Author Rating: 7.8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 6/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10
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CCell M3 Plus

USD $14.99

Key Features

  • Compatible with any-sized cartridge
  • Dual-heat slide switch (2.8V/3.3V)
  • Built-in LED indicator
  • Inhale activated
  • Powerful 350mAh rechargeable battery
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CCell M3 Plus
USD $14.99

Is the CCell M3 Plus worth it?

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense 510-Thread Battery that’s able to give awesome performance from your carts while on a budget, then you might be interested in the new CCell M3 Plus.

  • With a simple draw activation system, top-loading compatible with any cart, and a stainless steel frame, there’s a whole lot to love.

Let’s get into the review and see if it’s the right one for you!

CCell M3 Specs

Material Compatibility Any Sized Cartridge
Heat up time ~3 Seconds
Temperature Control Yes
Temperature Range Low (2.8V) / High (3.3V)
Warranty Period 6 Months
Price $15
Size 12 x 86 (mm)
Magnetic Adapter? No
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Key Features

The most obvious feature of the M3 Plus to me is its durable stainless steel frame and slick design. While it might be a bit longer than other models on the market, you can tell when you hold it in your hand that its design is built to withstand daily abuse.

Inside this CCell Battery kit, all you’ll find is the M3 Plus along with a very short USB-C cable.

How the CCell M3 Draw Activation Works

On the bottom of the Oil Vaporizer is where the magic happens. There you’ll find a convenient USB-C charging slow, as well as a dial with Low and High on it. These stand for 2.8V and 3.3V, and changing how you want your cartridge to perform is as easy as switching it back or forth.

Since it’s draw-activated, all you’ll have to do is install the cartridge that you’re going to use, and then take an inhale while the white LED light at the bottom of the vape lights up to let you know that it’s working.

m3 plus draw activated

The only thing to know is that since it is draw-activated, you might eventually get a clogged 510-Thread Cartridge if you’re using your M3 Plus infrequently. If that’s a concern for you, you might enjoy a vape pen with button activation like the Dr. Dabber Universal Battery.

Tasty, Terpy Vapor Quality

As mentioned, the bottom voltage switch will let you choose between 2.8V or 3.3V, which are tuned a bit low for heavy users, but will be fine for beginners.

If you’re someone that doesn’t care about big clouds, and simply wants awesome flavor, then this one might be right for you.

It delivers flawless vapor production, consistently providing smooth and flavorful hits – The airflow is awesome and it leads to hits without any unpleasant burnt taste or leakage issues.

CCell M3 Plus Battery Life

One other thing the M3 Plus has going for itself is its solid battery life, which comes in at 350mAh.

As new entry-level Vape Pens enter the market, it’s becoming that the new minimum battery capacity is around 350, which is a big jump from 250mAh, which is where most of them used to be five years ago.

  • For the M3 Plus, this means heavy users will be able to get a day of heavy use before needing a recharge, while light users might be able to go a whole week.

The white LED light on the bottom of the vape will turn off when it’s reached a full charge.

CCell M3 Pros

  • Durable steel body
  • Low and high voltage dial
  • Compatible with any sized cartridge
  • USB-C Charging

CCell M3 Cons

  • Minimal Kit
  • No button
  • Lengthy height

Final Thoughts

Flavor chasers, with the new M3 Plus, you seriously have a new 510 vape to keep your eye out for!

For me personally, the M3 Plus has earned a spot on our list of the Best Vape Pens for Cartridges – I love its durable frame and ease of use.

Upgrade your vaping game today and say goodbye to boring clouds and hello to a whole new level of vape-fection with the CCELL M3 Plus.

  • Trust me, your taste buds and Weed Vape friends will thank you for it! Happy vaping!

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