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DynaVap M 2021

USD $79.00

* The DynaVap M 2021 has now been replaced by the DynaVap M Plus

Key Features

  • Patented 350F Chamber Click Design
  • Heated via Torch Lighter or Induction Heater¬†
  • Improved Airflow
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustable bowl size
  • 10mm Mouthpiece for Bongs
  • Durable Stainless Steel Build
  • Enjoyable Learning Curve¬†
  • Great alternative to joints
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DynaVap M 2021
USD $79.00

Vestratto Anvil 101

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As the new kid on the block, the Vestratto Anvil is coming in hot for DynaVap’s spot as the top torch-style vaporizer. With a unique take on keeping the chamber warm via ‘copper battery’, it has marketed itself as a battery-free vaporizer that will better utilize heat for longer-lasting vapor production. In this review, we’ve summarized many different communities’ takes from /r/vaporents, fuckcombustion, and YouTubers to give you an unbiased review of the highly in-demand Vestratto which has finally upped its production to ship to a larger audience.

We’ll be comparing it to the DynaVap M Plus amongst other portable vaporizers to provide you with an accurate take on how it stacks up to other competitors around the $200 price point, as well as going over its key features to let you know how it works.

Vestratto Anvil Key Features

  • Butane torch powered
  • Stubby DynaVap-like design
  • Temperature notification click
  • Copper thermal ‘battery’
  • 0.25g chamber size

Vestratto Anvil Pros

  • Copper body distributes heat to the chamber evenly and longer
  • Temperature click is optimized for the chamber, not just the lid
  • Adjustable airflow via threaded chamber design
  • Longer vapor production
  • Adjustable screen to change chamber size
  • 14mm~ mouthpiece taper for bongs and bubblers
  • Loud temperature notification click

Vestratto Anvil Cons

  • High price tag
  • Incompatible with most induction heaters
  • Heavily influenced DynaVap design

Heating System

Working very much like a larger DynaVap, the Vestratto Anvil will retain heat in the chamber longer so that you won’t ever have to rush to inhale, especially when sharing with friends or while using it with a vaporizer bubbler or bong. On average, you’ll be able to get a minute of viable hits after a forty-second heating period. Compare this to the DynaVap’s 4-second heat-up with a strong butane torch lighter¬†and being able to get only one or two big hits.

Thermal battery vs. DynaVap FMJ

The longer viable hits on the Anvil are in part due to to the copper interior. As it’s more conductive than a stainless steel VapCap, it will heat slower but remain hotter for longer so that the THC extraction process takes place over a longer amount of time. Similarly, this is why much of the wiring in a household is made from copper. Recently, DynaVap has had a third-party accessory, the Simrell copper FMJ which acts as a thermal battery around the VapCap. It will be interesting to see which will prevail in the next few years as more people try them out.

vestratto anvil torch heating

Is the Vestratto Anvil portable?

Featuring a bulky pen-like design similar to the DynaVap, the Anvil will fit into your pocket easily along with a small torch lighter. Practicality is a different issue though, as heating a large metal pen in your hand for 40 seconds is totally unreasonable in public. The vapor quality isn’t as easy on the lungs as the DynaVap as well, so you’ll want to hit it through a bong or bubbler.

  • Overall, we wouldn’t recommend bringing the Anvil with you on the go, as something like a Vape Pen will do the trick much more easily. Relaxed settings like hiking or at home is where the Anvil shines.

Vestratto Anvil Vapor Quality

To explain the vapor quality of the Anvil, we’ll start with a more in-depth explanation of the thermal battery. The battery is the thicker part of the body of the vape and will remain hot after your butane heating to keep your screw-on chamber warmer for longer. With a slower, and then longer-lasting heat distribution, you’ll be less likely to burn the chamber, especially since the click is calibrated for the chamber, not the lid. Since it heats slower, there will also be less guesswork involved in knowing the internal temperature.

For a more intense session, you can choose to heat the copper section itself. It will take longer before you hear a click and you might be worried about accidentally combusting, but the result will be two extremely milky hits that will get you very high. This method won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve been wanting to get high as a big combusted bong hit can provide, then this is the way. Regardless of the temperature, one place where the Anvil excels is its flavor thanks to the high-quality parts, and the chamber being separated from your torch.

vestratto anvil vapor quality

How does the Vestratto Anvil work?

To use the Vestratto Anvil, you’ll first start by using one of the screw-on 0.25g chambers into the oven on the opposite end of the 14mm mouthpiece. You’ll notice there’s some room for airflow around it on the stainless steel. This is where the hot air from the copper battery will travel into the chamber and then eventually to the mouthpiece as vapor. At the top of the herb chamber closest to the end of the battery are the two snap discs. This is what we meant earlier in the review when we said that the click is calibrated to the chamber, not the lid as on the DynaVap. The herb chamber has a hole above the heat clickers so that it can echo and can be heard by the user.

Adjustable Airflow

To adjust the airflow, you can turn the herb chamber’s air intake holes to be fully open or closed for more or less conduction heating compared to convection, even though it’s marketed as 100% convection due to the hot air extraction through the chamber. As YouTuber DontWorryVapeHappy pointed out, you’ll be able to swap out your chambers more quickly while they are hot by using a magnet to unthread the hot herb chamber. This kind of works similar to the DynaStash where the metal magnet aids the cooling of the chamber.

Tapered Mouthpiece

With a mouthpiece that’s tapered to about 14mm, you’ll be able to use it with a solid bong like the Mega 14mm Globe Whip Bubbler. Dry hits are going to be pretty harsh due to the whole device being optimized for chamber heating. While John, the inventor of the anvil, suggests that you should only use it as a one-hitter, most people are going to have a hard time clearing the chamber in one hit even if it’s loaded on the light side of things.

  • For now, there is no real optimal induction heater, as only the Ispire Wand will work, so make sure to pick up a solid and reliable torch-style lighter.

How to clean the Vestratto Anvil?

The vape comes apart in seven parts that the owner’s manual will help you put together after you take it apart to clean. Before an isopropyl alcohol soak, just remove the O-rings with a tweezer or with your nails. After a 20-minute soak, give the metal parts a hot water rinse or gentle scrub, dry, and then reattach your O-rings.

vestratto anvil cleaning

Vestratto Anvil Warranty

While the Anvil is still in its infancy, John seems to be offering defective units at a discount and offering partial refunds on returns.


In conclusion, the DynaVap does have a direct competitor on its tail in the form of a copper-surrounded chamber that will let you more powerfully extract the larger chamber. Vestratto has obviously put a lot of effort into the engineering of the device for a louder click and passing of hot air through to the chamber. Originally set out as a passion project to help a friend with chemotherapy, the Anvil is on the verge of a massive surge in popularity as its first few months of shipments begin to roll out.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out versus the DynaVap, especially with the FMJ being recently released. It also makes us wonder – Is DynaVap going to be working on an XL version as a response to the Anvil? Only time will tell which is the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer.

vestratto anvil accessories

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