Dynavap M 2021 Review

Author Rating: 8.3/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

Dynavap M 2021 Review – Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Best Induction Dry Herb Vape

DynaVap has been a stable top brand when it comes to manually heating and micro-dosing vaporizers for the past five years. Every year, they have improved upon their original battery-free design, and the Dynavap M 2021 is no exception. There is a reason why this ultra-portable vaporizer is so popular, they are effective and super affordable! In this Dynavap M 2021 Review, we’ll be going over the key new features and helping you decide whether you should upgrade or not – Let’s get into it. 

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Dynavap M 2020 vs M 2021 comparison

In our Dynavap M 2021 review, we found that although the core of the device remains the same, there are quite a few notable quality of life changes – The engineers have made some slight design choices to improve the vapor quality, ease of use, and style. Although subtle, they do make some differences when it comes to taking hits.

  • End Cap Crown

The end cap features a new crown design that has deeper and more grooves than the Dynavap 2020 M model. This helps to cap to stay in place during a session. The more surface area also means the heat in the chamber will also be better distributed to the product.

  • Hourglass figure

The Dynavap M 2021 features a new slimmer design in the middle of the body. It is better contoured along the middle of the device to increase the density of vapor on each hit. They have also updated the ridges to be rougher. Because of this, the narrower section is easier to carry in the hand during a hit or while rotating during heating.

  • Improved Airflow

The angle of the airflow ports have been slightly adjusted on the M 2021. The carved M-shape of the airport has been divided into two smaller holes. With the improved rocker at the base of the vape, you now have quite a bit of control over each hit. To adjust airflow, you can now hit fully, half-closed, or fully.

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Full Temperature Control

Although the heating is manual, vapers will have full control of how they choose to heat their product. Whether that be with a butane, or with a sold separately induction heater, there is full temperature control as there would be on an electric device.

What’s the best Dynavap Induction Heater?

Dynatec APOLLO 2 The Apollo 2 is specifically made by Dynatec for Dynavap vaporizers. Using induction heating, the cap can be heated in as little as five to eight seconds. To use: Simply power the heater on, wait for the red heating light, insert the vape and gently pressing down, and then waiting for the dry herb vaporizer cap to click to let you know that it is ready to be hit. An automatic shut off timer will occur after 15 seconds to prevent any kind of burning from happening. Chargeable with a standard North American power plug. Dynatec Orion V2 – this induction heater works to heat up Dynavaps in as little as four to six seconds. This model better detects the pen’s presence, and the shutoff timer is reduced to ten seconds. To charge, there is now USB-C charging. However, there is no pass through charging. The exterior is very durable, and you can expect 40 hits before a recharge is needed. VapeHeater Go – This is a battery powered option induction heater made for portability. The heating time is four to eight seconds, and users can expect 50 uses before needing a recharge. Like the other models, there is a magnet for cooling the device before hitting when needed.

induction heater is sold seperately Depending on your feedback, we are interested in bringing one of these Dynavap induction heaters into our catalogue. Let us know in the comments which to choose!

Dynavap M 2021 Vapor Quality

During our Dynavap M 2021 review, we noted that the vapor quality is slightly improved over the M 2020. Despite the small size, the clouds can actually be quite large and potent. 

Dynavap M Micro dosing

The small chamber means that this is one of the best portable micro dosing vaporizers on the market. The cap can be adjusted between 0.1g and 0.05g. Just a quick step outside, several seconds of heating, and a puff are all you will need for a fast session. the bowl size is small


The Packaging has been upgraded to be made of 100% recycled material, for those that control their carbon footprint. packaging recycled carboard

How to use the Dynavap M 2021?

Like the older Dynavap models, the dry herb vaporizer will click to let you know when the chamber has been sufficiently heated and is ready for a hit. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to figuring out the best method for yourself. We’ve found that for a one hitter, you can heat the cap again after the first click for a second. This results in a powerful one-hitter with a massive cloud. This option works especially well with a Dynavap 10mm curved cooler accessory for an old-fashioned experience. For a more relaxed session with a fully packed 0.1g bowl, you’ll be able to get two or three click and hit cycles out of your dry herb.

If you didn’t know, where you place your torch onto the VapCap does actually matter. If you focus on heating the tip, you’ll have more cloud production, and heating the middle will be a slower click with more of a terpene profile! When using a butane lighter, it is best to rotate the chamber to make sure everything gets heated evenly. For a quick reload, just have your finely ground product nearby the vape. After you finish a session, knock the old chamber product out, and then push the new dry herb in like a cookie cutter.

Dynavap Cold Start Trick

How to clean the M2021 DynaVap?

Cleaning has been made a breeze as separating the pieces, taking off the O-rings, and then a fast soak in isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning sticks and cleaning wipes can make this process even easier. After everything is dried, simply put the vape back together and it will be good to go. For heavy users, you may consider a Dynavap maintenance kit for more longevity.

Dynavap M 2021 Review Final Thoughts

This is a unique vape for the market – With its ultra low price point, there is still a high vapor quality via a sleek stainless steel design. The engineering is top-tier, and for a manual device, the clouds are very impressive. For those looking to get into vaping, this is a great entry-level vape that can be taken anywhere. For vape connoisseurs, they will appreciate the unique portability of something they can hit discreetly with a lighter anywhere they’d like. You will not have to worry about parts needing to be replaced, and the durability is amazing. The improvements from the Dynavap M 2020 make it more comfortable in the hand, and the vapor quality is also slightly better. You will not have to worry about parts needing to be replaced, and the durability is amazing. However, be aware that you must have access to a butane lighter or induction heater for best results and these are not the most portable on their own.  


Dynavap M 2021 Vaporizer Review
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Dynavap M 2021 Vaporizer Review
Learn more about what makes the Dynavap M 2021 one of the best dry herb vaporizers 2021. Stainless steel design with manual lighting for a great price.
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