What is a Megatoke?

Over the last five years, Megatoke has carved a unique path as a cannabis combustion pen, and for its niche fans, they have fallen in love with the design. As an alternative to vaping and traditional combustion methods, there is a lot to be had with either flower or oil and wax!

Lightweight, easy to use, and portable, all users will have to do is load the chamber, press the heater, and then six seconds later inhale some high-quality weed smoke! As an electrical combustion pipe, the name Megatoke might ring a bell for those in the cannabis vaporizer community.

For over five years, the Megatoke and Megatoke XL have been creating effortless clouds of THC smoke for the masses to enjoy.

With that being said, it has fallen into a hit-or-miss category and we thought it would be our duty to throw in our two cents to help you decide whether it’s worth it or not. For the price of a Mighty+ vaporizer, is it worth it? What are the key features? Read on as we go in-depth on this unique piece of weed-smoking tech.


Megatoke Key Features

  • 30-day warranty period
  • conduction style combustion .4g oven
  • externally charged swappable 2100mAh battery
  • ~1 hour charge time
  • Handheld Portability
  • Loose leaf and Concentrate Compatible
  • One Heat Setting
  • 399.99 USD
  • 6-second heat-up time
  • Auto Shutoff

What’s in the Megatoke Box?

Included in the minimalist box are a mouthpiece, water pipe adapter, cleaning brush, 2 heating coils, button protector, instructions, charger, battery, and charger. This is pretty standard, however for the price we expected a little more with better quality.

Megatoke Heating System

One of the things to note is that cannabis smoke can have as many as 113 chemical compounds, whereas cannabis vapor only has as little as 3. For smoking, part of the initial head buzz you’ll get is actually from chemicals such as nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, and aromatic amines. Some people switching to cannabis vaporizers will initially miss the initial head rush from the carcinogenic compounds from a huge bong toke. It’s not a good thing.

One of the best introductory devices for vaporizing for smoking enthusiasts is the battery-free DynaVap M Plus. It’s an induction-heated vaporizer that will click once the chamber has reached 350F, and users can heat it for a second click for a more harsh one-hitter style. Despite the .15g oven, this thing still has more than enough power to floor you. This is also one of the good things about weed vaporizers, price isn’t always as important as vaping preferences. There will always be a different option for different folks! To learn more about this subject you can read our 3rd generation vaporizers blog to learn about the benefits of switching to cannabis vapor.

As for the Megatoke, there is a 0.3g ceramic chamber that can function for oil, wax, and loose flower. After six seconds, there will be large clouds produced via powerful conduction, and your rips can begin. The first one or two won’t be the biggest as you start getting the air moving, but after that be prepared to get high… And cloudy. As the kit comes with a bong adapter, and there being only one temperature, we recommend using a bong for cleaner hits while you’re at home.

Megatoke Heating System

Is the Megatoke portable?

The Megatoke XL is about the size of a cigar, or for you vapers out there, the Flowermate Slick or the Arizer Solo 2. You’ll easily be able to get this into your pockets and small bags. A Vape Carrying Case will also help the portability of carrying and dry herbs or accessories you want with you on the go.

Megatoke Size

Can you use dabs in the Megatoke?

To answer this question, the Megatoke V2 is for Dry herbs only, and the Megatoke XL is for dry Herb And Concentrates

In general, though, we can recommend using it for loose flowers, as it will be much easier and hygienic for chamber reloading.

As the ceramic bowl is similar to a Boundless Tera, users will have no problem loading in loose flowers. For wax and oil, we might recommend picking up a Utillian 5 v3 wax pen as the integrated dab tool will make loading and cleaning much easier than the burning in the bucket on the Megatoke. For the flower, if combustion is your thing, the Megatoke is definitely worth checking out as a cool addition to your collection.

How is the Megatoke smoke quality?

One of the nice things about the cloud production is the smoothness of the smoke.

  • It’s not harsh by any means, and since the kit comes included with a water pipe adapter, you’ll easily be able to attach it to your favorite bong for comfortable and massive clouds.

A cool combination would be the J-Hook Pipe and the Megatoke for an extra ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style of cannabis session. Be sure to wear your best top hat!

If you don’t care so much about the electric aspect of this pipe, you might also be interested in the Genius Pipe.

Megatoke XL Battery Life

There are two things to note about the battery on the Megatokes: One is the fact that there is no integrated charger, and the second is that there are two battery variations on the original, XL, and V2. The original will come with 700mAh which will last 10-15 hits/sessions, and the XL and V2 will last around 40 hits/sessions with its 2100mAh.

For much less price, you can just as easily pick up a dry herb vape with a swappable battery on the Arizer Air MAX. With over two hours of battery life and a swappable 26650 at over a hundred dollars cheaper, this is seriously worth considering as an alternative, let alone the LED screen, and improved vapor quality.

Megatoke Pros and Cons


  • good smoke quality
  • portable and sleek
  • included water pipe adapter
  • easy to use
  • compatible with wax or loose flower


  • pricy
  • one pre-set temperature
  • limited warranty

Megatoke Ease of Use

How to Clean the Megatoke?

The Megatoke is very easy to clean, as all you’ll really need is the cleaning brush the majority of the time.

If you’re a heavy user or have begun to notice airflow issues or heavy resin buildup, it may be time for a more thorough cleaning.

As every piece comes apart on the pipe, it is super easy to access whatever may need cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and scrubbing. Because of the nature of the burnt resin, the smell will always be there, but you should have no problem with the resin.

You might even be able to get by with the occasional vape cleaning wipe. After you’ve run a few sessions through it, you’ll basically never be able to get the smell out, so something like a Beamer Candle will really help you freshen a room up after a session. You can also check out our how to remove weed smell guide for more helpful cannabis scent tips.

Is the Megatoke worth it?

Overall, we are going to say no – the Megatoke isn’t worth it unless you’re a niche cannabis device collector that wants to bring it out at parties or show it off to friends.

For almost the same price as a Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer, a Megatoke is simply not worth the investment for the smoke quality you’d be able to find on a Genius Pipe or Dynavap with a water pipe adapter and 14mm Whip Bubbler. Not only will this save you money, but also health in the long run as previously mentioned.

As an investment, we’d be much more inclined to suggest an upper-tier dry herb vape that will serve you better such as the Zeus Arc GTS Hub.

For another cool device to learn about, check out our Hitoki Laser Bong Review.

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