Puffco Peak

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Key Features

  • 4 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Ceramic Atomizer
  • LED Lights Strip
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Consistent Vapor Quality
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Included Travel Case

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Product Description

Puffco Peak Sale

As one of the first mainstream electric dab rigs on the market, the Peak by Puffco is genuinely a fan-favorite thanks to its easy-to-use kit and consistent vapor quality. It’s a no-nonsense design and is often the perfect device to quit using traditional dab rigs with because of its easy-to-use high-quality ceramic atomizer.

‘Peak’ Vapor Quality

The ceramic atomizer has two strong coils beneath the cup to help distribute heat more evenly than the exposed coils on cheaper wax vaporizers. The atomizer uses internal sensors to stay at your set temperatures better, so you’ll always have consistent hits as there won’t be significant temperature fluctuations. As the atomizer uses a threaded design and the cup is removable, you can take these parts off when it comes time for thorough cleaning in a 20-minute isopropyl alcohol soak.

Four Pre-Set Temperatures

There are four pre-set temperatures that you can quickly cycle between using the power button on the Peak, with each having a light to display your temperature as follows:

  • Blue 232°C
  • Green 260°C
  • Red 288°C
  • White 315°C

Each temperature will take around 20-30 seconds to reach a temperature at which point your unit will vibrate to let you know that the vapor is ready to be inhaled. The airflow to the bubbler is non-restrictive, and although it doesn’t use too much water for cooling, it still does a decent job.

Strong Battery Life

You’ll get around 20-25 heating cycles from a full charge before needing a 2 hours charge from the Micro-USB charger. If you prefer USB-C charging and wireless qi charging capabilities, you might prefer the new version, the Puffco Peak Pro.

Travel Ready

One of the nice things about the Peak is that it comes with a durable travel case that you’ll be able to get everything into nicely. With this included case, you can securely travel with everything that came in your original package, thanks to the case’s foam cutouts for all accessories. Given Peak’s 7in x 3in bulky design, you will want to travel with the case! If you’re going to be dabbing on the road a lot, this can be a great feature to make sure that you never damage your glass.

Puffco Peak Accessories


What's in the box

  • Travel Case
  • Carb Cap Tether
  • Cleaning Q-Tips
  • Dab Tools
  • Micro-USB Charger
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Spare Ceramic Bowl Insert

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Puffco
Warranty Period: 1 Year
Vaporizing Material: Concentrates
Heating System: Threaded Atomizer
Heat Up Time: 20 Seconds
Bowl Size: 11mm
Bowl Material: Ceramic
Battery Life/Size: 20-30 Dabs
Temperature Range: 450 / 500 / 550 / 600°F
Smartphone Compatibility: No
Dimension (HxDxW): 7” x 2.75”
Weight: .75 pounds

Customer Reviews

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    Overall consistent sessions sticking to the third pre-set temperature. No guesswork or having to deal with inaccurate temperatures like my old rig.

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