Why you should properly store your cannabis

Cannabis is gaining traction, and I’m not just talking about the edible you took an hour ago – I’m referring to the recent decriminalization in Germany and America. We are on the verge of a new era, and as Uncle Ben once said to Spiderman, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

The responsibility I’m referring to of course is storing your weed properly! Gone are the days of using a simple mason jar in a closet drawer – Technology has evolved and you should familiarize yourself with the different options you have in current times to keep your hard-earned weed looking, smelling, and performing its best. These days it’s all about being airtight, smell-proof, and convenient.

Our list of the top weed storage containers will give you a good idea of what to expect when you buy one, and how they can offer better longevity and security for your cannabis

Different types of weed storage

Let’s break the weed storage container into several categories for the different purposes you might need it for.

  1. Smell Proof Backpacks
  2. Smell Proof Vape Cases
  3. Humidity Control Jars
  4. Pouches
  5. Keychain Storage

Whether you just need long-term storage or a more portable option, there is a cannabis storage or vaporizer case option available for any situation, so let’s get into it.

Where should you store your weed?

Where and how you store your weed will depend on your specific purpose. For example, if you’ve just finished a harvest, you’ll want to use something with humidity control. If you’re bringing along your weed and accessories out to a camping trip, you’ll also want to bring a cannabis accessories case.

  • Air-tight & without light

In general, your weed should be left out of the light for the best longevity and preservation of your terpenes. If you’re using a mason jar, this means that you’ll want to move it into a cupboard out of the light. At the very least, use a Boveda Humidity Pack so that your humidity will be preserved and mold will have a harder time growing.

boveda and mason jar of weed

If being close to 100% smell-proof with your smell-proof container is important, you’ll want key features like activated carbon and thick lining for your fabric to keep the odor of your cannabis from escaping.

An airtight seal will be the most important element by far, and everything on our list comes with this!

Best Cannabis Storage Containers

Smell Proof Case

The Stashlogix Case and Tools420 Smell Proof Vape Case are beloved by the community for their durability, safety lock, and smell-proof features. As the highest manufacturing quality container on this list, the Stashlogix comes with customizable storage dividers, a zipped section, an activated carbon insert, and more. It comes with a durable zipper that helps the airtight seal.

tools420 vape cases

Weed Storage Keychains

420 Storage Keychain Containers are more of an on-demand weed storage approach and will come with multiple layers that are secure via threading.

As they go right onto your keychain, it means you can store about a gram of strains for each of the four separate compartments. If you’re a smoker or dry herb vaporizer fan, then this can be a great accessory that will help you get your doses in conveniently throughout the day. Plus, they are compatible with dosing capsules which can make vaporizer chamber reloading even easier than the loose flower.

420 storage keychain with weed and lighter

CVault Storage Container

As a tried and true weed storage jar, the CVault Storage Containers are here to help you keep your weed better for longer. With a stainless steel design and included boveda pack, the clamp design of the CVaults are made to form an airtight seal via the silicone top. If you’re a grower or someone that keeps a lot of preserved weed at one time, then you should consider picking up one of the larger sizes for yourself.

cvault storage container

Artisinal Wood Containers

The DynaStash is a wooden stash container made specifically for DynaVaps, but will also be compatible with smaller joints, and will be what we use as an example for an artisanal wood container. It features carveouts for your DynaVap and weed, as well as a magnet on top for cooling the tip.

While there are more premium options like the Bamboon Stash Box or the super deluxe Apothecarry. They come with premium materials and will have multiple storage slots with the Apothecarry even coming with 8 included Boveda Humidity Packs.

Dynavap M Dynastash


Pouches are a neat alternative to traditional portable weed storage containers as they will allow you to use their hemp designs to keep your weed secure. Some will come in a fanny pack design, while others are made to be kept in backpacks.

For example, the Cali Pouch has an activated carbon lining and an 11×6 in design that will keep tons of weed and accessories at the ready. It resembles a handbag more than anything so if you’re feeling a discreet cannabis fashion statement, definitely consider a fanny pack or the Cali Pouch. The fact that it’s waterproof is just the cherry on top!

cali pouch for storage

Honorable Mention – Smell Proof Backpacks

Smell-proof backpacks are the ultimate flex for the ultimate stoners in the room. As the name implies, they will be backpacks made to keep your stash secure and discreet during transportation, along with any 420 accessories you also have.

Honorable Mention – Arizer Travel Tubes

Originally made for Arizer Mouthpieces, users quickly find out that the simple capped PVC design doubles down as an airtight joint holder. We typically recommend the 110mm Arizer Travel Tube size to customers in case you get a large joint and need the extra wiggle room to not ruin the paper.

arizer travel tube

Premium Cannabis Storage Pros

  • Allows you to preserve your cannabis terpenes and trichomes
  • Air-tight containers will be mold-proof
  • Some will be compatible with humidity packs
  • Lockable containers will keep unwanted hands out of your stash
  • More durable and reliable than using a mason jar
  • Larger containers will let you store a lot due to their multiple storage slots

Premium Cannabis Storage Cons

  • Pricier than old-school methods
  • Not 100% smell proof

Tips and Tricks

When it comes time to use your stored weed, our tip is to use a Large Rolling Tray with a premium grinder, like the Cali Crusher 3-inch hardtop. The stainless steel blades and the bulky design will get your weed down to a perfect consistency, and then you can easily load it into your chosen unit with the funneled end of the tray!

grinder and rolling tray


Listen, maybe you’re still not sold yet… Cannabis isn’t cheap, and when you store it improperly in an empty candle mason jar, you’re not doing justice.

Let me put it this way, when you’ve dieted for a while, you’re not going to have a couple of snow peas for your cheat meal – No, you’re going to get a big order of McDonald’s nuggets. So, why treat your cannabis nuggets poorly?

The last thing you want is to eagerly open your jar that you’ve been waiting to use, and see that it’s turned that mustard-brown and is full of mold.

To prevent that from happening, be sure to check out our Weed Storage Containers!