Should you buy it?

If you’ve been looking at purchasing an artisan desktop vaporizer, then the E-Nano by Epickai (formerly EpicVapes) is one of the top picks on the market for connoisseurs.

With a familiar-looking ceramic heating element, stainless steel housing, and wooden frame, you’ll be pulling hot air through a glass stem, just like you would on an Arizer. Despite a ton of pros, some people complain about a tight draw restriction and focus on smaller chamber sizes, though, so we’ll be discussing who the E-Nano is best suited for in our review! So buckle up, because shit’s about to get heavy, or desktop-ey, rather! Let’s get into it.


E-Nano Specs + Ratings

Material Compatibility Dry Herb
Battery life 110V Wall Plug
Heating system Glass stem Convection
Heat up time 2 Mins.
Temperature control Temperature Dial
Temperature Range 0-560F / 293C
Oven Size 0.25g~
Accessories Wood options / Glass Mouthpieces
Warranty period 3 Years
Price $200 USD+
Coupon Code
Ease of Use 7/10
Vapor Quality 9/10
Manufacturing Quality 8/10
Ease of Cleaning 9/10
Portability 8/10
Durability 9/10

Key Features

  • Isolated convection heating
  • Minimalist artisan desktop vaporizer design
  • Micro dosing effectiveness
  • Easy maintenance
  • Designed and manufactured in America
  • No lacquers or laminates

Heating System

In a lot of ways, Epickai’s heating system is very similar to Arizer Vaporizers. The ceramic heating element is housed under stainless steel that will be sealed airtight into the glass mouthpiece, and when you inhale, you’ll be running that hot air through the chamber/mouthpiece combination. The good news is there there are no exposed electronics and the straight-shoot air path means you’ll be getting maximum flavor profile from your terpenes.


Where the E-Nano differentiates from the Arizers is with its unique heating dial that will give you options between 1-11. With a maximum temperature of 560 Fahrenheit, you can choose to pump out crazy-sized clouds if you want.

How does the E-Nano Vaporizer work?

The Epickai E-Nano uses a power cord and temperature dial that will automatically begin heating when you have the heat dial above zero. There’s an LED light on the base of the unit that will glow when it’s heating. The unique glass stem chamber is what really sets the E-Nano apart from the competition, though.


Loading The E-Nano Glass Stem

  1. The first step of loading the glass stem mouthpiece is to place the screen a few inches into the body, where your herb will be sitting neither too close nor too far from the heating element.
  2. To properly gage this distance, you can use the included Epic Pick which you can use to slide the screen to the perfect spot with
  3. The easiest method seems to be just scooping up some herb, and then tamping it down so that it’s secure and won’t fall onto the heating element.
  4. After you’ve loaded the glass and have waited two minutes for the E-Nano to heat up, all you’ll have to do is place the glass onto the stainless steel

There are two main things to note here though, and those are grind consistency and not overpacking.

For grind consistency, it’s better to use a medium and fluffy grind or whole flowers so that there is enough air pockets for you to inhale past. When you go to stamp your herb down, also make sure that you don’t overdo it or you won’t be able to inhale anything. In this sense, it’s more of a push than it is a pack with the E-Nano chamber.

Vapor Quality

For microdosing, the E-Nano is regarded as one of the best choices on the market because it’s able to maximize the clouds you’ll be getting from very small amounts of dry herb, just like a DynaVap does, but on a plugged-in and more powerful heating scale. So, for the 3-5 big hits you’ll get (if that’s your style), your tokes will be absolutely ridiculous.

  • For the heat dial, the maximum temperature on dial 11 will simply be way too high for most people unless you want to combust on purpose.

Personally, I tend to enjoy the heat on the low side of things so that no matter how long I inhale for, I’ll never burn my throat. For this device, that dial number was about a six. With an optional 18mm WPA stem you can pick up, the E-Nano is regarded as one of the best vapes for pairing with bubblers and bongs.

ABV / Extraction Rating

If you’re a heavy user, you might not be the best fit for the E-Nano unless you don’t mind regularly swapping out the chamber’s herb. For a normal 0.15g sized chamber, you’ll be able to quickly clear it in just a few minutes. Your ABV of course is going to be a nice golden brown or as dark as you’d like, and with the pick, you’ll be able to clear it out and reload relatively quickly if you don’t mind.

Suitable Substances

You’ll be able to place some mesh into the chamber for effective concentrate vaping. For us, the Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads were the perfect addition that let us jam them into the chamber with a little dab on the top.


Although it’s a very lightweight vape, coming in at only 0.3 pounds, the reliance on a DC power plug makes it only a desktop vaporizer. Still though, being able to manage a high-power vape easily onto glass pieces does definitely deserve some credit for uniqueness if you want to impress your friends or party guests!


Artisan Build Quality

Overall, as with the majority of all other wooden log vaporizers, the E-Nano is hand-made and only uses high-quality materials and parts. One of the nice features is that the power cord is 2.5 meters (over 8 feet long), so you should never feel like you’re being confined to a short distance. The only place I’ve seen complaints is from Europeans complaining about there only being one voltage power supply chord.

Epickai E-Nano vs E-Nano XL

If you’ve been loving what I’m putting down in this review, but are a bit off-put by the whole ‘micro-dosing’ thing, then good news! There is an XL version that was recently released.

  • Unlike the optimal bowl size of 0.1g~ on the original, this number goes up to 0.2g on the XL version, with room to do even more if you want to.

Utilizing a vaporizer dome screen, you’ll be able to wedge up to 0.5g between it and the other screen if you want to pump out abnormally sized clouds. The draw restriction might be a little tighter, but oh boy, what an exciting concept if you’re asking me (You were asking me, right?)  So, in summary, there is a larger heater and glass stem bowl from the original. Although it’s also slightly taller than the original, not much else is different for the $80 price increase.

What’s in the E-Nano kit?

  • E-Nano Artisan Desktop Vaporizer
  • 110v Power Cord & Temperature Dial
  • Your Selected Glass Stem Mouthpiece
  • Cotton carrying case
  • Pick Tool for Stirring and Screen Placement
  • Owner’s Manual
  • EpicVape/Epickai Sticker


E-Nano Maintenance

Cleaning is a breeze as all that you’ll have to do is brush off the ceramic heater and whatever screens you used with your session. For the glass mouthpiece, a quick soak in some high-powered Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner will be enough to do the trick, as it zaps off residue within seconds.

Community Consensus

The E-Nano is generally well-liked on popular dry herb vaporizer forums like FuckCombustion and Vaporents.

e-nano reddit

Tips and Tricks

The screen placement can be tricky at first.  I still get hot spots here and there, but this can be mitigated by turning the stem slightly as you’re using it.  The vape gets warmer than I’d like when it’s left on.  Make sure to leave yours on at a lower temperature and turn it up when you’re ready to take a hit.  The glass stems get dirty faster than I’d like with constant stirring.  This will negatively impact the vapor purity, but it’s easy to fix with simple regular cleaning.  A water pipe adapter should be included.  Without water conditioning, I wouldn’t use my E-Nano half as much.


  • Very economical
  • Exceptional vapor taste, potency, purity, and smoothness
  • Handcrafted quality with a long warranty
  • Compatible with standard water tools with the optional adapter
  • Flexible temperature options
  • Easy to load and operate with no whip or bags
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Lightweight for travel


  • Very small heating chamber, so frequent refilling is needed
  • Temperature dial can be accidentally reset
  • Cord could come loose because there is no lock
  • Must be plugged in for use
  • Medium draw resistance that could be difficult for people with lung problems

Who’s it for?

The E-Nano is perfect for microdosing fans that want to get the most out of small chamber in terms of flavor and clouds. It also pairs extremely well with bubblers and bongs if you’re a fan of trying to figure out a vape’s best setup and configurations.

Who’s it not for?

For heavy users, the E-Nano isn’t going to be the best vape for you – It takes time to reload the stem and get it set up. If you do like the unique idea of it though, a decent alternative would be the Plenty Vaporizer because it looks like a degenerate power tool and is super fun to use. For the occasional smaller bowl, you’ll also be able to pick up a Plenty Chamber Reducer.

Final Thoughts

If you are indeed looking for a micro-dosing top desktop vaporizer, then the E-Nano might be perfect for you. For heavy users that like the glass & convection heating system, a good alternative would be either the Arizer Extreme Q or Arizer XQ2 as you’ll get the added bonus of choosing between a hookah whip or filled balloons to hit from. The E-Nano does have a lot going for it though including its high-quality parts, clean air path, and great compatibility with bongs! The choice is yours, only you can forge your dry herb vaping path – Good luck soldier!