Is the DynaVap Vong worth it?

The DynaVap ‘Vong’ – it’s a combined name of VapCap and bong. This lineup of DynaVaps are more optimized battery-free vaporizers to be used with your favorite water vaporizer bubblers and glass pieces. For those that are unfamiliar, DynaVap Vaporizers are dry herb vapes that are made to work with induction heaters or butane lighters and will click loudly when they are ready to be inhaled. If you’re looking for an end-game DynaVap Vaporizer, then the new releases of the 2021 Vong, and Vong (i) might be of interest to you thanks to their upgrades on the overall ease of use, customization, as well as style. As with the recent release of the DynaVap M 2021, there are always new changes to the body, mouthpiece, and airflow. In this review, we’ll be going over these key features and more to help you decide if it’s worth it or not.

DynaVap Vong

What’s in the DynaVap Vong Kit?

With the newest addition to the Vong family, the (i) model will come in a storage tub that is just slightly larger than the vape itself. For this reason, it’s basically a storage case.

DynaVap Vong Key Features

The DynaVap Vong isn’t much bigger than a normal cigarette. On the normal model, the middle body of the vape will be made from stained wood, and on the (i) model, it’s made from aluminum like the rest of the vape. The (i) stands for interchangeable, so you’ll be able to swap the wooden or metal one out at will if you’d like.

With the included wooden caps from the normal Vong, you can place them over the mouthpiece or cap to help keep it clean, as well as stand when you aren’t using it.

On the (i) model, the Vong graphic is laser-etched on. To be honest, it looks a bit corny and cheap though.

Both models come with the standard 2021 VapVap which fits well onto the body and features the five-finned design that will help you to adjust the bowl’s size. For those looking to put the new perforated cap onto the body, it will work without issue.

DynaVap Vong wooden cap

How does the DynaVap Vong work?

It’s clear that DynaVap has put some research and development into their new Vongs, as the new control of the air choke and ergonomics on the wooden or aluminum body grip feel much improved over older models. The 2021 Vong and Vong (i) definitely feel like they are well made, designed, and allow for faster heating and cooling. For best results of course, you’ll want to have a nice 10mm or 14mm water piece like the DynaVap Tiny Bubbler or 14mm globe whip bubbler. As it’s a step up from the normal DynaVap made to be used with bongs, it would kind of be a waste to not have a good glass piece to use with it.

The captive cap works the same way as it would on the DynaVap M, by having you either use an induction heater or butane torch to heat it for a few seconds before hearing a click and either inhaling or going for a second click and more of a one-hitter style from the 0.2g capacity.

DynaVap Vong Parts

Is the DynaVap Vong portable?

Yes, the DynaVong is just a more stubby version of the DynaVap M models, so it’s still super portable to carry around in your pocket with a butane torch. The body of the vape is made to guide your fingers to grab the body just between the airflow port. Just like the curvature on the M 2021, it’s now narrower in the middle and feels more like a joint in your hand, making it a great transition vape to quit smoking with.

With DynaVaps, you’ll be getting all of the cloud production you’d be used to on a normal combustion bong, without any of the added carcinogens in the smoke.

DynaVap Vong Portability

What are the upgrades on the DynaVong 2021 and Vong (i)?

The new VonG (i) is now made completely from titanium aside from the stainless steel VapCap and o rings. On the 2021 Vong, the wood is more shapely and has a darker stain to it. One of the more positive features about the (i) model is that none of the parts are reactive to alcohol, including all O-Rings. This means that with the (i), you can just dump the whole thing into isopropyl alcohol if you feel that it’s getting dirty and then rinse it off with hot water to get rid of any debris or resin buildups. For the wooden models, a big no-no would be getting it wet or submerging it in alcohol as it will ruin the stain and protective coating on it. In a recent interview with our rep, I asked about whether it’s okay to soak the VapCap and he said it was ok, but I’ve personally seen stories of warping on Reddit, so that verdict remains unclear. Unlike older models like the NonaVonG or HydraVonG, the mouthpiece is now permanently secure on, adding a certain robust feel when you’re holding it. The (i) model is now also significantly heavier, for a very durable feeling while you’re have a session.

DynaVap Vong 2021 and Vong (i)

DynaVap Vong Ease of Use

Since the newer models are now fitted with both a 14mm and 10mm port on the mouthpiece, you’ll have more options to choose from for your bongs to use without having to use a DynaVap fat mouthpiece. The larger airflow port also makes it nice to use on its own as well.  Since the wooden body on the 2021 is also rotatable, you can choose to turn it for more or less opening on its own without having to use your finger.

DynaVong Pros and Cons


  • If you’ve been using your DynaVap in a bong nonstop with a water pipe adapter, then a VonG is a definite must.
  • Two male water port sizes make it versatile without any added accessories
  • Feels heavy and durable in your hand for a rugged look
  • Great for DynaVap collectors


How to clean the DynaVap Vong?

When it comes to take apart your Vong for cleaning, you’ll start by twisting and pulling apart the DynaVap from both ends to have access to the inner body and condenser. For the sleeve, hold your Vong from the top and twist and pull the other direction as it should slide right our of its O-ring bearing. From there, all you’ll need to do is remove the other O-rings and then submerging everything besides the O-Rings and captive cap in isopropyl alcohol for ten to thirty minutes before a gentle scrub and hot water rinse. If your condenser is still gunked up, you can use some cotton pipe cleaners from the DynaVap maintenance kit to flush it out. With the maintenance kit, you can also choose to wax or swap out your O-rings if they are looking worn.

Once everything is dried off, just follow the same steps in reverse to put it back together.


If you’re a DynaVap fanatic, this is a must. If you’re just an average dry herb vape user, you definitely don’t need to upgrade for the 200$ price tag. The DynaVap M 2021 does just as well with accessories to use it for bongs and bubblers. Still though, medicinal users may really be able to appreciate the ease of use of not having to swap out any parts to be able to use their DynaVap with their favorite vaporizer bongs.