Should you buy the XMAX V3 Pro or DynaVap M?

If you’ve been looking to add a new budget dry herb vaporizer to your collection, then you may have come across the DynaVap M, and the new device taking the market by storm, the XMAX V3 Pro. For under $150, you’ll have access to a lot of session customization and a variety of different accessories to choose from with either of these vapes. So, which one should you choose? In this review, we’ll be going over their key features, including how they hit and our best tips and tricks. Hopefully, this will give you the information you need about how they work and the different setups you’ll be able to run while at home or on the go to make a decision. So – Let’s get into it.

Key Features Comparison

As you probably know, the DynaVap is a battery-free vaporizer that relies on a butane torch or induction heater to heat the chamber’s cap before it clicks at 350F to let you know that the device is ready to be inhaled.

As a pure convection vaporizer, the V3 Pro uses hot air from the heater below the chamber to extract your THC very quickly.

In general, both vapes can be considered ‘on-demand’ due to the possibility of the chambers being heated in just seconds. They have a similar airflow and a huge selection of available accessories to choose from.

Both are super portable for minimalist use out in public or can be dressed up for at home with some of the tips and tricks section of the blog.

Induction vs Convection Heating Systems

With the DynaVap Captive Cap, your 0.2g chamber lid has been engineered to click once it reached a temperature of 350°F / 177°C. This will happen after only four seconds while using a butane torch, around 20 seconds with a normal lighter, or in the middle of those times by using an induction heater like the Ispire Wand. For the wand, most users will tend to stick to under 400F to reduce the risk of accidentally combusting the chamber. After the initial click at 350F, some users will choose to wait a few seconds before a small re-heat, or some users will go for a second click altogether for more of a one-hitter style. On average though, you’ll be able to get 2-3 big hits before needing to change out the chamber.

For the XMAX V3 Pro, it uses a very powerful convection heater just below the chamber similar to an Arizer vaporizer, minus the conduction element. There are two massive air intake ports on either side of the heating element, and this is what helps the great airflow through the chamber into the mouthpiece. The only real downside to them is that they add a sort of whistling noise as you hear the air being brought into the vape. You can choose to cover them with your fingers, but you’ll lose a lot of airflow by doing this. One of the nice things about the device is that you can swap between session and on-demand heating by pressing the up and down arrows at the same time. With session mode, you’ll start a timer and the device will automatically heat to your set temperature as soon as your turn the vape on. With a strong inhale, the vape will reach temperatures in just seconds and be able to pump out a good cloud if you’re at a somewhat high temperature. When in session mode, you’ll hit your set temperature in between 15-20 seconds as you watch the temperature climb like it’s a speedometer on a race car. For the session mode, I personally have found that it needs a few warmup puffs to get the air moving and clouds to begin properly forming, though.

Overall, I’d give this category to the XMAX V3 PRO, as you’ll have more temperature control with a digital display that is easy to use and understand. My only real gripe would be the buttons are quite small, and people with big hands are really going to struggle to try to click them sometimes. The DynaVap clicking system is really unique but will take some to get used to and beginners are sure to burn their bowls a few times while they are learning.

Is the DynaVap or XMAX V3 Pro more portable?

To start this category off, you should first know that the DynaVap is a bit of a rough one to use out in public. If you choose to use a butane torch or lighter, you’re going to look like a crackhead with this small metal pipe in your hand. With an induction heater, you’re going to look like a goofball as well. Your best bet if you’re worried about looking silly is going to be using the DynaVap Tiny Bubbler so that it looks like you’re just hitting a small bong or pipe. With just the normal vape and small torch lighter, it will fit into your pocket with absolutely zero issues. With a DynaStash, there are two hollowed-out compartments in the wood where you’ll be able to carry your already ground flower in one compartment, and the vaporizer in the other. Once you twist the cap off it, all you’ll need to do is smooth the chamber into the weed and then heat the vape as you would normally. There is even a magnet on the top of the case where you can rest your hot cap in between hits. Since the DynaVap M is the same size as a pre-rolled joint, it’s the perfect vape to quit smoking with, as it will feel very familiar in the hand to smokers. It’s even tapered so that your index and thumb rest just like a cigarette or joint would.

With the XMAX V3 Pro, it also features a very ergonomic design with the only real downside being that it is quite tall, coming in at 6in by 1in. For smaller pockets, it might be a little awkward for this reason. Your best bet would be to pick up a Stashlogix Vape Case which will give easy storage access for the vape and anything else you may want to have for the session like a bubbler and XMAX V3 water pipe adapter. In public though, most people won’t bat an eye at you using the vaporizer and will simply think that it’s a large nicotine vaporizer. With pure convection heating as well, there will be far less smell to the vapor compared to a conduction or induction vape like the DynaVap.

Can you use concentrates in them?

With the DynaVap, you’ll be able to use the ‘sandwich method’ of placing a small grain of concentrate and then packing it in between two small clumps of ground loose flower. You can also choose to use the DynaCoil, which acts like an absorbent mesh to minimize the mess from using concentrates like shatter on its own. Since you can heat the chamber to as hot as you’d like, you’ll be easily able to vaporize high-temperature things like hash/bubble hash.

For the XMAX, the kit comes with one included wax cup which will let you effectively vaporizer low temperature concentrates. You won’t be able to do hash through the device though as it won’t get hot enough.

XMAX V3 Pro vs DynaVap Vapor Quality

For vapor quality, this category comes down to your personal preference to be perfectly honest. You’ll be able to fully choose how you want to hit the vaporizer and to be honest, they’ll perform quite similarly no matter the temperature you want to hit them at. On a lower temperature of the first click or 350F on the XMAX, you’ll have a flavorful hit of terpenes that will be very wispy on the cloud side of things. The only real thing to separate the two is that the V3 Pro will work much better with long and slow inhales to maximize the effectiveness of the convection oven’s hot air passing through the chamber. On the DynaVap, this isn’t needed as the vapor will already be all extracted and trapped in the chamber until you’re ready to do a quick inhale.

However, it should be noted that if you do heat past the first click, the vapor is almost guaranteed going to be harsher on the throat compared to the V3 Pro. That’s not to say that the V3 can’t be harsh. At the max temperature of 428, this thing is an absolute cloud machine.

Personally for this category, I’ll give the win to the DynaVap as it will keep the terpene flavors at any temperature you heat it to as long as you don’t accidentally combust. While the vapor might be a bight dryer and harsher, above 380F on the V3, I find that it loses most of the flavor out of the flower. Just know that it will take a bit of time before you master the vapor quality on the DynaVap by trying out different methods with a butane torch.

Battery Life Review

As the DynaVap uses a butane torch or induction heater, it isn’t quite the same as a dry herb vaporizer’s 18650 lithium-ion battery. Butane canisters will only cost 10-20 dollars, and you’ll be able to fill your lighter many times with them. With an induction heater like an Ispire Wand, you can expect about 12 heating cycles before needing a recharge.

With the XMAX V3 Pro, you can expect about five 5-10 minute sessions. However, with swappable batteries and a decent two-hour charge time with a USB-C port, there are a lot of versatility benefits from the device, especially if you keep the charger or spare batteries in your vape case.

In this category, I’ll mark it as a tie since both vapes have a lot of different options to keep the party going, as you’ll easily know when your lighter is going empty or the battery level is low on the V3.

How do they compare to the Pax 3?

A popular comparison for these two vaporizers is often the PAX 3. While it may come with a price increase from the other two vaporizers, it does offer some unique phone/web application settings, as well as a solid 3500mAh battery. The heating time is about 20-30 seconds, but some of the temperature control relies on the application so it’s not as intuitive right out of the box.

Ease of Use Comparison

The XMAX mouthpiece is very easy to operate as all you’ll need to do is remove the lid and load in your 0.3g of fine grind. I’ve found that squashing the chamber with your pinkie is a nice touch to compact everything down nicely so that it won’t interfere with the filter screen. Once you pop the mouthpiece back on, you can fire the vape up by pressing the power button three times. It will automatically begin heating, or you can choose to switch to the on-demand mode by pressing the up and down arrows at the same time. The power and down arrow will swap between F and C, and you can also adjust the session timer up to a maximum of six minutes.

For the DynaVap, the three things you should know are the removable chamber, adjustable bowl size, and airflow ports.

  1. The removable chamber will allow you to take out the heating chamber and a small portion of the air path so that you can easily just place it onto a 10mm water bong.
  2. With the filter screen in the chamber, there are two notches that it can slide into. With fine tweezers, you can set it at either the 0.2g standard setting or the 0.1g smaller bowl size which will be better for people who use the vaporizer to microdose.
  3. In the middle of the vaporizer, the body is slightly contoured so that you can easily rest your fingers around them. If you prefer more tight airflow, you cover these air ports so that the heated chamber’s vapor travels directly to the mouthpiece with no added air.

XMAX V3 Pro vs DynaVap – Cleaning

For the DynaVap, it’s very easy to clean as you’ll need to do is remove the rubber O-rings with either your nails or tweezers and then soak the metal parts besides the lid in isopropyl alcohol. After a hot water rinse, just put everything back together in the opposite order and you’ll be good to go.

For the XMAX, the included mouthpiece is very easy to operate as the included pick tool on the mouthpiece is a huge bonus for you to clear your bowl out after every session.


For the DynaVap, there is no real warranty since it’s all metal parts and the vaporizer itself is virtually indestructible. You can buy a DynaVap Maintenance Kit which will include some wax and pipe cleaners to help you with airflow, but the overall only thing that you’ll need to replace are the O-rings when they begin to wear with time.

For the XMAX V3 Pro, you’ll have a one-year warranty but with a swappable battery, you don’t really have to worry about the vape fully breaking as only the heating element will slightly degrade with time and use.

Tips and Tricks

There’s a plot twist in this comparison…

Some people have found that you can use the XMAX V3 Pro as an induction heater for the DynaVap. By using it in session mode at max temperature with a small adapter around the bowl, the DynaVap will eventually click just like it normally would on a regular heater.

In terms of vapor quality, where the XMAX V3 Pro really shines for me is when using it with  Bubblers & Bong Adapters. Since the airflow is so good, it will excel when running through water. With the massive clouds produced, you’ll be able to use a quality bong to cool the vapor down for an easy, hassle-free high. My personal favorite would be using the silicone V3 Pro WPA so that you can use it with any larger 10/14/18mm bong like a globe whip bubbler or normal bong you have lying around.


XMAX V3 Pro vs. DynaVap Review Conclusion

If you’re still undecided about which vape to buy, don’t worry! In a recent Reddit poll, someone asking for advice on which device to choose received nearly an even split of votes with the XMAX getting 76 votes, and the DynaVap getting 63 votes. The DynaVap is a straightforward vape with a clean air path with unlimited potential once you get past the initial learning curve. The XMAX V3 Pro is super easy to use and offers exceptional performance for a small price. There really isn’t a winner, but we do hope that our category comparisons have helped you decide which vape you want to buy! For their 100$ price tag, you’re better off just picking them both up, especially since you can use the XMAX as an induction heater for your DynaVap bowls!

XMAX V3 Pro vs DynaVap M
XMAX V3 Pro vs DynaVap M
In this XMAX V3 vs. DynaVap M vaporizer review, we go over each vape's key features to help you make the right budget decision.