XMAX Qomo Replacement Heating Elements

Key Features

  • Ceramic Bucket or Quartz Coil
  • OEM Replacement Coils
  • 510 Threaded

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Product Specifications

XMAX Qomo Ceramic Atomizer

This is an OEM XMax replacement atomizer for the Qomo XMAX portable dab rig that features a ceramic bucket. To install your new atomizer, simply remove the glass around your old atomizer, unthread it from the 510 connection, then install your new atomizer. Ceramic is a very durable surface and provides a good combination of flavor and clouds due to the even heat distribution

XMAX Qomo Quartz Coil

The quartz coil is somewhat of an upgrade for the Qomo as quartz is loved for its superior flavor while dabbing. There is a coil in-laid beneath the super smooth quartz surface which will give you better flavor and clouds just a tad smaller than the ceramic option.

How to clean XMAX Qomo heating elements?

To clean your XMAX Qomo heating element, all that you’ll need is a vape cleaning stick after your session is done. While your dab residue is still somewhat warm, it will be much easier to wipe off with the isopropyl alcohol. When they start to have buildups, you can also soak the atomizer in some 90% isopropyl for 20 minutes before gently drying it off and running a burn-off cycle on your Qomo.

XMAX Qomo Accessories

What's in the box

x1 XMAX Qomo Ceramic Heating Element


x1 XMAX Qomo Quartz Heating Element

Customer Reviews

XMAX Qomo Replacement Heating Elements
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  1. Avatar for Dante


    The quartz coil has been a game changer for me

  2. Avatar for famjam


    Quartz flavor much better flavor but requires more constant maintenance

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