Should you buy the Ispire Wand?

The Ispire Wand is a unique induction heater that users have found a variety of interesting uses for. With very fast heating, precision temperature control, and a very ergonomic design, there is a lot to love about this nifty design. Is it worth the $200 price tag though? How’s the vapor quality it produces? Will it work with your DynaVap M or Vestratto Anvil? Stick around and find out as we jump into the specifics about this banger/induction heater.

Ispire The Wand With Dynavap

Ispire Wand Specs + Ratings

Material Compatibility Dry Herb + Concentrate
Battery life 15-25 sessions
Heating system Induction
Heat up time 20~ Seconds
Temperature control Precision
Temperature Range 120°C (250°F) – 425°C (800°F)
Oven Size 0.3g
Vapor path way Glass
Accessories Glass Bangers
Warranty period 1 Year
Price $130 USD
Coupon Code
Ease of Use 9/10
Vapor Quality 9/10
Manufacturing Quality 8/10
Ease of Cleaning 8/10
Portability 7/10
Durability 8/10

What’s included in the Ispire Wand box?

  • The Ispire Wand
  • Angled Banger
  • Straight Banger
  • Two Inner cups
  • Carb Cap
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Type C Charger cable

Ispire The Wand Whats In The Box

Ispire Wand Key Features

With a very straightforward design, you’ll be able to use an glass banger induction cup as you would on the Dr. Dabber Switch, or simply choose to just use it with your DynaVap as we’ll get into later in the review. It works by running a current through the heating element, which has resistance to in turn raise the temperature of itself and the induction cup bowl that is placed onto it. When it’s being used as an E-nail, it’s a great alternative to traditional dabbing since you won’t have to worry about burning your dabs or yourself with an open flame. In other words, with the induction cups, you’ll be able to vape your favorite concentrates, and induction heating your DynaVap will also let you conveniently vape loose flowers. Since the precision temperature control is also easily set on the user interface on the top of the device, dabbers will have an easy time falling in love with it.

Interestingly enough, the Wand has the same max. temperature as the G Pen Roam, but with a wide temperature range of 450-800F, there is a setting for everyone to love.

Ispire The Wand Using Bubbler

Is the Ispire Wand portable?

The Ispire Wand is about the same size as a normal TV remote, so most people won’t have any sort of issues using it with their DynaVaps or induction cups with dabs. For boosted portability, we do recommend picking up a Stashlogix Silverton Vape Case to help keep everything you’d need for your session in one discreet spot, especially if you’re going to be using the glass bangers with a bong.

Ispire The Wand Holding On Hand for Portability

Battery Life

With two parallel facing 2900mAh batteries, you’ll have a lot of power output for a portable device. As most E-Rigs use proprietary batteries, the fact that the Wand also comes with USB-C charging is a treat, as it can be charged in under three hours. You’ll be able to get about 15 pre-heat sessions in, depending on your set temperature, but also keep in mind that you can easily swap out some spare 18650 batteries to keep your party going, hassle-free!

Ispire The Wand USB-C PORT

How to use the Ispire Wand?

  1. To power the Ispire Wand on, press the power button five times within two seconds.
  2. From there, you can set the temperature by single digits with the up and down arrows, or hold them for 10-degree increments.
  3. To swap between Fahrenheit and Celsius, just press and hold the up and down arrows for a few seconds.
  4. Once you have the wand turned on, it will remain on for quite some time, and pressing any button will further reset the auto-off timer.
  5. To turn it off otherwise, just press the power button five times just like you did to turn it on.

Automatic or Manual heating modes

When it comes to actually using the Wand, you can choose to use it in either manual or automatic heating modes. For manual heating mode, set the temperature with the up and down arrows, and then press and hold the power button down as the Wand begins to heat up to your set temperature. The Wand will know when it touches metal and will engage the induction heating until the lights begin to glow a solid white, letting you know the temperature has been reached. For automatic heating, just like on a dab pen, a double click will engage the auto heating mode which will quickly work to reach your set temperature for a maximum of 15 seconds before powering down.

Using the DynaVap with the Ispire Wand

For use with a DynaVap, all you’ll need to do is roll around the cap around the edge of the induction heater in a circular motion for an even heating of the chamber. While you won’t be getting the near-instantaneous clicks like from a torch, the more slow and even roast will ensure the best vapor quality possible from a DynaVap. While some people find it easier to heat the DynaVap inside of the induction cup, I prefer to just hold it inside the heating element, and keep it there for a few seconds past the first click. The good thing is that since the roast is so even, you’ll be able to get as many smooth hits as you’d like from it. Unfortunately, as of right now, the Ispire Wand isn’t compatible with the Vestratto Anvil, but there are rumors they are working on their own induction heater.

How to use the glass bangers?

For use with the concentrate induction cup, you’ll want to use the automatic heat mode, having your glass within the heating element hole as you hold the Wand steady. Once the temperature has been reached, simply load in your dab with a dab tool, and place the included carb cap from the kit over the cup. With slow and gentle inhales, you’ll have nice and easy sessions on your hand. While it doesn’t compare to a top-of-the-line device like the Dr. Dabber Switch, it will still provide you with decent vapor and sessions.  For the wax cup, you’ll want to use a vape cleaning stick after every session to minimize burnt resin building up.

While you can choose to use the induction metal cub to vape loose flower, it can be a bit hit or miss since the outside of the bowl will get hot first and will require stirring in between hits.

Ispire The Wand Button Controls

Ispire Wand Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the Wand is quite nice when being used with concentrates! You’ll get an even heating on your induction cups since the heating element will wrap around your glass bowl. Since the bong adapters made for the borosilicate induction cups are taped down to 14mm male joints, you’ll be able to use them in your favorite Vaporizer Bubblers & Bong Adapters like the 14mm whip bubbler.

How to Clean the Ispire Wand?

With vape cleaning sticks, all you’ll need to do is give the induction cup a quick wipe down after every use, or use some Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner with a quick shake about once a month or so to remove any resin buildups.

Ispire The Wand Cleaning The Induction Cup


You’ll have a one-year warranty that will cover against defects, but not normal quality degradation that comes from normal use. With the accessories like the glass induction cups, you’ll have a limited 90-day warranty, and the manufacturer highly recommends cleaning after every use to keep them working optimally.


As a unique take on a dab rig, the Ispire Wand works surprisingly well. While it isn’t the most portable thanks to relying on a bong for proper usage, people who normally vape at home will have no problem with this. However, DynaVap fans will love it as an induction heater as it provides an aesthetic slow roast of the chamber that helps to ensure awesome vapor quality. With the 14mm induction cup adapters, it is slightly suited towards veterans that already own glass pieces, so for beginners, we might suggest the G Pen Roam as an alternative for the dabbing side of the wand. For veterans that don’t use DynaVaps, we can also suggest the Dr. Dabber Switch as a higher-end E-Rig with superior induction heating, especially when it comes to loose flowers.

Is it worth it though? Absolutely! It’s an E-Nail and DynaVap heater bundled up in an aesthetic package with quality accessories like dual 18650 batteries, precision temperature control, and two different 14mm adapters that can be used for other uses as well.

Ispire The Wand With Dynavap On