XMAX Qomo Bubbler

Key Features

  • Replacement XMAX Qomo Bubbler
  • Equipped with a fill-line and easy fitting into the rubber base

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Product Specifications

XMAX Qomo Replacement Bubbler

Accidents happen, and glass shatters easily. In hindsight, it’s a bad combination. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a replacement bubbler for your XMAX Qomo Dab Rig. We can recommend also picking up a Vape Carrying Case to help you keep your vape safe when not in use.

How to use the XMAX Qomo Bubbler?

To use the Qomo bubbler, you’ll first need to fill it up to the recommended red fill line by pouring in water slowly from the top of the bubbler. If you overfill it, you can pour some out the top again.

After that, you’ll need to insert it back onto the XMax by lining up the hole with the vapor bath hole to make sure your vapor can travel into the bubbler.

How to clean the XMAX Qomo Bubbler?

You can easily clean the XMAX Qomo bubbler with by pouring in some Orange Chronic and shaking for about a minute. This will zap any hard water stains or small resin buildups.

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What's in the box

x1 OEM replacement XMAX Qomo Bubbler Glass

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XMAX Qomo Bubbler
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