Tronian Milatron Screens

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  • Set of five stainless steel Tronian Milatron screens

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Product Specifications

Tronian Milatron Mouthpiece Screens

This is a Tronian Vape OEM set of five replacement screens for the Tronian Milatron Dry Herb Vaporizer. Over time, screens can become worn down from use and cleaning with alcohol. When it’s become annoying to clean their resin buildups, it’s time for a new set to help keep your airflow smooth and your vapor tasting great!

How to clean Milatron screens?

Our personal recommendation would just be to use a vape cleaning wipe over all parts of the mouthpiece every few weeks to ensure there is no resin buildup. If your screens are becoming clogged over time, a 15-minute soak in isopropyl alcohol can help loosen the resin as well.

What's in the box

x5 Tronian Milatron screens

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Tronian Milatron Screens
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