Ardent FX Decarboxylator Review

Cannabis oil infusers are becoming more popular for good reason, and the new Ardent FX is touted to be the all-in-one solution which simplifies the process to the next level. We’ll go over all the important details in the Ardent FX review and let you know our real opinions on it.

How easy is it to use?

If you’ve never decarboxylated cannabis before, you’ll still have a very straightforward time using the Ardent FX. They’ve designed the unit to be at straightforward and easy to use as possible.

You don’t even need to grind the herb – just toss it in and choose one of the activation cycles. There’s a cycle for decarboxylating THC & CBG, and one for CBD.

After that you can use the ‘infuse’ or the ‘bake’ cycles which are designed to either infuse an oil or simply cook food.

Comparing the Ardent FX vs Magical Butter vs Levo Oil infuser puts them all on equal footing in terms of ease of use. Whichever device you get, they’ll all have the same simplicity, however the Ardent FX is the only one designed to cook food inside it.

Filling the Ardent FX with Cannabis

How’s the build quality?

The Ardent FX feels more refined and premium compared to the previous Ardent Nova. Everything feels well thought out and properly engineered. So far we haven’t seen any problems which makes us suspicious of long term reliability and we can’t really find anything we dislike in terms of build quality.

In terms of aesthetic design – either you like it or not. We’re not afraid of purple and find it actually adds a nice little bit of colourful flair to the kitchen.

Ardent FX charging dock

How well does it perform?

Of course this is the most important aspect to judge the device!

We’re very impressed by the end product. They’ve chosen the decarboxylation & infusion temperatures very well and it shows. Terpene preservation is great, end product is potent, and we really can’t find anything we don’t quite like about the results.

In terms of smell isolation the unit also satisfies as its air-tight design keeps all the aroma in – until you open it up of course. If you’re wanting to cook cannabis edibles without aromatically advertising you actions, then a dedicated infuser like this is the way to go.

Ardent FX temperature control button

Who is this device for?

We find the Ardent FX is best for people who want to save time. While you can get comparable results with an oven and materials at home, the simplicity and ease of use is miles better on the Ardent FX.

Especially for those looking to supplement their diet with CBD, CBG, THC, etc, and are completely unfamiliar with cannabis – the Ardent FX will flatten the learning curve


The Ardent FX is something like a Magic Bullet blender in terms of practicality and simplicity. The carrying case, ease of use, and overall experience is pleasant and straightforward.

The amount of time saved compared to the regular regular cannabis cooking can pay for the unit itself and if you find yourself valuing time saved above other things, then the Ardent FX may be a right pick for you.

Check out our Ardent FX vs Levo Oil vs Magical Butter comparison to find out which is the best cannabis infuser for you!

If you have any questions about the Ardent FX please feel free to drop a comment down below or on our social media channels – we’re glad to help out!

Until next time, catch you guys later!

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Ardent FX

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