Is the Genius Pipe worth it?

The Genius Pipe claims to be a healthier model of a traditional pipe with a new and unique design format.

With manufacturer claims of a cough-proof dimple technology for extra surface area that significantly slows down the heat distribution before your first inhale, we truly put this pipe to the test to see if this claim and others held up.

  • With a narrow mouthpiece channel and fine metal screen in the chamber, is there also an added layer of protection for your lungs?
  • The bowl is also quite large, with a  ‘genius’ sliding top cover to select where your flame is hitting for maximum effectiveness… Did this work?

Read on as we go into detail to help you decide if it’s a good purchase and if these key features worked or not.

How to use the Genius Pipe?

In our tests, we found that the Genius Pipe is actually extremely easy to use, as the process of chamber loading and hitting the flame is actually easier than on a traditional pipe.

When you think of a cannabis pipe, you’ll immediately picture the traditional glass or wooden one-piece designs. You light the chamber up and then proceed to inhale, and most likely cough.

With the Genius, the top slider can be slid outwards to access the fine metal screen bowl chamber. Once filled with cannabis and lit with a torch lighter or bic lighter,  your smoke will pass through the bottom of the pipe which is layered with cooling metal dimples.

On the front, there is a mouthpiece hole that is equipped with a filter that will stop any ash or fine herb from getting into your mouth.

  • As Genius claims that it is cough-proof ‘guaranteed’, we can actually verify this claim.

In this sense, the Genius Pipe functions as a very unique pipe with better filtration than a standard pipe for not much price difference. As well, at only 6 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches and 180 grams, the Genius will fit into your pocket or purse much easier than a traditional pipe.

It should also be mentioned that we dropped the pipe accidentally about five times, and there is nothing to show except one small nick – The durability is off the charts.

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Genius Pipe bowl exposed

Genius Pipe Aluminum Manufacturing Quality

The first thing we noticed as we took it out of the box is the overall sleekness of the pipe.

We got the silver model and out of the box, it just looks like a regular piece of technology when the lid is sealed. AKA, you definitely won’t arouse any suspicions when carrying it in public unless you’re hitting it.

The anodized aluminum body of the pipe feels solid and sturdy in the hand, and the magnets are the perfect amount of stick to keep the three parts together. Off the bat, the immediate benefit to the sliding chamber would be the ease of having a loaded chamber sealed for the whole day until you are ready for your session. Since the chamber would be sealed air-tight, there won’t be a risk of the weed odor escaping.

Smoke Quality Review

As we mentioned, the smoke quality does actually pass the test for the Genius Pipe. In testing, we’ve yet to cough even after ramping up the normal lighter to a small butane torch for better heating and a huge cloud.

  • While you still might get that tinge in the back of your throat, you really won’t have to worry like you would when hitting a wooden pipe.

The smoke does in fact, even taste better, so we are inclined to believe the manufacturer’s claim about resin and tar reduction. As cannabis smoke does contain up to 111 chemical compounds compared to just 3 in normal smoking, the Genius Pipe simply does not stand the test compared to a super portable XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer.

With the fine metal screen, dimple technology, and small mouthpiece port, genius claims that up to 95% of tar and resin will be removed from each hit you take – I definitely can’t say if this is an accurate number or not, though.

With dimpled technology similar to a golf ball, you’ll have access to a lot of extra added cooling and heat distribution. The sliding chamber will also allow you to close the chamber to quickly extinguish the flame for less potent hits. All of these features get two thumbs up from us.

Genius Pipe mouthpiece

Genius Pipe vs AirVape Legacy Pro

The first thing I noted when testing the device out, is the similarity to the AirVape Legacy Pro. They have an extremely similar design, even having the chamber and mouthpiece being almost identical. Both have excellent flavor and styles, and look almost identical-looking when you are taking a hit. While you’ll have to use a torch obviously for the pipe, the ALP uses a screen and buttons to control the heating of the vape. The Genius Pipe will take a bit longer than a normal pipe to use up all of your cannabis, and the Legacy Pro is the same. Both devices are made for connoisseurs, and if you already own a genius pipe, or are simply looking to upgrade to a dry herb vaporizer with a similar style, then the ALP will be your best choice for a vaporizer alternative.

airvape legacy pro portability

Who should buy the Genius Pipe?

If you’ve been interested in buying a unique pipe that is oddly portable and sleek, then the Genius Pipe may be for you.

With a unique three-part magnetic slider system, you’ll be able to impress your friends and get good hits out of this one-of-a-kind metal cannabis pipe.

If you are a tinkerer that loves the challenge of perfecting the use of your cannabis smoking, the Genius Pipe will also be a great investment.

You’ll be able to play around for quite a while before you truly master its unique design, and for the price of a dry herb vaporizer under 100$, you’ll have access to much cleaner smoke than something unfiltered. Comparing it to the Litl One, there is much more cloud, but the Litl One still beats it out in terms of overall vapor quality despite a smaller chamber.

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Genius Pipe in packaging

How to clean the Genius Pipe?

One of the biggest complaints online about the Genius Pipe is that it is easy to get gunked up.

While it’s true the resin will easily color the shiny metal of the pipe black and brown, many of these people must be neglecting to properly clean the device with some simple isopropyl alcohol.

  • Cleaning the Genius Pipe is a breeze as all you’ll have to do is remove the top layer screen and middle screen.

The main grime buildup will be in the screen chamber and where it meets the dimples in the lower section of the device. We were able to use vape cleaning wipes for cleaning almost every part besides the screen, which is soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

You’ll see the grime quite literally melt away in front of your eyes. Finish that off with a hot water rinse and your pipe will be as good as new.

Genius Pipe in parts

What can you smoke in the Genius Pipe?

The Genius is designed to work well with both THC concentrates and dry herb.

Although the kit with comes with just the pipe itself, you’ll easily be able to use Storz & Bickel liquid mesh pads in the bowl for use on oils, resins, and waxes. Genius also makes their own liquid pad called the G-Stone, which is made of an inert ceramic material that will absorb your concentrate before heating.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Genius Pipe is a super great pipe that offers sleekness and enjoyable sessions in a nifty aluminum kit.

Your smoke will be a lot more filtered and cool compared to regular pipes, so this could be a great middle device if you’ve been thinking about quitting combustion and switching to dry herb vaporizers. To be fair, it’s only real downside is the price. Coming in at 80 to 100 dollars, it is a pricy ask for the few small smoke quality benefits you’ll get. For this reason, we relegate the Genius Pipe as a pipe to use in public to show off or get attention with. For its integrated filtration system at its price point, you’re almost better off buying an affordable dry herb vaporizer.

While it might not be perfect, it still fills a unique niche spot. While heavy users will have to clean it regularly, it has some great strengths for its ease of use, portability, and heat reduction of smoke. The air filtration system really does work to reduce ash and heat, and we didn’t cough during any of our test sessions. So, if you’re interested in a deluxe and sleek metal pipe that will offer you cooler smoke for around $100, the Genius Pipe will be a great buy!

If you’ve already purchased one, or are interested in a vape with a similar design, feel, and quality, then as previously mentioned, the AirVape Legacy Pro is a very comparable device. Similarly, tinkerers would love this aspect on the Zeus Arc GTS Vaporizer Hub, as they’ll be able to perfect their dosing capsules with the included Xtruder grinder and accessories like an AVB collecting tray.

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