DynaVap vs Vapman Review

Long-time vape manufacturer Vapman has recently returned from the dead with their patented hand-made Italian wooden vaporizers. Dynavap on the other hand has been pumping new models of their stainless steel or titanium vaporizers since 2015. As the original Vapman’s date back to the early 2000’s, the re-release is something that vaping veterans will have a memory of. In this review, we’ll be going over two of the kings of the induction/torch style vaporizers of the market to see what device you should buy based on their unique key features.

Function / Unique Specs

In short, the Dynavap uses a unique click system in the heating chamber lid that lets users know when to stop torching. You can play around with this setting, with some people opting for more of a one-hitter style involving heating past the first click. For a small vape, it packs a punch and is super affordable.

The Vapman takes a very connoisseur-like approach and is super relaxing to use. It won’t be the most vapor or biggest cloud you’ve had, but it is highly enjoyable to use while you’re relaxing. Everything about it takes a bit of time to get used to, but patient veterans will appreciate the flavor-first approach.

What’s in the kits?

  • In the Vapman kit, you’ll receive a small single flame jet lighter, a cleaning nail and brush, a hemp case, an owner’s manual, a hemp pouch, and a wooden box.
  • In the Dynavap M 2021 kit, all you’ll receive is the vaporizer itself, although there are tones of accessories to purchase separately as we’ll discuss later in the review.
Dynavap m 2021 and Vapman kit

Vapor Quality

One of the best traits about the Vapman is the vapor quality. It is optimized to be used on lower temperatures and given it’s pure wooden or metal airpath and simple design, the terpene profiles are some of the best on the portable vaporizer market. The Dynavap M 2021 for comparison, offers excellent vapor as well with adjustable airflow on the body and heating totally dependent on the user’s preferences.

dynavap m vape bowl size - review

Dynvap vs Vapman Heating Systems

As both vaporizers rely on a torch or induction style of heating, temperature control is really up to the user. With the Dynavap vape, you’ll have access to technology that will click when it has reached the proper vapor temperature to prevent combustion of your dry herb product. You’ll also be able to do this with a variety of different induction heaters to maximize temperature control for the user. As the temperature will initially click at the 300-340F temperature range, this will be a good indication of what the internal temperature is hitting. Some users prefer a double click one-hitter style, and others will hit after the first or after a few seconds past the click.

For the Vapman, you’ll hold the torch up the bottom side of the metal chamber for a few seconds at a time. After two or three sets of five second heatings, it will be ready for an inhale. In our experimenting, hits are fairly consistent and you won’t ever run into a risk of combustion or throat burners.

Dynavap m 2021 and Vapman chamber size comparison

Price Comparison

The Dynavap will cost you around 100 dollars, and the Vapman goes for around 200 dollars. As the Vapman is hand-manufactured with high quality and precision in Italy, you’ll get what you pay for. For the Dynavap, there are less moving parts and the American steel-manufactured aspect slightly reduces the price for North Americans.

Suitable Substances

Although the Dynavap is intended to be used for dry herb, some people have found success with the sandwich method, which consists of packing some wax in between ground up cannabis. For the Vapman, it can be used with a small amount of oil as long it rests below the air intake valves. For this method, you’ll have to heat the Vapman with it resting upwards as to not spill anything. You’ll also be able to purchase the concentrate screen which can be used to vape wax.

Dynavap vs Vapman: Manufacturing Quality Comparison

Since much of torch-style vaporizer comparison comes down to materials used and the manufacturing quality of certain elements, there is a lot to compare in this category. We’ll start by breaking down the types of materials used:

The base material used for the Vapman is olive tree wood. It has a nice color tone to it that matches well with the stainless steel ‘grip ring’ and stem-style mouthpiece. Since sustainability and durability were important aspects, these locally sourced materials work well for both sustainability and in use. As such, the Vapman is fully eco-friendly. For the heating chamber, they use a ’24k gold plated copper’. It is well designed to capture and transfer heat to your dry herb product via gold’s excellent conduction qualities. There are three small brass air-intake valves that ease the airflow into the mouthpiece, but also prevent any butane taste because they are much lower than where the torch will be. The ‘Grip Ring’ is a fastened down clamp that will secure the mouthpiece in place when you place it above the chamber while you are heating and hitting the vape. Overall, the olive wood is a great choice because it is heat absorbing, sustainable and harmless on the lungs. It is coated with a thin layer of Mica to further improve its durability, but this is a completely safe mineral on its own.

The Dynavap is 100% stainless steel and American made. You will have the option to upgrade to some titanium parts or models if you’d like, but these will cost a bit more. Fortunately, the stainless steel cap works extremely well on its own. It is well designed, and each year’s model will have a unique carving for the body of the vaporizer. For example, the M2021 features a more ergonomic design in the middle than older models, and a slightly narrower bridge before the mouthpiece that resembles a joint-style of smoking. With o-rings, you’ll be able to take the vape apart into three different sections, but also look at the unique manufacturing of the condenser (the vapor pathway of the Dynavap). The last of the four parts is the cap. It has been made to click when it has reached temperatures to prevent you from combusting your chamber.

Dynavap m 2021 and Vapman built quality

Review: Dynavap vs Vapman Sleekness and Ease of Use

The Vapman, although pleasing to the eyes of a connoisseur, is somewhat alien-looking to the uninformed. Especially in its egg-looking carrying case, you are going to get a lot of looks in public for using this vaporizer. Loading the chamber, although relatively easy, is somewhat messy because of its lowered position in the Vapman. When reloading the chamber, it’s almost gaurenteed that you’re going to spill some bud onto your table or lap unless you are using the included funnel. As far as heating, the included mini-torch is very easy to use and you won’t have any risk of burning yourself. The Dynavap suffers the same fate as the Vapman in terms of using it in public and maybe even slightly worse. If you are using a torch or worse yet, an ordinary lighter, you are going to get some funny looks your way. After the heating thankfully, it looks like a normal joint or cigarette though, and you’ll be able to relax. With a proper torch or induction heater, you’re only looking at a few seconds of heat up time before proper vaporization, but the idea of torching can be slightly intimidating to beginners or medicinal patients. For those users, an induction heater may help you to heat the vape up. The click is a very nice feature, and also ensures consistent vapor every session. 

The ‘egg’ carrying case of the Vapman is made from hemp plastic and is very green friendly, just like the Dynavap’s recycled carboard box. Both are a bit of an eye-sore though and you may consider picking up a vape case to help with portability and stylishness.

Dynavap m 2021 and Vapman

How to clean the Dynavap vs Vapman

For device maintenance, the mineral treated olive wood and brass chamber are very easy to keep clean. With some isopropyl alcohol q-tips every so often, you’ll be able to keep the chamber very clean. As there is basically only two parts, it’s really about properly knocking out debris after every use to prevent buildup that would affect airflow.

The Dynavap is also very easy to clean as the two main parts of the chamber and cap lid are very accessible. Like the Vapman, as long as you are cleaning out the chamber after every use, there isn’t too much to worry about other than some char that you’ll get on the cap itself which can easily be wiped off.

Dynavap vs Vapman Chamber Size Comparison

With the Dynavap, you’ll be able to choose between 0.025 and 0.1 grams of dry herb to vaporize depending on how you use the lid. With the Vapman, the max capacity is between 0.7g and 0.15g. For this reason, they are good candidates for microdosing. However, something to note is that the Dynavap’s chamber is easier to reload as all you have to do is knock out the bud from the old hit and press the chamber into your already ground herb. While some users of the Vapman prefer to use a loading spoon, it is just as easy to sprinkle the chamber with your fingers and ground cannabis. As previously mentioned though, it will be slightly messier whilst reloading due to the chamber being lower in the wood with an opening around itself.

Dynavap induction heater

Accessories / Tips and Tricks

One of the nice things about Dynavap is the endless amount of accessories you’ll be able to choose from. Whether you want low temperature caps, mini-bubblers, high performance titanium caps, or anything in between, you’ll have easy access to them. With a Dynavap Bong Adapter, you’ll also be able to attach any kind of 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm bong you want for super creative hits. The mouthpiece is designed to fit perfectly into a 10mm female joint, so it’s ready to use with a water piece, no need for an adapter unless you want to use it with a 14 mm water piece.

On the Vapman, we’ve found that the mouthpiece almost functions as a 10mm male bong adapter. To use with a bong you’ll have to have it turned upside down. For more options, you may consider using a Dynavap Fat Mouthpiece, to be able to attach to different kinds of bubblers or bongs. You’ll also be upgrade to a glass stem mouthpiece, as well as a concentrate screen that can be used for wax or as a chamber reducer.

Dynavap m 2021 bubbler and Vapman with fat mouthpiece and bubbler

Conclusion: Should you buy the Vapman or Dynavap?

Although the Vapman takes a bit more getting used to for the perfect session, it’s a lot of fun to play around with for very smooth and flavorful hits. With the upcoming ‘vapstation’ aka induction heater, it is going to be that much more fun and easy to use. Both vaporizers offer excellent THC extraction, and the vapor quality is very comparable to battery-style portable vaporizers of similar costs like the Pax 3 or Arizer Solo 2. Whether you want to choose from the Italian woodworking craftsmanship, or the All-American stainless steel or titanium designs of Dynavap is up to you. For more precise temperature control and much bigger hits and clouds, the Dynavap  is the clear winner. For more relaxing sessions at home with flavor in mind, you may prefer the tinkering style of the Vapman.

DynaVap vs Vapman Review
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DynaVap vs Vapman Review
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