Should you buy the FlowerPot B2 Baller Head?

If you’ve been in the cannabis vaporizer game for a while, you may be familiar with the concept of the FlowerPot Vaporizer by Cannabis Hardware (formerly known as With vapor production very similar to a traditional bong, it’s one of the most popular ball vapes on the market. As Flowerpot is committed to only using high-quality parts by holding themselves to a high standard of production and reputation within the community, is the price justified for the vapor quality? In this review, we’ll be going over how Flowerpot works, as well as comparing it to other top-end devices to help you make the right purchase at the end of the day.

Flowerpot B2

Flowerpot B2 Ball Vaporizer Key Features

As the main heat will come from the hot air passing through your bong’s bowl, the FlowerPot is technically just a supercharged convection desktop vaporizer. Since you’ll be able to get quite high temperatures, you’ll be able to vape any strains of concentrates or loose flowers that you’d like with ease as well. As Cannabis Hardware only uses high-quality medical-grade aluminum and titanium, it’s also a great alternative for anyone that might be concerned about inhaling plastics. The only non-titanium part of the B2 is the brass screen at the bottom of the adapter chamber and ruby balls, and seeing as titanium has one of the best inert flavors for vapor quality, you’re going to have almost a guaranteed great flavor from your terpenes as long as you aren’t combusting.

How do ball vaporizers work?

As a pure convection desktop experience with a very high-temperature range, the FlowerPot opts for pure performance and manufacturing quality over aesthetics. The NV E-nail controller will give you a wide temperature range to choose from, all the way up to close to 900F. Just know that the temperature converted to your glass will be substantially lower than what your controller says! Besides the power adapter, the actual B2 head of the vape is quite comparable in size to a small meat tenderizer. The grip is wrapped in a thin layer of rope which helps to keep your hand cool, as well as provide some added grip for the heater. Once the heating element is hot, you’ll simply place it onto a 14mm or 18mm vaporizer bong, and inhale to let the hot air pass through your dry herb.

Flowerpot B2 Heating

How to use the FlowerPot Vaporizer?

One of the small drawbacks about the FlowerPot Vape is the long list of instructions to put everything together – Grab a beer, relax, and it will be done in no time.

When it comes to actually using your FlowerPot B2, the first thing you’ll do is finely grind your dry herb and place it into one of the metal chamber adapters from the kit onto your favorite bong piece. Scoop in up to 0.5g, and then turn your PID controller on if you hadn’t done so already. After the two-minute heat-up time, you can place the head over the metal bong adapter and begin your session as you’d like. For most users, you’ll only have the heater on top of the chamber for a few seconds, removing it as the vapor quality begins to go down or as the bowl is cleared. In between heating cycles, place the heater onto the stand and either keep it there if you plan on continuing to vape, or simply turn the PID controller off completely.

Flowerpot B2 parts

Ball Vaporizer Temperature Tips and Tricks

As a rule of thumb, whatever temperature you have set on the controller will run about 200F lower in your bowl. For example, 650F set on our PID will deliver approximately 375F-400F to your bowl.

As a pure convection experience, you’ll be able to set the temperature of the nail low enough to run your device for a considerable amount of time. For more of a one-hitter style, you can also choose to run it at around 800F which will be like a ‘torch lighter‘ that will rapidly extract your THC. On the bottom side of the glass banger for the head are nine holes, which work quite similarly to an Arizer glass stem screen. As most people will run the temperature hot enough for the B2 to be a one-hitter, you won’t have to worry about the screens getting clogged. The headpiece gets so hot that when air gets pulled through those nine holes on top it gets super-heated right before going through your herb.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the temperature running, the less time you’ll have to hit the bowl without the risk of accidentally combusting and having an impromptu classic bong session. With a very fine grind, you’ll be able to easily microdose or get through a fully loaded bowl. Similar to how the Arizer XQ2 works with its easily removable bowls, you’ll be able to use your FlowerPot as a true on-demand vaporizer by moving the heater back and forth between its stand and your bowl as you please.

How’s the FlowerPot Vapor Quality?

With the included E-Nail PID controller, you’ll be easily able to set the temperature that runs to the head of the vape via electrical resistance. Just like an Arizer desktop remote, you’ll have a power button with up and down arrows to set the precise temperature. For a normal temperature of 650F, you’ll want to heat the vape up for about five minutes to really get the heat flowing equally through the head, and then you’ll be able to take comfortable hits from there as you move it to your dry herb. For very high temperatures above 800F, you’ll be able to almost clear the bowl in a one-hitter fashion, but you’ll need to draw rather quickly.

Personally, I will run it at around 700F, letting the heater heat soak for around five minutes, and then the bowl as well for about 10 seconds before I begin my sessions with long and slow inhales. After the heater has reached its set temperature in around two minutes, you’ll then be able to place it onto your glass piece if you haven’t already. After around 30 seconds on lower temperature settings, you’ll be able to inhale from the bowl. I found that sessions without the carb cap weren’t nearly as effective as when you place the Cannabis Hardware carb cap over the B2 head, as your airflow will be much more channeled into the vape. The difference is night and day, as you’ll soon find out anything above 600F will produce very milky vapor as it passes through your bong.

FlowerPot Vaporizer Suitable Substances

The top piece can function just like an e-nail, so you can technically dab with your B2 without needing to use the sandwich method. If you really want to go crazy, you can also vape herb and wax at the same time by loading some flower in the pot and then placing the head on top and vaping a dab. For most beginners, you’ll be able to get by just fine at a temperature of just 650F for both your loose flower and dabbing needs.

Flowerpot B2 Substance

How to clean the Flowerpot B2?

Since the head sits above your herb, nothing about it will get dirty besides the glass you’re using. As the temperatures can get much hotter than normal vaporizers, you might have to periodically poke the airports to clear any resin buildups. For the bangers, the occasional wipe down with vape alcohol cleaning wipes will help to keep everything working well.

Flowerpot B2 Pros

  • Rapid extraction
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • USA made
  • Wide range of temperatures
  • Universal Bong Compatible
  • Wax and Dry Herb Compatible

Flowerpot B2 Cons

  • Steep price tag
  • Not portable
  • Bong-reliant
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Suited for secluded rooms

FlowerPot B2 Review Conclusion

Cannabis vaping connoisseurs often say that they find the FlowerPot vaporizers offer the best vapor quality on the market. The only real con is the massive $600 USD price tag, which comes out to more than the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer. As you’ll be limited to only hitting from large bongs with 14mm or 18mm ports, there is also a limited amount of session customization that you’ll be able to have. The heating element is going to be extremely hot, and frankly, if you were to knock the injector over by your young children, it’s a hazard. If you are willing to spend the huge chunk of change, I would say it’s best suited for heavy users that will be able to hit in a secluded area like a garage because of the non-discreet design and the overall style of sessions. For most people, they’re going to find a traditional desktop vaporizer like the Arizer XQ2 or Volcano Hybrid the better option, as you’ll be able to enjoy your sessions through either a whip or fillable balloons. They are much more user-friendly and have vapor quality that match or even exceed ball vaporizers in setups that can easily be shared with friends or family.