Arizer Argo Bubbler

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Key Features

  • Provides cooler vapor and a smoother experience on the Arizer ArGo
  • Easy to use
  • Chamber works the same as the normal glass aroma tube

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Product Specifications

How to use the Arizer ArGo Bubbler?

This Arizer bubbler is designed to auto-level the water level once you fill it, it’s super simple to use and won’t let any water into your chamber. Place in your chamber ensuring the stem has reached the bottom just above the airholes. Take a quick inhale to seal the water in, and then load your herb into the chamber and place it into the ArGo like you would with a normal glass mouthpiece.

Best Arizer ArGo Bubbler

Made of 100% borosilicate glass, it fits perfectly in the Arizer ArGo and won’t wobble around in the heating chamber. We’d definitely choose this cooling straw if you like extended sessions with heavy hits. For more portability, you can also use an Arizer ArGo Stem Cap Pack.

A prime accessory for the Arizer ArGo, these little bubblers add the perfect amount of cooling to your hits without drowning out the flavor of your herb. If you want to take those heavy tokes without losing all those nice terpenes which provide the taste of your flower, then the ArGo Bubbler is the way to go.

How to clean the Arizer ArGo bubbler?

To clean built-up residue soak the pieces in isopropyl alcohol or shake the pieces with an iso/salt mixture inside, or give it a quick shake in Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner.

Arizer ArGo Accessories


What's in the box

  • 1 x Arizer Argo Bubbler

Customer Reviews

  1. Avatar for Jerret S.

    Jerret S.

  2. Avatar for Xavier


    Great bubbler, makes a nice difference, the vapor is cooler and smoother to inhale too. A bit tricky to clean, but worth it!

  3. Avatar for charpebiz


    I was skeptical but I really like this little guy. At first I used the faucet to fill it, and that worked fine but I had to use q-tips to dry off the water that invariably splashed in to the flower compartment. It cleans up nicely in an alcohol soak, and now I use an eyedropper to add water from the top until it hits a bit more than a half cm deep, or just past the curve at the bottom. It helps slightly cool and filter the vapour. Combined with low temps on my ArGo, it’s much easier on the lungs. Great fit and finish on this little after market accessory.

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Product Q&A

Can I put a weed cart on it or no because that’s what I’m looking for

No, you can use a dynavap fat mouthpiece over your cart mouthpiece, and then use a 14mm bubbler

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