Dr. Dabber Switch ALN Induction Cup


Key Features

  • Optimized for high-quality concentrates
  • Provides the best flavor possible for the Dr. Dabber Switch
  • Can be torch-cleaned without issue
  • Aluminum Nitride material

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Product Specifications

The Best Dr. Dabber Switch Cup

If you’ve been looking for the best induction cup for your Dr. Dabber Switch, many dabbing enthusiasts will often refer to the ALN cup as being the best. Aluminum Nitride is a very high-quality material and as a result is used in different industries like medical, defense, and aerospace technologies.

Due to its high heat transfer, the ALN cup has reduced heat-up times, and more even heating of the cup, especially when compared to the stock cups.

Dr. Dabber Switch ALN Cup Tips and Tricks

Dr. Dabber suggests that you stay within 400-540°F using the ALN cup for best performance within crystal mode. While the performance is somewhat similar to the SiC Induction Cup, the ALN cup has a bit more terpene flavor, and the SiC cup will have a bit more vapor production.

Because the ALN cup distributes heat very well, you’ll be getting less burnt oil or dabs in the cup, and the flavor will be more consistent. It’s recommended to use it with high-quality concentrates like hash rosin or live resin for this reason.

If terpenes are the most important aspect of using your Switch E-Rig and you don’t mind less vapor production, the ALN is for you.

How to clean the ALN induction cup?

The ALN cup is known to be very difficult to clean. To keep it working its best, it’s advised to clean it after every use with multiple Q-Tips or Vape Cleaning Sticks. If you’re a heavy user, you can expect to have to torch or use the self-cleaning mode once or twice a month to bring the ALN cup back to its white color.

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