Best Dab Pens for Beginners

If you’ve been looking to buy your first dab pen vaporizer, the endless amount of options might seem intimidating to sift through! In this top five dap pen vaporizers for beginners guide, we’ll be giving you all the details you’ll need to help choose the right vape for yourself, as well as explaining key features to help discern which vaporizers are better suited for certain people.

Best beginner Wax Pens in 2022

When it comes to choosing the first dab pen for yourself, there are some things to consider when shopping including ease of use, size, affordability, and the vape’s heating system. To help you narrow your choice down, you should first know about the different kinds of heating elements including coils and ceramic atomizers. This just means what your heating element is made from and how it works. With coils, your dab will melt onto the coils and get vaporized as your vape heats up, whereas with ceramic atomizers, the ceramic acts as a barrier which will help to create a layer of separation for your dab to melt onto a surface without any kind of added flavor. In our list, we’ll describe how each dab pen works and what kind of heating element there is so you can choose the best one for yourself!

Yocan magneto vs Utillian 5 v3 in parts

Utillian 5

The Utillian 5 has been the flagship dab pen of well-established manufacturer Utillian for several years now. In the most recent version, the Utillian 5 V3, the mouthpiece was equipped with a dab tool which means that users no longer need to load the coils with a dab tool. As this can be intimidating for new users at first, it’s just another great feature that makes the Utillian 5 faster and easier to use than other wax pens on the market. Once you turn the power to the pen on by pressing the power button five times, you can cycle through the three voltage settings, and then simply hold the power button down to begin heating the coils. As you’ll have a choice of a flavor-optimizing coil or cloud-producing coil, there will be a setting that all beginners will be able to love. Heavy users will also love that it comes with an incredible 1500mAh battery which will last quite a few hits!

Utillian 5 v3 size reference 2

Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer

The Pulsar APX Wax vaporizer has been a top-selling beginner dab pen for years since its release due to its simple design. As you can see in the picture below, it uses a triple quartz coil that is accessible after removing the glass mouthpiece. Since the chamber is deep, the coils are easy to load, and the glass mouthpiece acts as a splash shield to protect your lips, as well as making it so that you can see when your dab has been completely vaporized. It has an easy-to-understand user interface and since there is only one voltage setting, all that you’ll have to do is turn it on and then press the

Pulsar APX Wax Device

G Pen Micro+

The G Pen Micro+ is great for beginners to start concentrates with since it comes with a high-quality ceramic atomizer, as well as being 510-cartridge compatible. It comes in a super sleek design with three voltage settings and can be heated manually by holding the power button, or for 10 seconds at a time by double-tapping the power button. With the ceramic atomizer, all users will have to do for cleaning is wipe out the chamber after use with a Q-Tip to keep it working its best for time to come! It has a super sleek design that feels great in the hand and it won’t break the bank by any means. This is often the #1 pick by beginners who come into our store without any prior dabbing experience.

G Pen Micro coil

Utillian 2

The Utillian 2 is one of the most budget friendly shatter pen on this list, and is by farm the most portable. It’s the size of most people’s pinky finger and will fit into any pocket. It uses a magnetic mouthpiece that you can remove to access the coils for easy access loading. It has four voltage settings jammed into its small design, and it is also compatible with the Utillian Glass Bubbler. This means all you’ll have to do for a water cooled session is put the silicone adapter onto the mouthpiece and then place the filler bubbler on top of the pen. Overall, for just over 50$, you can’t go wrong with the Utillian 2.

utillian 2 with Universal Utillian Bubbler

Yocan Magneto

The Yocan Magneto offers a big 1100mAh battery in a an all metallic and magnetic design. It’s super easy to use with an integrated dab tool similar to the Utillian 5’s as well as an included silicone storage container on the bottom of the vape for even more portability. While the atomizer is a bit harder to clean than the other pens on this list, this is the most budget friendly option on the market and is the perfect choice to see if you like dabs enough to invest in a better device.

yocan magneto taken apart

Best beginner shatter pens conclusion

We hope this blog has helped give you an understanding about how some concentrate pens work and how the different atomizers work. If you liked it, check back right here to our Tools420 blog for tons more just like it. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and sign up for our Newsletter for news, updates, and promotions. If you are looking to buy a Utillian 5, you can find them on our online store or in person in Burlington, Ontario! If you want to learn more details about wax pens, be sure to read out Wax Pen Buyer’s Guide!

As always, keep on that cannabis train – To health and high times!

Best Dab Pens for Beginners
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Best Dab Pens for Beginners
When it comes to choosing the first dab pen for yourself, there's some things to consider when shopping including ease of use, size, affordability, and the vape’s heating system.
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G Pen Micro+

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