What Is a Vaporizer Bubbler and How To You Use One?

Bubblers are one of the most popular vaporizer accessories out there, but what is it exactly? A bubbler is a glass device filled with water that conditions your vapor as it passes through to be hydrated, cooled, and more flavorful. Similar to a bong, bubblers come in all shapes and sizes and utilize water filtration. The main difference being that bubblers are made for vaporizers and have the bonus of being convenient and portable.

Universal (non-branded) bubblers will require you to have a water pipe (or bong) adapter. Bong adapters are small glass pieces that are typically made specifically for the brand. Easily secure one to your vaporizer then you are instantly water pipe ready. You will see these come in 1-3 sizes (10mm, 14mm, 18mm) and should be purchased based on your choice of a bubbler.

Arizer Air 2/ Solo 2 bubblers and bong adapters

How Do You Use a Bubbler?

Bubblers were designed with ease in mind. First, place under running water for a few seconds. Typically, the water will auto-level itself to the perfect amount, but based on the design you might need to gauge the levels. Next, pack the chamber of your vaporizer then insert your bubbler or water pipe adapter. You may need to turn the vaporizer on for a few minutes to fit the glass piece in properly. After your session is finished empty your spent herb and either blow into the mouthpiece of your bubbler or tip over to drain. This is recommended after each use.

To clean built-up residue soak your pieces in isopropyl alcohol or shake the pieces with an iso/salt mixture inside. For everyday cleaning using cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol will do the trick.

Davinci IQ 2 with bubbler and bong adapter

What Can a Bubbler Do For You?

With vaping already being a smooth experience as is, you might be thinking why would you need a bubbler? When vapor passes through water before entering your airway the difference is noticeable. You’re able to achieve longer draws and higher temperatures resulting in bigger clouds and some might argue – a better high.

No matter what your experience level with vaping is, a bubbler can be a great addition. If you are new to vaping and want to ease into things, a bubbler is a great way to go. Your first few times vaping can definitely be difficult, but with a bubbler, the chances for a great experience go way up with a bubbler!

Even the most seasoned vape vets get the dreaded coughing fit sometimes, but you’ll be hard pressed to find yourself uncomfortable with a bubbler equipped. It is also a great addition for adding variety to an otherwise repetitive occurrence. With all the diversity we put in place with our cannabis, it’s nice to have diffent avenues of vaping as well.

If you have a sensitive throat, have issues getting to your max temperature, or are just looking for a better, more comfortable vaping experience a bubbler is a great option.

14mm Whip Bubbler with a Zeus Arc GT Attached

The Draw Backs

Let’s be crystal clear, bubblers are not for everyone. Whether you value simplicity with your set-up or have the ironclad throat of a chain-smoking 86 year old woman named Betty, you might not find yourself needing a bubbler. While the upsides are obvious, the downsides are just as present.

Let’s be honest here. Cannabis takes away any hope we have of being an acrobat for awhile. The presence of a glass piece filled with water around could potentially cause a clean up on aisle three. If you trust yourself around glass that’s a different story, but accidents do happen!

Once filled, portability also takes a hit. Going from the sink to the couch is one thing, but carrying in your pockets and bags without proper protection is a recipe for spillage or breaking. Filling is a breeze when it comes to bubblers, but the component of needing water around takes away the any time anywhere aspect.

Finally, bubblers and bong adapters can be specific to the brand. If you do enjoy the experience of a bubbler, but have multiple pieces, could result in you buying a few different pieces to have full range.

Mighty bubblers on Mighty vaporizers

Which Bubbler/Bong Adapter for Which Brand?

Many of the brands out there carry specific bubblers and adapters for their devices. It’s important to know which ones are out there to get the best fit for you!

Storz & Bickel – Mighty/Crafty Short Bubbler, M/C Long Bubbler, M/C Bong Adapter

Arizer – Air 2/Solo 2 Glass Stem Bubbler, Air 2/Solo 2 Bong Adapter, ArGo Bubbler, ArGo Bong Adapter

Utillian – 620 Bong Adapter, 620 Bubbler, 5 bubbler

Dynavap – Tiny Bubbler, Bong Adapter, 10mm Curved Cooler

There are universal adapters and bubblers as well, but be sure that these will fit properly to your device before purchasing! If you are in the market for a universal bubbler such as the 14mm Whip or the Universal 14mm purchasing a brand-specific adapter first would be your best option.

Bubbler next to bong adapters


Let’s get weird. Product testing has made our team modern-day explorers from what we’ve discovered. Here are a few pro-tips we’ve uncovered along the way.

  • Coolsville – Put your bubbler in the freezer for 5 minutes before your session to add an extra cooling bonus you won’t regret. DO NOT put your bubbler in the freezer if it has chips or cracks in it.
  • The Bayou – Add warm water to your bubbler to hydrate your vapor and treat your throat right!
  • Hints of Citrus – Adding juice, flavored water, or wine to your bubbler allows vapor to take on a whole new flavor profile. Make sure you have good aim when filling and clean well afterward!
  • Waste Not, Want Not – Do you find yourself hitting your max temperature to get the most of the last few puffs? A bubbler is a great way to finish off each session to ensure you get the most out of your dry herb.
Dynavap tiny bubbler with a Dynavap M 2020

In Closing…

Bubblers are a viable option for any vapor enthusiast. The good and the bad are definitely present, but the variety and improvements bubblers provide to vaping make it a great addition to have around.

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