Arizer XQ2 vs Extreme Q Review

Arizer XQ2 vs Extreme Q Review

Many Extreme Q Vaporizer veterans are closely eyeing the Arizer XQ2 release as more details are being discussed and reviewed daily. In this review, we will be giving an in-depth comparison of the two devices’ key features including upgrades and similarities to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing the right Desktop Vaporizer. The all-new XQ2 results from Arizer’s 15 years in the industry and listening to feedback from its users – The result of the improved EQ is amazing! The XQ2 has many upgrades on the surface level, including an isolated air intake filter, kit-included adapters, and many customizable features available on the application and remote. While the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer remains an upper-tier vape on its own and stands the test of time… For those looking for a replacement desktop vape or general upgrade, the XQ2 is a device to keep in mind.

XQ2 vs Extreme Q Key Feature Changes

With bubbler and adapter accessories, the Extreme Q can take vapor quality to a very high level. On the other hand, the Arizer XQ2 hits well right out of the box. With the notable improvements to the bowl design, user interface, and airflow – Right away, it has the upper hand. A key feature for vape connoisseurs is the isolated electronics separate from the air path on the XQ2, which works even better with the improved heating options included in the kit.

Arizer XQ2 2 Glass Connoisseur Bowl and Screen
Connoisseur bowls in flavor mode (left) and cloud mode (right)

XQ2 and Extreme Q Design Improvements

The design has been streamlined on the XQ2 and no longer looks like an outdated 90’s appliance as it did on the Extreme Q. Both vapes are the same size, but the matte black design and umbrella figure on the
Arizer XQ2 is more modern and won’t look like an eyesore when not in use. The addition of a bag specialization is unique and allows every hit to be just as good as the first while using it.  For group or individual longer sessions, this is an underrated aspect of its kit, as there will be little degradation to vapor quality over time with a properly filled balloon. The isolated airpath is also complemented nicely with the included replaceable filters to keep vapor quality very high as the device ages.

Arizer XQ2 Front Panel UI with LED bottom

XQ2 vs Extreme Q Bowl Upgrades

Compared to the Extreme Q, the new Tuff bowl grip has been added as an added layer of protection when handling the hot glass. The new bowl can also be flipped to have the glass screen close or far from the heater to have more vapor, or for easier hits. The glass connoisseur bowl included in the XQ2 is similar to the EQ’s Cyclone Bowl, but with a glass screen included. With the larger glass screen perforations, it is important to use ungrounded herb or a coarse grind to prevent any product from falling into the heater.

Arizer XQ2 Front Profile

XQ2 Vaporizer Remote Settings

With the remote, you’ll also be able to turn the vape on, change fan speeds, adjust the auto-off timer, or control the new LED light settings. With the new LED lights,  you’ll have a variety of choices, or you can set it to dynamic mode to have each color tell you the state of the session. For example, blinking green when your set temperature is reached. With spectrum mode, the colors will change on their own and sets a friendly tone for the session in the room. The new remote also has better responsiveness vs the EQ’s, as you can be further away and not have to point directly at the vape for it to respond.

Arizer XQ2 Remote Control

Is the XQ2 an upgrade over the EQ?

The XQ2 heating system is very similar to the Extreme Q’s. We examined heat up times, production of vapor, and vapor quality. The XQ2 recommends a heat-up time of up to three to five minutes in the glass bowl. You can skip this and take your first hit around thirty seconds to a minute but the vapor quality and heat won’t quite be there yet for good vapor production. Arizer clearly had a key focus on the redesigned airflow system, not the heating elements. High frequency or medicinal users will appreciate the replaceable air filters as these slowly diminish over the years. As a vape without an isolated airpath, this was one of the most significant issues with the EQ. The fan has upgraded to be quieter but both devices’ bag fill-up times remain similar. As each takes close to 1:30 to fill on fan speed three, there is little difference to this element. The included bag accessories are amazing for the XQ2 though. It is easy to assemble, and the new connector is foolproof for keeping the vapor secure in the bag when not in use or keeping the glass connection free from debris when not in use. Overall, the XQ2 is an improved version of the EQ in this department.

Arizer Extreme Q 2 Banner for Blog Post

XQ2 and Extreme Q Accessory Comparison

We tested both vaporizers with a bubbler on the connoisseur bowls and were highly pleased with the vapor quality. Although the Storz & Bickel Volcano remains in a league of its own, the Arizer XQ2 and EQ are awesome for their prices. Although they are similar by design, the XQ2’s extraction process, perhaps because of the better convection’s airflow, allows for better heat distribution in its bowls. For anyone that is looking for a quality desktop vaporizer, the EQ remains a perfect choice but with added replaceable features, slightly better heating systems, and isolated airpath, the XQ2 is the better choice for vapor quality alone.

Arizer XQ2 Kit

EQ Cyclone bowl vs. XQ2 Connoisseur Bowl

On the EQ’s included cyclone bowl, much of the common criticism was that the screen was too high and that it restricted the airflow for the herb itself – The vapor was weak and the air intake was restricted. This design has been dramatically improved for the XQ2. In what Arizer calls cloud mode (the screen at the bottom and closer to the heat), the airflow is much improved and allows for better vapor quality. Plus, you’ll be able to use the connoisseur bowls on both devices. In our findings, it can be important to use the included fine metal screen if your herb is smaller. While taking hits in cloud mode, some of the product will be visibly moving in the bowl, and you don’t want any falling through the glass screen. So, as an added measure to make cleaning easier, you can insert the metal screen for some peace of mind.

XQ2 vs EQ Vapor Quality

The first thing to note is that the XQ2’s instructions are to allow for a heat sink period to allow for good heat distribution to the bowl. If you don’t, the first few hits will be slow and won’t have as much vapor.  In cloud mode, after a waiting period, the herb will have an excellent color to the ABV product – Well cooked. Flipping the bowl and using flavor mode, meaning a glass screen away from the heater means there is a little less wiggle room for your nuggets and they may need to be stirred for full extraction. As mentioned though, both choices will have a better vapor quality than the EQ’s cyclone. With the flavor setting, the dry herb will have a longer heat-up time before being properly ready for a hit, but this can make for a relaxing session even without a bubbler accessory. Overall, this is the much better standard bowl options for the XQ2. If you are still uncomfortable with the airflow on the connoisseur bowl, you can change out the adapter to add a water pipe and change the feel entirely to more relaxed.

Bag/Balloon Accessory

We’ve put the bag addition to the test so that you won’t have to. They fill slower than the Storz & Bickel Volcano, but the XQ2 still has a good vapor and fill speed for its price. Using a connoisseur bowl on the max speed, vapers can expect a full balloon around ninety seconds on the hi-speed fan option. The first two temperature settings are what seems to give the best vapor quality and temperature in the bag. At 180°C  / 356°F and 200°C / 392°F, these are two great options for all levels to enjoy the bag solo or with friends. At pre-set one, the vapor quality was very nice but the density was not quite the same as pre-set two. With this option, some of the taste was lost but there was more density. As always, slow and patient bag filling will lead to better results.

To use the Balloon, simply use the whip attachment on a glass bowl, and then connect the balloon to the whip until inflated. The bag is equipped with a 10mm male that will work with any 10mm bubbler, or just add a 14mm glass whip bubbler with adapter.

Arizer XQ2 Balloon Filling, Top View

Different Bag Techniques

As more time passes, there will be tons of reviews on the different ways to fill the bag. For example

  1. Cloud bowl with no fan assistance on high heat
  2. Flavor bowl on a low heat mode with a low fan

For those wishing to play around with their vapes and find the perfect settings for themselves, this could make the IQ2 a better choice. Regardless, we look forward to seeing all kinds of videos and comments about the different setups that will emerge as the Arizer XQ2 grows in popularity.

For medicinal purposes, we can see an inflated balloon being a good option for bedside medication at ease, as with the silicone seal, the smoke isn’t going anywhere.

Arizer XQ2 / EQ Aromatherapy Dish

Included in the XQ2 and EQ kit is an aromatherapy glass bowl and sample botanical pack. When you’re not using dry herb, or have company over you can use this bowl to add a nice scent to any room as they are heated up. Users are encouraged to try any kind of flower petals, fruit rind, or terpenes they’d like. This feature is a nice touch in the kits that boost Arizer’s utility.

Arizer XQ2 with all glass mini whip with dome screen, glass aromatherapy dish with aromatic botanicals and multitool

Extreme Q vs XQ2 – Which to Buy?

The XQ2 and Extreme Q are great options in the dry herb desktop vaporizer category. For those not quite looking to upgrade to a Volcano, the XQ2 is a great choice for an upgrade over the EQ. The customization of the bag inflation and hits, and the LED lights make it a great vaporizer to fiddle around with and mellow out to. It’s very easy to use and looks great on a shelf when not in use. Medicinal users will love the ease of use and vapor quality with the great connoisseur bowl upgrade and vapor quality. As well, the remote is easy to use and the fans have been upgraded. The airflow is greatly improved, as well as being isolated from the electronics. The 10mm male is perfectly adaptable to any accessories you’d like to use.

With the dynamic color scheme setting, it’s also very easy to understand what your device is doing. Overall, the EQ is a good entry-level desktop vape for those who would want a good bang for their buck, but the IQ2 is just a step ahead. If you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer to bring to parties, then the IQ2 just might be the choice for you.

Still undecided?
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Arizer XQ2 vs Extreme Q Review
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Arizer XQ2 vs Extreme Q Review
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