Month: April 2022

XMAX V3 Pro vs Arizer Solo 2

In this XMAX V3 Pro vs Arizer Solo 2 comparison review, we compare and contrast the key features to help you decide which device to buy. Ultimately it comes down to whether you want the relaxed style of the Solo 2, or the fast heating and pure convection fast style of sessions from the V3 Pro! Read more to see which will be the best portable vaporizer for yourself!

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XMAX V3 Pro vs DynaVap M

In this XMAX V3 vs. DynaVap M vaporizer review, we go over each vape's key features to help you make the right budget decision. Will you prefer the one-hitter style of the DynaVap, or the super modern V3 Pro features like swappable 18650 battery, on-demand convection heating, and OLED screen. They both have an abundance of accessories to customize sessions with, find out which will better fit your vaping habits!

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Yocan Magneto Dab Pen Review

If you've been looking for an easy-to-use wax pen with great vapor production for an easy vaping experience, be sure to check out the Yocan Magneto! Cut out the hassles of having to unscrew caps with an easy access magnetic heating elements! It also has a strong battery life, making it one of the best wax vape pens out there. It has an integrated dab tool for wax and oil concentrate so clean up is also non existent. If these sound like qualities you want out of your dab pen, then you might be interested in the Yocan Magneto.

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Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for Flavor

In this dry herb vaporizer flavor review, we pick our top 5 choices for vapes that will give you the best flavor from your cannabis terpenes. Some models might give you a lot of cloud production but will quickly ruin the flavor from your strain. This hand-picked list will give you the best flavour from your dry herb for a more relaxed experience!

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DynaVap BB3/6/9 Review

Are the DynaVap glass stems of the BB3 BB6 BB9 worth it? In this review, we go over the key features to see if the glass beads work or not. With multiple bong adapter ports, chokable air ports, and tons of cooling from the terp pearls, is the DynaVap BB series worth buying - Read on to find out.

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