Dual Flame Torch Lighter

Key Features

  • Perfect for heating the DynaVap Chamber
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable butane dial
  • Clickable ignition
  • Easily refillable

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Product Specifications

Adjustable dual-flame butane torch lighter

On the bottom of this lighter, you’ll be able to adjust the amount of butane being fed to the ignition point. If you’ve been having trouble with combusting your DynaVap M, this lighter on a lower setting will the perfect addition to your setup.

How to refill a dual flame torch lighter?

When it’s time to refill as indicated by the see-through glass, just simply press the nozzle of your butane canister into the very bottom of the lighter until it has been refilled.

Portable and Ergonomic 2-flame lighter

The design will fit into any pocket or bag, and is also equally comfortable being held in your hand for use with cigarettes, cigars, or torch-lit dry herb vaporizers.

What's in the box

x1 Dual Flame Butane Torch Lighter

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Dual Flame Torch Lighter
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  1. Avatar for Boris G

    Boris G

    Even roasting of the captive cap

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