KandyPens Prism Ceramic Heating Element


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Product Description

KandyPens Replacement Atomizer

This drop in replacement atomizer for the Kandypens Prism vape is exactly what you’ll need if your original ceramic atomizer has begun performing differently than it used to or has been lost. A simple process of screwing it in, it’s easy to replace and get back to spitting clouds.

We prefer the ceramic atomizer over the dual quartz atomizer for flavor chasing and lighter hits. Cleaning and maintenance is also marginally easier as well.

To clean the Kandypens Prism ceramic atomizer, simply dip a cotton swap in iso and scrub out the chamber, preferably while the vape is still warm – wax tends to get messy and gunk things up quickly!


Note, this is only for the Kandypens Prism and not for the Kandypens Prism Plus!

What's in the box

  • 1 x KandyPens Prism Ceramic Atomizer

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