Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer Review

Author Rating: 8.7/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 9/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 9/10
Battery Life: 9/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10

Should you buy the XQ2?

The XQ2 desktop vape has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited to give you a first look. After our first look review, it is clear that the Arizer XQ2 vape is high performance and will keep beginners and vape veterans happy with its big hits! This is a desktop vaporizer that packs a lot of power for its price point. Arizer has been steadily improving their designs and manufacturing great vapes for over 15 years and with an updated desktop vape, we feel this was a great refreshment for the category. In this review, we’ll be going over the specs, key features, and who should buy the XQ2.

Arizer XQ2 Front Profile

What’s included in the Arizer XQ2 box?

  • 1 x XQ2 Multi Purpose Heater
  • 1 x XQ2 Power Adapter and Cord
  • 1 x XQ2 Remote Control
  • 2 x XQ2 Glass Connoisseur Bowls
  • 2 x XQ2 Tuff BowlGrips
  • 1 x XQ2 Glass Aromatherapy Dish
  • 1 x XQ2 3′ Silicone Whip
  • 1 x XQ2 Glass Mini Whip w/ Dome Screen
  • 1 x XQ2 Frosted Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
  • 1 x XQ2 Balloon Connector
  • 2 x XQ2 Balloon Bags
  • 1 x XQ2 Balloon Cap
  • 1 x XQ2 Air Filter W/ Cartridge
  • 1 x XQ2 Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 1 x XQ2 Flat + Dome Screen
  • 1 x XQ2 Aromatic Botanical sample
  • 1 x XQ2 Owner’s Manual
Arizer XQ2 Kit

How to use the Arizer XQ2?

After you turn the XQ2 on with either the remote or power button on the user interface, all you’ll have to do is set the temperature. By default, the XQ2 will automatically begin heating to the last set temperature. If you haven’t already loaded the connoisseur bowl, you can fill up to 0.5g in using a coarse grind. As the air intake / screen holes are larger on the XQ2 compared to the Extreme Q, you’ll want to be using a coarse grind to prevent anything from going up the whip to the mouthpiece or balloon. You’ll be able to choose between whip use or balloon filling.

Arizer XQ2 2 Glass Connoisseur Bowl and Screen

Friendly User Interface

On the user interface buttons on the actual vape, there is six pieces of information to know:

  1. Power button – One press will activate the XQ2, unless the delayed 2 second start up time is selected.
  2. Settings – Press the Settings Button will access the menu. From there you can press the up and down buttons to navigate to the desired setting, pressing the setting button will be used as the ‘select’ from there. Selecting an option will return you back to the default temperature display screen. Other options you’ll have access to are the LED lights, screen brightness, volume settings, temperature alerts, auto-off timer, temperature display, and the delay start option.
  3. Fan – Pressing the fan button will switch between low, medium, high, and off. You’ll also be able to do the same things on the remote.
  4. Navigation buttons – The up and down buttons are used to navigate the menu settings and options. You can also hold them at the same to change temperature increments from 1-degree to 10-degrees.
  5. Between the power and settings button the user interface is the remote control signal receiver.
  6. On the screen, you’ll see the set temperature on the bottom right, and the actual temperature in the middle. The new screen is now easier, brighter, and more understandable!
Arizer XQ2 Front Panel UI with LED bottom

Improved Remote Control

With an improved remote control, you’ll have access to much more options with better signal reception.  The upgraded remote now operates the fan control, audio levels, the LED lights, temperature settings, power, auto-off timer, and your three most used . All of this makes for a great user-friendly experience.

Arizer XQ2 Remote Control

What is the size of the XQ2?

At 7 inches tall and wide at at the base, the XQ2 is still very portable for a desktop vaporizer. It’s only close to a pound in weight, which is comparable to two Mighty+ vapes.

Suitable Substance

The XQ2 is made to only be used with dry herb. Although some people have found success with wax by using an elbow pack or rosin packed with cotton in the elbow. it is typically a bad idea to try a sandwich method (wax sandwiched between dry herb) in the bowl as it will melt down the bowl and into the heating element and potentially cause damage.

Heating System

The XQ2 uses a convection heating style to reach a temperature range of 122-500°F (50-260°C). It takes about 3-4 minutes to reach optimal temperatures in the bowl, or just two for lower ranges. The temperatures can easily be controlled with the remote, buttons, or three programmable heating options. The glass connoisseur bowl is placed on top of the heating vent, and will slowly pass hot air through your dry herb. If you want to take hits faster than the four or five minute preheat period suggested for optimal pre-heating before hits, you can try raising the temperature slightly above your desired temperature for better vapor production earlier in the session. As it heats up over the course of a few minutes, you can then just lower the temp. back down.

Arizer XQ2 all glass mini whip with dome screen on connoisseur bowl filling the new ballon

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer Bowl Options

The kit comes with two connoisseur bowls that you will have two options to choose from for your dry herb: The larger Cloud chamber, and the Flavor chamber. The Cloud bowl option just means that the larger side of the bowl will be upright with the glass screen closer to the heat. This option will produce powerful hits and clouds with up to 0.5g dry herb, and will be the main way to use the connoisseur bowl. The other option, the flavor chamber, is smaller and good for easy hits. The glass screen will be further from the heat and the chamber size is reduced to about 0.3g. This will be a better option for microdosing, or those who prefer flavor over clouds. Either way, both bowls will produce excellent air-flow, but the larger cloud option may be better for parties, bag-filling, or massive clouds.

Arizer XQ2 2 Glass Connoisseur Bowl and Screen

Improved Arizer XQ2 Vapor Quality

There is a new and upgraded fan and isolated air path system on the XQ2 that allows for better vapor quality during whip and balloon use. We tried all three fan settings with the bag, and were pleasantly surprised that were was not a noticeable difference in vapor quality at all. There is now also an included replaceable air filter in the kit that was most likely included to emulate and compete with the Volcano Hybrid.

Arizer XQ2 all glass mini whip with dome screen on connoisseur bowl filling the new ballon

XQ2 Unique LED Lights Functions

The LED lights are a very visually appealing upgrade. There are two modes light options; In the Spectrum Mode, the colors will change every two seconds for a very colorful experience. In dynamic mode, the unique colors will display information at a glance:

  • Heating – Pulses from Yellow to Orange
  • Reach Set Temperature – Blinks Green twice
  • Stable Temperature – Pulses Orange continuously
  • Fan Operation – Pulses Purple
  • Cooling – Pulses Cyan
  • Cooling with Fan – Pulses Blue

How to use the XQ2 Whip and Balloon?

With a new 360-degree swivel head and included three-foot silicon whip, this is one of the best party dry herb vaporizers. Additionally, the easy-to-use balloon system also makes sharing excellent vapor quality with friends a breeze. The 3-speed fan can assist with drawing, and the glass ends makes for cleaning easy. To use the whip, all you’ll need to do is use the connoisseur bowl and whip attachment on a temperature between 170C-220C (338F-428F), wait 3-5 minutes, and then take long and slow draws for optimal vapor quality. You can also turn the fan on if you are a medicinal user or are just looking for easier draws.

To use the balloon, simply attach the glass mini whip to the connoisseur bowl and then the balloon mouthpiece to the mini whip. You’ll be able to play around with a variety of settings like heat, bowl mode, and fan to eventually perfect your sessions. For a best all-around balloon, you can try a medium heated (380F) cloud bowl with a low fan speed. This will give you a lot of vapor quality with a good amount of density as well. One of the best upgrades to the balloon is it is now included with a cap to save your balloons for later.

As the whip can swivel 360 degrees, and the balloon can be filled with some of the best vapor on the market using a high heat and low fan setting, the XQ2 is a great vape for parties. You’ll easily be able to share your clouds with friends and the portability of the balloon cap is a bonus.

Arizer XQ2 New balloon assembly

How to use the Arizer XQ2 Aromatherapy Dish?

When the XQ2 is not being used as a dry herb vaporizer, it also doubles down as aromatherapy device! For this use, simply add your favorite rinds such as orange peels or scented flower pedals to the included glass dish. With this option, you’re able to add a great scent to any environment! As it has become a staple of Arizer vapes, the community has found that lavender, chamomile, or mint leaves also work very well for aromatherapy.

To use this feature, just set the temperature to between 100-150C (212-302F) and place some dried botanicals into the aromatherapy dish with the low fan setting. After a few minutes, you’ll begin to notice the nice scent in the room.

Arizer XQ2 with all glass mini whip with dome screen, glass aromatherapy dish with aromatic botanicals and multitool

How to clean the XQ2?

The main thing to keep clean on the XQ2 will be all of the glass accessories. It will always be best practice to knock out any debris after a session to prevent resin buildup. About once a month or if you notice any airflow decreases, you can put your dirty glass pieces and screens into an isopropyl alcohol bath for 30 minutes before a gentle scrub and final rinse off with hot water. You’ll also notice your silicone whips and bags declining quality if you are a heavy user. In this case, you can always pick up more. For connoisseurs, you can salvage some of the resin buildup in the whip by cutting it open with scissors or a knife and scraping any buildups with a knife if you don’t want to use a pipe-cleaner. To clean the warming unit, make sure that the XQ2 is turned off and use a lightly damp warm cloth to wipe it clean. Periodically, you may also consider changing the air filter accessed by the removable lid on the bottom of the vape.

Why You’ll Love It

As an upgrade over the Extreme Q, the XQ2 has managed to pack a lot of added vapor quality and ease of use into the vape while still remaining affordable. Users will have a lot of accessories to play around with and customize sessions with, while it remains very easy for beginners to use as well. In this sense, the Arizer XQ2 is the perfect device for beginners and vape connoisseurs alike as the wide range of included accessories are all high-quality great for tinkering. It’s a great arrival to the desktop vape market and gives people a different option over the Volcano Hybrid. Make sure to check back soon as it comes to the market!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about our XQ2 review!

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