Should you buy the Vapman?

If you’ve been looking for a new vaporizer specializing in craftsmanship, flavor, and tinkering, then the handmade Italian/Swiss Vapman may be right up your alley.

One single man is behind the creation of every olive tree and brass design, and you can rest easy knowing that this isn’t just a mass-produced, white-labeled Chinese carbon copy.

In this review, we’ll be going over our experiences using this unique vaporizer in terms of unique features, vapor quality, and whether you should buy it or not!

What’s in the Vapman kit?

In the Vapman kit, you’ll receive a small single flame jet lighter, a cleaning nail and brush, a hemp case, an owner’s manual, a hemp pouch, and a wooden box.

Vapman history

Vapman up until recently was a one-man show out of the mountains of South Tyrol, Italy. René Balli, the inventor came up with the brilliant design more than 20 years ago, and since then the vaporizer has developed a cult-like following. Each device is handcrafted with love using locally and naturally sourced materials.

Since its humble beginnings, they have stayed loyal to the initial goal of becoming a solid brand synonymous with community and authenticity.

Vapman Dry Herb Vaporizer

How does the Vapman work?

Although it looks complicated, there are just three simple steps to vaporize your dry herb or concentrates with a Vapman:

  1. Twist off the titanium mouthpiece to reveal the chamber
  2. Load 0.15g of dry herb into the chamber using the included siphon from the kit
  3. Re-seal the mouthpiece and then use the included butane torch on the bottom of the brass chamber.

When you’re heating, the best method seems to be heating for a few seconds, taking a few small puffs to get the air flowing, and then a longer heat and final inhale.

Vapman Dry Herb Vaporizer

Is the Vapman portable?

The Vapman is super portable, and can easily fit into any pocket, even in its egg-shaped hemp carrying container. The whole kit will come in a wooden box and can be super fun to break out at parties. Otherwise though, the device itself or egg will do just fine for when you’re on the go.

Induction vaporizers 101

Just like the battery-free DynaVap vaporizer, there is no battery but instead a butane torch or Vapman Induction Heater to heat the brass chamber up.

Vapman Dry Herb Vaporizer heating

Suitable Substance

One of the things that you’ll notice about the brass chamber is the four air-intake holes made to regulate airflow in the chamber. You can place oil below these air holes and as long as you keep the device upright, you’ll be able to heat the device up as normal for excellent vapor quality.

Concentrates such as resins, wax, and dabs can also be placed below the air holes, or placed on top of your dry herb! You can also pick up a fine concentrate screen that can help you keep your brass clean for use with dabs and resins.

Microdosing with the Vapman

Microdosing THC has grown tremendously in popularity. In short, it allows for more efficient THC consumption to receive all of the health benefits with little of the psychoactive effects. Many believe that this is the future of dry herb vaping, and Vapman is all about that life.

As the goal is to get small enough of a dose to remain fully effective at work, the Vapman’s small chamber works wonders for this use! As you’ll be able to get a clean extraction with as little as 0.001 grams, users will be able to get a quick hit in with the flick of a lighter, and still get awesome flavor due to the brass heat conduction.

Vapman vapor quality

The conduction caused by the butane torch on the brass creates a super unique and pure flavor profile that you’ll get out of your dry herbs.

The clouds won’t be the biggest, but the airflow through the tiny chamber and straw-style mouthpiece is seriously impressive at delivering smooth hits.

Vapman Dry Herb Vaporizer extracts and microdosing screen

Manufacturing Quality

One of the nicest things about the whole Vapman vaping experience is knowing that you are supporting a small business that only uses the finest locally sourced materials. Using metals and olive trees right out of their backyard in Italy, their vaporizers align with their mission statement to bring sustainability to the dry herb vape market.

Price Comparisons

Coming in at around $200+, some direct competitors would be conduction vaporizers like the DaVinci IQC or the Boundless Tera.

At this price point, you’ll start to get into dosing capsules as DaVinci supports, or good temperature control as the Tera uses.

Most battery vapes around this price point will have around a 0.3g-0.4g chamber size, and over an hour of battery life as well. The good thing about the Vapman is that there will be little to no odor produced from the vapor, but using a torch in a cold winter can get a little annoying if you’re forced to vape outside. To look at more options, we can recommend you check out our Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers list to keep you informed on the best options available to yourself!

Vapman learning curve

One of the things you won’t be expecting is the learning curve associated with the Vapman. As a rule of thumb for heating use this:

  •  Five-second preheats with small puffs. 10 seconds heating for good hits, which you’ll get two to three of from the chamber before it’s spent

However, when you are first learning the Vapman, you are going to mess it up and it will either be a hit or miss experience.

Once you get it though, oh boy is it ever fun. Because the chamber is quite small, it works quite well as a microdosing vaporizer. You won’t be getting massive clouds like you would on a Mighty+ or powerful rips like on a DynaVap, but there is still a unique niche for flavor that the failing Firefly 2+ used to hold.  You can still get plenty high, and there will be no risk of a harsh toke. Expect a nice, high clean – The type that makes you sink into the couch a little with a big smile.

Best Vapman tips and tricks

The DynaVap fat mouthpiece is one of the easiest ways to unlock the full potential of the vaporizer. One of our favorite combinations is to use it with a 14mm whip bubbler, with the Vapman being sitting on top, and inhaling through the glass end of the whip. As the mouthpiece is also very close to 10mm,  you’ll be able to create a near airtight seal with any 10mm bubbler or 10mm pipe.

Vapman Dry Herb Vaporizer with Dynavap Universal adapter and Bubbler

Benefits of a battery-free dry herb vape

With a torch-lit vaporizer, you won’t have to worry about two things:

  1.  Damaging tech
  2.  Recharging batteries.

All you’ll need is a butane lighter or a sold-separately vapman induction heater to place the device into. For the Vapman’s induction heater, ‘the vapstation’, it is more like an incubator that will heat the device up in a few seconds thanks to a wall plug – Super handy!

The choice is yours though. As some dry herb vapes can reach up to three hours of battery life such as the Solo 2, it comes down to personal preference whether you want to have a ‘ritual’ type of vaporizer, or a battery vape that is easier to operate.

Vapman Dry Herb Vaporizer AVB with filling cone

How to clean the Vapman?

As every part is easily detachable, you won’t have to worry about damaging electronics, making the Vapman an easy vaporizer to maintain.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to knock out the chamber after every use to prevent resin buildup.

Once a month, you’ll want to give your Vapman a good cleaning and you’ll be set. The main things you’ll have to worry about is charring on the underside where you may have accidentally torched the wood, or the mouthpiece’s air hole that may impede airflow.

  • For the mouthpiece, you can easily pull on the titanium to remove it and have access to the wood cooling chamber, which you can easily clean with vape cleaning sticks or vape cleaning wipes.
  • For the narrower titanium air hole, you can use a thin nail to get most of the debris out.

Since the wood has been treated with mica, there won’t be any real risk of torching the wood, and any char will come off eventually with a very gentle isopropyl alcohol scrub. You won’t want to soak the wood in iso, as the mica protective layer can begin to peel off.

In case you’re worried about any parts breaking, they can easily be replaced for cheap and then screwed on.

Vapman Dry Herb Vaporizer cleaning


The warranty will cover any defects found within 24 months of delivery, excluding accidents, for a full replacement.

Vapman Pros

  • Fun microdosing session vaporizer
  • Stylish and fun
  • Learning curve is an enjoyable process if you’re willing to take your time
  • Supports a small business with a passion for dry herb vapes and sustainability
  • Chamber heating in seconds
  • Easy maintenance
  • Very fun to use with a bubbler

Vapman Cons

  • Easy to combust your dry herb as a beginner
  • Not suitable for heavy user / medicinal users
  • No temperature gauging like a click on a DynaVap or an LED screen on an Arizer Vaporizer 
  • Good sessions require some time to set up
  • Mica protective layer can be prone to charring or peeling

Vapman review conclusion

The Vapman is one of the smoothest-hitting dry herb vapes on the market.

With a bit of a price tag, it is better suited for cannabis vaping connoisseurs looking to add to their collection for laid-back session styles.

There is a lot of tinkering involved and each hit creates a certain amount of satisfaction, as the old motto goes ‘you get what you put in’. Except, in this case, it’s quite literally. Despite the microdosing-sized 0.1g chamber, you’ll be able to get easy, breezy, beautiful clouds that really reward the time you’ve put into mastering the vaporizer.

If you’re interested in a similar style of battery dry herb vape kit, you may like the Zeus Arc GTS Hub.

Be sure to also check out our induction vape DynaVap vs Vapman Review



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