Having options is always a plus when shopping for any kind of vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

What Comes With the KandyPens Gravity?

Along with the two atomizers, the Gravity comes with a carrying case, a stir/ dab tool, a USB charging connector and some alcohol prep pads. You don’t get a ton of accessories with the KandyPens Gravity, but the ones that do come with the unit are of decent quality. The battery is covered by a lifetime warranty from KandyPens, which is a great feature that helps set the brand apart a little bit from its competition.

KandyPens Gravity Accessories


  • Using the Gravity is straightforward and simple
  • Discreet design
  • Evenly distributed heat means minimal waste
  • Tasty vapor at every setting
  • Nice sized cloud production at higher settings
  • Good amount of temperature options and flexibility
  • Durable and long lasting if taken care of properly
  • Won’t clog easily
  • Two different atomizers add to the unit’s flexibility


  • Battery is average, nothing special
  • Might be a bit overpriced
  • Only vapes extracts
  • Two different atomizers could confuse newbies

The Gravity could be a solid choice for those looking for an entry-level wax pen. However, there are other devices on the market today that users might find provide more value at a lower cost. It all depends on the individual.

Do you own a KandyPens Gravity wax pen? What do you think about the device? Are you happy you bought one? Let us know in the comments.

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