Is the Sticky Brick Maxx worth it?

If you’ve been looking for a chill alternative desktop vaporizer, then you might be interested in the HydroBrick Maxx. Instead of a battery and heating element as many use, Sticky Brick vaporizers instead rely on a butane torch and glass to heat your dry herb.

As you might have guessed from the name, the Maxx is the latest high-powered model that doubles down on the size of the wooden body and glass. It hits incredibly hard due and performs almost like a bong, except without all of the combustion. Read on as we go over who might be interested in this unique artisan vape that’s able to pump out mind-numbing vapor quality.


Sticky Brick Maxx Specs + Features

  • weight: 3.6”
  • Width: 4”
  • Depth: 2.25”
  • Weight: 11.6oz
  • Manual temperature control
  • With a built-in stash,
  • glass intake compartment,
  • and a lid to protect it all,
  • the Maxx serves as a great at-home rig that you can set up anywhere, and easily stash away.
  • included 18mm male WPA, 14mm male, and 18mm female joint

Heating System

One of the good things about torch-style vaporizers like the DynaVap and Maxx is that their heat-up times are incredibly fast. With the Sticky Brick lineup, you’ll be placing your flame directly into the heating chamber. In as little as five seconds, you’ll be getting massive clouds coming out of the 18mm mouthpiece. Speaking of the mouthpiece, you’ll be able to use an 18mm male joint to use your Sticky Brick with a bubbler or bong. Personally, we’d recommend the DynaVap Bong Adapter which you’ll be able to use a silicone whip with from the MEGA Globe Whip Bubbler.

There are two main systems at work, the mouthpiece end, and the heating path where you’ll be using your torch. Your butane flame will run down this glass to a heat diverter above the chamber where the hot air will extract your THC. This will produce the vapor that you’ll end up inhaling.


Smooth Vapor Quality

The first thing to know when it comes to vapor quality is that there is a bit of a learning curve associated with both finding out how you like your perfect sessions, as well as getting your flame and packing techniques down.

  • The chamber can hold up to 0.3g, the same as the Mighty Plus, and will work best without tamping the chamber down to allow for the best airflow since the airpath is almost directly down from the flame.

The general consensus is that you’ll be able to get about three to four ten-second heating cycles in before your chamber is completely spent. The first hit you take might be a little on the wispy side of things, but each heating cycle after that is going to provide you with massive extraction.

As long as you’re stirring and tapping the Maxx to settle your cannabis after every cycle, you can expect huge clouds that retain their flavor as well. As the flame is going directly into the chamber, we do suggest adding a bong to the mouthpiece to make your hits less harsh if you’re a cloud chaser.

ABV / Extraction Rating

Once you’re done with your third or fourth inhale, your bowl will be fully spent, and since the heating system is manual, you’ll be able to cook your weed for as long as you’d like.

In other words, you’ll be able to get your AVB (Already Vaped Bud) to as dark as you’d like. Since there is an included storage container on the vape, you can just place your ABV into the glass if you want, or simply use fresh herb there to make reloading your chamber more convenient.

Can you do dabs in the Maxx?

Included in your kit is a stainless steel mesh pad that you’ll be able to vaporize dabs with. To use this, just place it into the chamber and have a session like you would as normal.


While the Sticky Brick Maxx is technically a portable vaporizer since it doesn’t have a power supply, its large size, glass pieces, and reliance on a torch make it basically a desktop unit.

Not having to rely on batteries is a nice feature, but you’ll still have to cope with reliance on a butane torch, so make sure you top it off if you’re heading out of town! For a good boost to your portability, make sure that you pick up a Stashlogix Medium Vape Case which has a hard exterior and tons of storage capacity so that you won’t have to worry about anything colliding or breaking.


Build Quality

The main part of the Sticky Brick is made from your choice of hardwoods that include walnut, cherry, and rock maple.

Each vape body is handmade and engraved, and in short, they are stunning. Apart from that, other parts include borosilicate glass and medical-grade stainless steel. The O-Rings are also specifically sourced for their thick and heat-resistant properties on the bottom of the lid. There’s also a video floating around on YouTube of the makers dropping the glass pieces from seven feet without anything breaking.

The only durability on a portable vaporizer that comes close to that would be the PAX 3 since it’s also virtually indestructible to the wear and tear of day-to-day life.


What’s in the box?

  • Single flame torch lighter (shipped empty)
  • Two carb corks
  • Two stainless stir sticks
  • Two wooden sticks
  • Six screens
  • Two Restrictor Discs (one installed)
  • One Sticky Pad
  • One medical-grade silicone whip
  • Three whip connectors: 18mm Male, 18mm Female, and 14mm Male.
  • User manual


Sticky Brick Vaporizer Lineup Comparison

In the Sticky Brick, there are a variety of other models that will operate similarly to the Maxx. These include the Runt, OG Brick, Brick Jr., and Flip Brick. Some of the models are smaller, and the Flip is made to be used on top of 14mm or 18mm bongs for easier accessibility.


Sticky Brick Maxx Tips and Tricks

  • If you plan on hitting it dry, a popular tip is to use a bent mouthpiece sold separately on the Sticky Bricks HQ website which you can use to help the cooling and add the perfect amount of draw restriction
  • Stirring and tapping to settle your herb is almost going to be a mandatory task if you want to ensure good vapor quality
  • A fine grind will work best for more surface area to be distributed evenly by your flame
  • Use a slow and steady inhale so that if you do accidentally combust, you won’t be coughing your lungs out for minutes at a time
  • With the carb cab, you almost always have it sealed with the included cork – You can have it open, you just won’t be getting much vapor

How to clean the Sticky Brick Maxx?

Maintenance on the Sticky Brick Maxx is surprisingly easy since all that you’ll need to do is knock and brush your chamber out after every use. On your glass, when you begin to notice resin buildups, you can just soak them in some Orange Chronic Pipe Cleaner to quickly get them looking and working like new.

For the lazy in the crowd, this isn’t mandatory, you just might notice a slightly burnt taste to your sessions if you let it build up enough. When you do accidentally combust, you might get a little bit of charring on your wood. With an alcohol-free cleaning solution, you can gently dab most of this off, but just know that the flavor of your sessions might be off for the next two or three uses.

Community Consensus

It’s well-liked on popular dry herb vape forums FuckCombustion and Vaporents because of its artisanal design and ability to pump out massive clouds and simple setups. One complaint is that the O-Rings are quick to wear down and instead of paying a hefty shipping price, you might want to instead just head to your local home hardware store and get some there.


The main warranty will cover 15-day manufacturer defects for your glass.

Who’s it for?

The Sticky Brick will be a great addition to your vaporizer lineup if you want hits similar to what a bong can provide. The flavor is awesome, even if it takes a bit of practice to get it right. But, just like a normal joint or bong, there is almost a ritual sense to the sessions that make it a great unit for heavy users that will be vaping at home and miss the enjoyment of a step-by-step process of loading and having a bowl.

Who’s it not for?

The Sticky Brick Maxx does have a bit of a learning curve, and you will be required to wield your torch like Honest Single Flame Lighter. It’s easy to burn your herb and because of the size, for the most part, you’ll only be using it at home. A decent alternative would be the Arizer Air Max for a more portable and hard-hitting unit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a heavy user that wants a cool piece of art that can provide you with huge hits and a challenge, then the Sticky Brick Maxx is for you.

With an 18mm female mouthpiece port, you’ll be able to play around with your setups if you have some different glass pieces lying around. Because it’s battery-free and the vapor quality is reliant on yourself, it’s a fun challenge that normal portables and desktop vapes can’t provide. It’s a cool vape to share with friends and a puzzle to solve if you have the time!

For an electric desktop alternative, the Arizer XQ2 might be a little easier for medicinal users with its fan-assisted balloons and hookah-style whip!


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