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Yocan Orbit

USD $60

Key Features

  • 1700mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB-C Charging Technology
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Coil-less Quartz Cups
  • Spinning Quartz Balls
  • Stainless Steel Body
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Yocan Orbit
USD $60

Author Rating: 8.2/10

Ease of Use: 7/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 10/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10

Should you buy the Yocan Orbit?

If you’ve been thinking about a unique and affordable Cannabis Vaporizer to mix things up from your regular routine, the Yocan Orbit has been gaining a lot of popularity lately.

With a small coil-less quartz atomizer and included terp pearls, the Orbit definitely has a unique design, but are these terp pearls spinning around in the chamber enough to send you to the moon?

Read on as we answer these questions as well as discuss the key features and how it compares to its Wax Pen competitors – Let’s get into it!

Yocan Orbit Specs

Material Compatibility Concentrates
Pass Through Charging No
Swappable Batteries No
Charge Time 2.5 Hours
Charging Port USB-C
Battery Life 1700mAh / 10 Sessions
Heating System Quartz Atomizer
Heat up time 10 Seconds~
Temperature control 3 Pre-Sets
Temperature Range
3.4V(White), 3.7V(Blue), 4.0V(Green)
Oven Size Rice Grain Sized Dabs
Vapor Path  Glass
Accessories Quartz Terp Pearls
Vibration Alert No
Motion Sensor No
Warranty Period 1 Year
Price $59
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Yocan Orbit Key Features

  • Included Terp Pearls
  • Quartz to Glass Airpath
  • USB-C Charging
  • Excellent Flavor and Dab Extraction

What’s included in the kit?

  • Orbit Pen
  • x2 Dab Tools
  • Silicone Mouthpiece
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Lanyard & Keychain
  • x5 Quartz Terp Pearls
  • x4 O-Ring spares
  • Owner’s Manual

Small Quartz Atomizer

With a small quartz atomizer and glass mouthpiece, users should be aware that the Orbit is optimized for good flavor from small amounts of dabs.

Quartz has always been loved by wax vaporizer fans because of its similar performance to glass bangers or traditional dab rigs.

With the quartz atomizer on the Orbit and choice of three voltages give you a decent range between pure flavor and pure clouds.

One thing to know is that the temperatures will continue to rise from back-to-back sessions, so it’s a good idea to let it cool down between sessions unless you plan on scorching your throat.

Smooth Vapor Quality

Although we’ve seen quartz atomizers on other devices like the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo before, we’ve never seen one that uses terp pearls in combination with a vortex airflow to help extraction.

By this, we mean that the air intake is made to spin within the chamber before it goes up through the mouthpiece.

  • It gets better! By putting one or several terp pearls in the chamber, you’ll be able to have them start spinning to help your dab’s extraction as it begins to melt.

This creates a sort of permanent spinning effect that keeps your dab moving from any possible hot or cold spots, as well as preventing bubbling, pooling, and spitting.

Although they aren’t a new idea, we are just beginning to see them being included and implemented on modern devices like the Utillian 8 E-Rig, which uses two terp pearls as well as a directional carb carp to help for an even extraction alongside its 3D ceramic coil.

utillian 8 atomizer

Yocan Orbit Glass Mouthpiece

Another key feature that helps the flavor of your dabs is the glass mouthpiece since glass has no real flavor unlike metal, plastic, or rubber mouthpieces to affect the flavor of your dabs, especially with live resin and live rosin.

When you combine the glass mouthpiece with the quartz atomizer, all you’ll be really tasting from your terpenes, something similar to the performance of the Utillian 2.

utillian 2 standing

Dab Extraction Rating

  • Although the terp pearls are a bit small at under 3mm to fit into the chamber, they do a good job if you don’t load too much concentrate in.

With dabs less than the size of a grain of rice, the terp balls will be able to do their job much better at moving the concentrate around as it melts.

Load too much and you’ll get pooling and diminished vapor quality. Once you find the right balance for your type of concentrate, the terp balls are super fun and help extraction, though!

Which concentrates does it work best with?

I didn’t have the best results with live resins and live rosins in the Yocan Orbit compared to shatter and wax especially. I think that because they contain more terpenes and cannabinoids, they are stickier and harder for the small terp beads to move around.

Is the Yocan Orbit portable?

In terms of portability, the Orbit does need a bit of care when handling because of how small the terp beads are, as well as the mouthpiece being glass and prone to shattering.

While you’ll still be able to bring it with you anywhere by having it already pre-loaded, I wouldn’t advise trying to load it while in public, especially on a windy day.

At the very least, I would try to carry it in a good vape case to help keep the glass safe.

Decent Battery Life

With a 1700mAh without many bells or whistles, you’ll be able to get around 10 sessions in before needing a recharge.

  • This means heavy users will be able to get about a day of use, or for lighter users, several days before needing a recharge.

The charge time is a little slow at 2.5 hours via the USB-C cable, but in some ways, this is better to help prevent wear and tear on the battery.

Good Bang for your Buck

The build quality is above average compared to the other Yocan Vaporizers. The five included terp beads alone are enough to bring up the overall value of the kit, along with the coil-less quartz atomizer compared to the live coils on the Yocan Evolve and Yocan Evolve Plus XL, which are more so suited towards heavy users on a budget that just want big clouds.

Yocan Orbit User Interface

Like a lot of other wax pens on the market, the Orbit uses simple commands to control it:

  • Five clicks to turn it on or off
  • Three clicks cycles between the voltage of 3.4V (White) / 3.7V (Blue) / 4.0V (Green)
  • Two clicks will run a 10 seconds heating cycle
  • Pressing and holding the power button will manually fire the atomizer up

For beginners, the session mode will be the easiest to use since it takes a lot of the guesswork out of what to do.

Blue voltage

Additionally, try beginning with the first pre-set voltage to see how you like it, then moving up to the second. If flavor isn’t important to you after you’ve tried those voltages, then you can try the hard-hitting green voltage will give you pure cloud production.

How to load the Yocan Orbit

The glass mouthpiece secures on with two O-Rings below the atomizer and just takes a small tug to pull it off. 

From there, you can use your kit’s included dab tool to load a small amount of dab into the atomizer, along with one or two terp pearls.

Because of how light the terp pearls are, I would suggest only cold-loading the atomizer to prevent losing them if they come out when you take off the mouthpiece.

Another method would be to already have one or two terp pearls in the chamber, and then use an electric dab tool like the Crossing Hot Knife to put in your concentrate.

Yocan Orbit Tips and Tricks

  • You’ll be able to use the included dab cap water adapter on the glass mouthpiece for use as a 14mm WPA for upright vaporizer bubblers and bongs
  • Less is more for loading in dabs
  • Clean it frequently as chazzing is hard to remove from quartz
  • Be careful with the fragile glass mouthpiece
  • Only load the terp pearls where you won’t lose them
  • Try to not do back-to-back sessions as the device will get very hot
  • Wipe the pearls down often to prevent them from being overly sticky

How to clean the Yocan Orbit?

Because the quartz surface is very smooth and there are no real ridges to deal with, all that you’ll need to do for maintenance is use a vape cleaning stick every few sessions when you begin to notice a thin brown residue starting to form.

  •  While the atomizer is still warm, you’ll be able to soak all of this resin residue up quickly and efficiently.

For the terp pearls, I suggest cleaning them all at the same time with a simple scrub with a vape cleaning wipe when you begin to see notable resin buildups on them discoloring their clear color.

Yocan Orbit Community Consensus

Based on my research, the Yocan Orbit has had mixed feedback from Redditors.

While some like the flavor and how easy it is to use, others complain about the cheap atomizer design and the small chamber capacity as well.

Yocan in general has a pretty bad reputation as being a cheap Chinese company, and while I agree some features are cheap including the LED lights and body, I think it’s decent value for the price tag.

Yocan Orbit Warranty

The Yocan Orbit comes with a three-month warranty. Based on our experience, they don’t offer very good customer support compared to companies that go above and beyond like Dr. Dabber and XMAX.


  • Good flavor on low voltages
  • Cheap atomizer replacements
  • Good value dab pen kit
  • Unique and fun to use


  • Harsh vapor on high voltage
  • Needs strong inhales for good terp bead movement
  • Bulky compared to other wax pens
  • Hard to load on the go

Who’s it for?

  • The Yocan Orbit is a good pen for light users looking for a dab pen backup when they want to mix things up

Who’s it not for?

  • The Yocan Orbit isn’t for people looking for premium results from top brands like Focus V or Puffco

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, I enjoyed my sessions with the Yocan Orbit and despite the mixed reviews online, I think that it’s a good microdosing dab pen under $100.

I haven’t seen a quartz cup atomizer for a while, and I love that it’s combined with Terp Pearls for a more even extraction on a budget vape pen.

While the Yocan Orbit does require more time than others to properly set it up and maintain, if you don’t mind spending the extra time, it’s a great buy for dabbing microdosers that vape at home & it’s definitely earned a spot on our list of the Best Dab Pens.

  • Overall, if you like the design but want a bit more power, I recommend checking out an Electric Dab Rig with a quartz chamber like the Boost Evo.

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