Art of Vapor: VapBong Vaporizer Review

Art of Vapor is a small artisanal producer of hand-crafted, ceramic desktop herb vaporizers named the VapBong. Based out of Europe and started by a man who goes by Dr. Collie, Art of Vapor has lately been seeing a lot of attention.

We were able to test out the ever impressive VapBong vaporizer and let you know what is it and what to look out for! Check out our VapBong review down below for some more information!

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How easy is it to use?

Certainly a lot different than almost every unit out there, it may be confusing at first but once you use the VapBong a couple of times, it’s very straightforward.

Temperature is controlled using a simple voltage controller. It gives you a wide power range to work with, however we’ve found that we normally just float around 11.0-12.0v. The team at Art of Vapor is working on a new power supply, so we’ll have to see how things change!

With the VapBong, you can simply just load the glazed ceramic chamber full of herb and essentially with however much you like. We tested it with 0.1, 1 gram, and 2.5 grams of ground dry herb and got great results from all.

Replace the chamber onto the device and wait until the heating element has heat-soaked. This will take ~15 minutes to get all the way there.

Fill the bubbler with enough water to give it a gentle gurgle when you pull. Inhale while covering the carb hole and enjoy!

Cleaning is surprisingly simple given the design. The glazed ceramic is smooth and slick, preventing resin and grime from caking up and sticking. Using isopropyl alcohol, you can easily clean any bits, pieces, and the main body with ease. With that being said, it is a more involved process than cleaning say an Arizer Solo 2.

Bowl Size & Heating System

Using a powerful full-convection heating system and taking advantage of the incredible thermal properties which ceramic has, once the heating element has heat-soaked, you are given an immense amount available heat.

The heating element itself is a kanthal coil wrapped around a ceramic core, with the bulbous body around the element acting as an impressive heat sink which can transfer energy very well once you begin to inhale.

The bowl can easily accommodate 0.1 all the way up to a couple of grams with ease. Microdosers can enjoy it however for megadosing, it’s hard to find a more capable machine.

For sharing with friends or those long, late-night sessions, you can relax and just fill the chamber up with over a gram of flower and take big hits for a seemingly endless time. 

Stirring is very easy as you can simply remove the bowl, shake it a couple of times, and replace it. No tool required.

The VapBong also works well with traditional hash and reasonably well with concentrates; however it’s certainly no dab rig. We’d definitely say that it’s best suited for flower.

VapBong Heating System

How’s the Vapor Quality?

Nothing short of stellar, the flavor is incredibly rich and pure, and the glazed ceramic imparts no flavor to the vapor at all. Of course water filtration by default will reduce the flavor coming through we’re very impressed by how much flavor comes through still.

Even towards hits 5-10, you’re still getting a very nice and pure flavor without any roasty flavor. We liken this to be better than or equal to other desktop powerhouses like the Herborizer Ti or VapeXhale Cloud Evo.

The AVB comes out very nice and consistently roasted. The airflow is terrific and the heating chamber uses a set of ~20 small holes spaced throughout. The end result is a virtually open airflow. The harder you pull, the better the results! 

As for vapor quality as a whole, you can get some absolutely huge hits, or just want some small sips. The benefits of a session convection vaporizer! It’s incredibly satisfying to take a hit from and the entire user experience is very special.

VapBong Bowl size 4

How Portable and Discreet is it?

It’s heavy. Ceramic is by no means light and once you’ve added some water as well, it’s solid and substantial to say the least. Heavier than most any bong you’ll come across, it’s very weighty and certainly feels elegant. It holds nice in the hands and you can tell that there are no corners cut.

It’s not portable in the slightest and though it’s very durable, you are definitely not going to throw this in your bag anytime soon. This is a piece that is going to be on your desk or table and sit there, somewhat like a Volcano Hybrid would.

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

Pure artisanal beauty. For those out there who love the Sticky Bricks and other gorgeous vapes like the Nomad by Morwood, this is right up your alley.

Entirely hand-crafted and made from scratch, you can tell it’s a labor of love and that fact alone has won our hearts. Custom designs are true pieces of art however the classic models are also gorgeous centerpieces. 

The packaging is nice however we’re not completely convinced by it. There wasn’t any instruction manual, cleaning brush, or other accessories. Just the VapBong itself, power supply, and loading funnel (which is quite nice too).

We would’ve liked to see a smaller and more compact packaging which is better for shipping and movement from house to house, as well as some less bubble wrap and rather replaced by an eco-friendly material. When you spend so much on a unit, it would be nice to have a an instruction manual included.

Note: Art of Vapor declared they will be using updated packaging soon, the review will be updated once we see what it is replaced with.

The price is certainly quite up there, but if you really want top shelf performance alongside incredible aesthetics and a functional piece of art, then we say it’s absolutely worth it. A piece to last the ages. 

We’re unsure about how warranties and replacement parts are handled, but we’re certain it works on a case-by-case basis and confident the small team at Art of Vapor will sort things out diligently and in German fashion.

VapBong Bowl size
~2.5 grams of flower in the loading funnel

Who is this vaporizer for

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur and a vapor enthusiast, there are not many pieces out there more fitting to your lifestyle than this. Genuine hand-made art which has performance equal to the best of the best, it’s hard to think of a more special piece.

On the other hand, it might not best the best pick for casual consumers or as your only unit as you can’t really take it around anywhere and it’s better to just leave it in one spot.

The ritualistic, primal feeling of using this device is a perfect match for those who also enjoy the act of smoking/vaping. Like the DynaVap, it has a very hands-on approach to the whole experience of consuming cannabis. 

Art of Vapor Vapbong


Absolutely one of the most interesting herb vapes we’ve ever reviewed, and we’re very glad to. The most important virtue, performance, is about as you can get from a full-convection session vaporizer. Few out there exist, and this is one of them.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for the artisans and hand-made wood vaporizers, then this is the mecca of them all. No other handmade vaporizer (that we’re aware of) carries such power and performance. The heat properties of ceramic are incredible and noticeably better than glass.

Certainly costing a pretty penny and it’s hard to recommend it to everyone; it’s undoubtedly a unique vaporizer and one of the favorites of which we’ve tried. 

Thanks for reading and we hope to catch you around!

Tips for best performance for the AoV VapBong

  • Fill the bubbler with an amount that’s the most comfortable to inhale from. Too much water will hinder performance and too little doesn’t quite feel right
  • Stirring is very easy – simply remove the chamber and shake it a couple of times before replacing
  • The harder you inhale, the better it works. You can get absurd clouds this way.
  • We found voltage 11.0-12.0 to be the best, with 11.3v to be our ‘sweet spot’.
  • Let the device warm up and heat soak for 10-15 minutes for the best results.
VapBong Bowl size 3
Aprox. 2.5 grams of flower in the chamber

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  1. Avatar for Seb Seb says:

    Great Review! Thanks for that guys!

    1. Avatar for David K David K says:

      A pleasure 🙂

      – James

  2. Avatar for Joe Swanson Joe Swanson says:

    This thing is just an overpriced ceramic bong. I can get a nice Summerland Ceramic bong for about $275 and get a heater for $20. Yet this thing is the same and costs nearly $500 for just a basic one. Plus if you drop this thing it’ll surely break. Not that case for the majority of vapes out there. This is one of the most expensive vapes and it’s definitely not worth the price tag.

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