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Are DynaVap BB3/6/9 Glass Stems Worth It?

If you’re looking for a new addition to your family of DynaVap Vaporizers, then the DynaVap BB3 / 6 / 9 glass stems might be of interest to you.

  • The glass midsections of these DynaVap bodies come with either 3, 6, or 9 glass beads along your vapor’s air path that will help to cool and diffuse the vapor before you inhale.

Working with the same VapCap that has grown in popularity since its release in 2015, you might be wondering if it’s worth purchasing or not.

In this review, we’ll be going over the key features of each glass stem size to help you make the right choice, as well as discussing our own thoughts and opinions on each stem.

DynaVap BB369

DynaVap Glass Stem Key Features

The DynaVap BBs come in three different sizes – The BB3, BB6, and BB9.

The number at the end represents the number of small glass beads there are in the body, with the higher numbers also being larger to accommodate them while also having more cooling in general thanks to the larger surface area for the vapor pathway.

They also feature tapered mouthpieces which will allow for slightly better airflow, as well as use with 10mm bongs, or 14mm bongs on the 6 and 9 sizes.

DynaVap BB Heating System

As they use the same VapCap as all of the other DynaVap vapes, you’ll still be using either a butane torch or induction heater to get the cap’s chamber above 350F before you hear your first click to let you know that it’s ready to be hit.

DynaVap BB9 Heating

Are DynaVap glass stems portable?

With the BB3, it’s about the same size as a DynaVong, the BB6 is close to the size of the DynaVap M or 2021 Omni, while the BB9 is the largest and is well over 12cm in length.

Since the body is just a layer of thin glass, it’s a little sketchy to travel with the BB9 in your pocket as any small bump could easily cause it to break.

The good thing is that the 3 and 6 will be able to fit into your DynaStash, which will let you keep your dry herb and vape in one cool wooden case that comes equipped with a magnet for easier cap cooling in between hits.

DynaVap BB369 Sizes

Can you use concentrates in the DynaVap glass BB3?

You’ll be able to use loose flower, or your favorite dabs in the chamber with a DynaCoil, just like you would on any other DynaVap as only the body of the vape has changed.

How’s the DynaVap BB9 Vapor Quality?

  • Surprisingly, you really can detect a difference in the cooling that the glass and beads provide.

Especially on the BB6 and BB9, one-hitters will be much easier on the back of your throat.

As well, since the BB3 has a tapered 10mm mouthpiece, and the BB6 and BB9 have a 10mm and 14mm port, you’ll be more easily able to use your favorite Vaporizer Bubblers & Bong Adapters for added vapor cooling and session creativity, like the 14mm whip bubbler which you can place your 6 or 9 on top of and hit through the silicone whip.

DynaVap BB6 Parts

How to use DynaVap glass stems?

One of the best things about these stems is that all you’ll need to do is swap the chamber out of your DynaVap, and then place it into the glass stem. If you’re using your DynaStash, all you’ll need to do is smoosh the chamber of the vape into your dry herb, and then place the cap back on and heat it as normal.

Despite this, we’ve had some interesting thoughts when it comes to practicality. For one, the air hole can be a bit hard to find since it isn’t tapered like on the normal DynaVaps, and it also blends into the rippled glass design. It’s not a total dealbreaker, it’s just a boost to vapor quality having it closed and having to rush to find it kind of sucks sometimes.

Another thing we tried was the titanium captive cap instead of the normal stainless steel one found on most models. As titanium heats and cools much more rapidly in comparison to stainless steel when in combination with the much more free-flowing air of the BB stem, it was much harder to get consistent results from it. In fact, we combusted much more often with the titanium stem using a butane torch, so we can pass along the advice of just sticking to the steel unless you have a quality induction heater.

One last thing to know is that the BB9 can be a little difficult to control while using a butane torch due to it being longer than the traditional M model.

How to clean DynaVap glass stems?

DynaVap BB glass stems are extremely easy to clean. When you’re beginning to notice a resin buildup or yellowing of the glass, all you’ll have to do is remove the rubber O-Rings and soak everything in a little Orange Chronic Cleaner for a few minutes and a gentle scrub after if you’d like. After that, just place the two O-rings back onto the chamber, and place them back into the glass stem.

DynaVap BB3 BB6 BB9 Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we can recommend the BB3 / 6 / 9 to anyone that is looking to add to their DynaVap collection at an affordable cost.

As they only cost around $30, they certainly won’t break the bank and can be used as a colorful water pipe adapter.

They come in grey, blue, or pink in all three sizes, and can be a great way to mix up your DynaVap sessions with a bit of variation.

Two thumbs up, we recommend them! The only real downside for us would be the BB9 not fitting into even XL DynaStashes, so you might consider picking up a handy travel case like the Tools420 Vape Case, or the Silverton Stashlogix, for added portability and peace of mind knowing that the brittle glass is well protected.

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