Best Dry Herb Vaporizers under $100

Best herb vaporizers under 100 dollars

As cannabis vaporizer technology continues to improve, the cost of entry-level vapes has gone down. The vaporizers for sale on this page have all been selected for their manufacturing quality and key features that have a lot of extra added value. Despite the affordable costs, these vaporizers will offer excellent vapor quality and cloud production. There will still be different styles to choose from based on your unique vaping habits!

Best cheap dry herb vaporizers

Our favorite brands to recommend for the best affordable vaporizers are GPen, Dynavap, Boundless, Utillian, Vapium, and Pulsar. Whether you prefer to go without a battery like on the DynaVap M 2021, or prefer a chamber and conduction heating like that of the G Pen Dash, there will still be a choice of style for dry herb vaporizers under $100.

Are dry herb vaporizers worth it?

At the heart of every dry herb vaporizer is a heating element, chamber, mouthpiece, and battery. As cannabis vapes get more expensive, these features improve and offer more customization but If you are a beginner looking for an introductory vape, our selection will have more than enough features to get you started. For vaping connoisseurs looking for a small portable vape or backup, they will also check all of your boxes.

Why use a dry herb vaporizer?

As we discuss in our 3rd Generation Cannabis Vaporizers blog post, cannabis smoke was found to have 111 compounds, whereas cannabis vapor only had three. Cannabis vaporizers work by activating THC under its combustion point to only boil off the essential oils with much less harmful chemicals being released. You won’t have to worry about rolling a joint or carrying a large bong or lighter anywhere with a portable dry herb vaporizer.

How much is a good dry herb vaporizer?

If an affordable vaporizer has all of the qualities you’ll need in terms of chamber size, battery life, and portability, you don’t necessarily need to spend big bucks. Starting as low as under fifty dollars, the Litl 1 will be able to provide a respectable amount of vapor at a very low cost point. As the price of vapes gets more expensive, you’ll begin to get hybrid heating (conduction and convection), better cooling mouthpieces, batteries, and chamber capacities that cater more towards daily or heavy users. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these are ‘luxury’ features.

Best Affordable Cannabis Vaporizers

Just above the one-hundred dollar mark are Arizer Vaporizers like the Solo 2 or Air 2 that use glass stems and excellent airpaths for excellent vapor quality. They are still portable, and with a screen on the Solo 2, it is very easy to use and figure out.

If you’re not sure where to start, head on over to our Vaporizers Buyers Guide to learn about which the best dry herb vape is for you and to figure out exactly how a dry herb vape works!

It’s now rather easy to find a good herb vaporizer under $100 in the current year, but our budget dry herb vaporizers blog list was made to help this decision become easier for you.

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