Author Rating: 8.5/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 9/10
Vapor Quality: 9/10
Battery Life: 7/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

Should you buy it?

If you’ve been looking for a unique draw-activated and stylish 510-thread battery, then the Tronian Tautron is definitely something you’ll be interested in. With a premium and stylish design, 380mAh lithium-ion battery, and fast charge, there is a whole lot to love. In this review, we’ll be going over these key features and more to help you decide whether it’s the right 510-battery for you based on your unique vaping habits.

What’s in the Tronian Tautron kit?

In the kit, you’ll find a QuickStart manual, micro-USB charging cable, your 510-thread Tronian Tautron unit, and 0.5mL and 1.0mL magnetic adapters. To use your device right out of the box, all you’ll need to do is fully charge the unit before dropping in the magnetic adapter for the 10.5 mm-sized cartridges or smaller into the sunken port and activating the THC extraction with your inhales. With a powerful 4.2V power supply to the oil, it will be sure to devour all kinds of oil, viscous or thin! As the great Caitlyn Jenner would say, ‘Buckle up Buckaroo!’

How does the Tronian Tautron work?

The design is super comfortable in the hand due to the narrower profile compared to bulkier devices like the CCell Palm. With a similar design to the CCell Silo, the design is very ergonomic in the hand with no sharp edges with a flat base for easier standing. If you’re making the switch from e-cigs, you’ll be familiar with the box-style design, and because of this as well, strangers will just think it’s a small nicotine vape in public. As oil cartridges normally have only a very small odor of an aerosol, this is another sale point if you’ve been interested in making the switch to 510 thread batteries

Because of the integrated 510 cartridge holding slot, only the ceramic mouthpiece of your 510 thread vape cartridge will be visible, making the Tautron much more portable than a pen-style design you might find on something like a Tronian Nutron. On the body of the vape, the 510 slot has a slightly carved-out window design, which will help you to view the remaining levels of your cartridge – Nifty! The only other real design feature to comment on would be the Tronian Tautron golden pop-out logo on the body but is well designed and adds some sleekness.

Because of the anodized aluminum body, you won’t have to worry about chipping paint or indents to the battery because it comes in so light at only 70g, or 1/10th of a pound only. For a size comparison, it is about the same size as a sticky note pack. In other words, you won’t have any kind of problems fitting the vape into any kind of pocket or vape case.

Because of the nice design for the cartridge and magnetic qualities, your cartridges will feel super secure and snug in the body, and the snap as it lands is a pretty enjoyable sound to start sessions with. Again, a nice feature compared to something like a KandyPens Rubi, where the cartridge can easily be knocked off.

During hits, the LED light will know that your oil is being vaporized, and there will be no ratting of the cartridge in the chamber. For the affordability, we think that these are all great plusses for the battery!

Tautron with tools420 refillable cart

510 thread cartridge compatibility

As mentioned, the powerful 4.2 Volt power supply to your cartridges will be more than enough to get big cloud productions on your oil. As long as your cartridge is 10.5mm in diameter or less, you’ll be sure to have access to some of the biggest clouds 510 batteries can provide.

Tronian Tautron vapor quality

Before we get more into the vapor quality, we should note that draw-activated 510 batteries allow for better battery optimization. As other 510 batteries will often be used only at the highest setting, it’s just a waste of time and more annoying to use, having to hold the power down during hits.

Regardless if you’re choosing to use THC or CBD, you’ll be sure to get lovely clouds with no draw restriction. As long as you aren’t trying to take massive hits on a depleted battery, you’ll be able to get a really enjoyable high for the fraction of the cost compared to a high-end bong.

Tronian Tautron Battery Life

With a 380mAh battery, heavy users will be able to get a full day of vaping, as it will roughly last about 150 hits. With a very fast charging time of only 30 minutes, you can spend more time vaping, and less time staring at your vaporizer charging in quiet desperation. Since it uses a micro-USB port and not a threaded USB port, you can also bring a battery charging bank with you on the go to never have to worry about your device dying on you.

Tautron with tools420 refillable cart

Is the 510 Thread Tautron hard to use?

The Tautron is very easy to use and master, as you’ll only have to worry about inhaling. The magnetic adapters will do all of the work for fitting and draw power. You won’t have to worry about pressing a power button in random combinations to figure it out.

Tronian Tautron Cleaning and Maintenance

As far as maintenance, the only real thing you’ll have to clean is the shell and ceramic mouthpiece of the vape. For this, we can recommend picking up vape cleaning wipes to get rid of any grime caused by daily wear and tear, or for when you want to share the vape with that one friend with a questionable ‘lip pimple’. If you lose any of your Tautron Magnetic Adapters, you can just pick a replacement for a few dollars.

Is the Tronian Tautron worth it?

After trying out the Tautron for several days, we can happily confirm that this is a great 510 thread oil vape! It hits the nice middle ground of balancing portability and power in a super sleek and easy-to-use package. For the ease of use, battery quality, and portability, it has earned a spot amongst the best oil vape pens list.

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As always, keep on that cannabis train – To health and high times!