Is the Linx Eden Switch worth it?

After months of research and development to create the best convection vaporizer in the industry, Linx is finally finished and happy to launch their newest vaporizer, the Linx Eden Switch. In this review, we’ll be going over that claim to see if the Eden Switch really holds up to be the future of convection vaporizers or not. With a super sleek design and awesome manufacturing quality, there is a lot to love at face value. Let’s get into it!

Linx Eden Switch Device Close Up

Linx Eden Switch Specs + Ratings

Material Compatibility Dry Herb + Concentrates
Pass through charging No
Swappable Battery No
Charge Time 3 Hours
Charging Port USB-C
Battery life 40~ mins.
Heating system Convection-Based
Heat up time 25~ Seconds
Temperature control Pre-Sets
Temperature Range 360 – 428 F / 182C – 220C
Oven Size 0.25g
Vapor path way Quartz
Accessories Dosing Capsules
Vibration Alert Yes
Motion sensor No
Warranty period 1 Year
Price Range Budget
Coupon Code
Ease of Use 7/10
Vapor Quality 7/10
Manufacturing Quality 10/10
Ease of Cleaning 8/10
Portability 8/10
Durability 8/10

What’s in the box?

  • x1 Linx Eden Switch Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • x1 Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap
  • x3 Glass Mouthpieces
  • x1 Mouthpiece Fitting
  • x3 Silicone Mouthpiece Caps
  • x4 Filter Screens
  • x1 Dosing Capsule Seal
  • x1 Quartz Dosing Capsule
  • x1 Cleaning Brush
  • x1 Braided USB-C Charging Cable

Linx Eden Switch What Is In The Box

Key Features

  • Glass dosing Capsules
  • Convection Heating
  • 4 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Temperature Boost
  • Isolated Air Path
  • Available in Steel or Onyx Colors
  • 1 Year Warranty

Linx Eden Switch Dosing Capsules

Convection Heating System

With true convection heating using only premium materials, the Switch will give you genuine a convection vaping experience. The heat-up time is only 20 seconds, and if you do back-to-back sessions, it will retain heat for instantaneous heating. As a downside, the body of the vaporizer is also going to get quite hot. Luckily, you can use the included sleeves from the kit on the mouthpiece and body of the vape to keep your hands and lips comfortable. Overall, I found that the best results came from not using the glass dosing capsules. I think that the glass dosing capsules have a bit too small airholes which restrict the airflow. I say this because even though my AVB (Already Vaped Bud) was a very dark brown, the vapor wasn’t adding up. When I tried it without the dosing capsules, the airflow was a lot better and the vapor exhales were quite large.

Linx Eden Switch Chamber Reducer

Vapor Quality

As a convection-based vaporizer, it will work best with long and slow inhales. I found that the boost setting works best while keeping the temperature on the first or second temperature preset. This makes it basically an on-demand vaporizer that functions very similar to the Firefly 2+. If you try to do short sips, you’ll get the taste of your cannabis, but won’t get any real vapor when you exhale. Using the sandwich method by placing a small amount of dab in between the flower seemed to work best for making the biggest clouds with the best flavor.

How to use the Linx Eden Switch?

The Linx Eden Switch is so easy to use, that even your grandma could operate it! It comes with 4 pre-set temperature settings ranging from 360 to 428 Fahrenheit which takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect temperature – Just pick your favorite setting and the device will automatically begin heating when you turn it on.  For the max temperature of red at 428 Fahrenheit, the heat-up time will take about 20 seconds. Let’s take a look at a sample session with the Switch:

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the device
  2. Load ground material into the Quartz Dosing Capsule
  3. Screw the mouthpiece back onto the device
  4. Cycle through the four pre-set temperatures by clicking the power button three times quickly (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red)
  5. Once the Switch vibrates and the light turns solid, you can begin your session
  6. Utilize long and slow inhales of around 15 seconds for the best results

* If you want to swap out dosing capsules, you’ll have to unthread the small funnel that sits above the chamber.

Tips and Tricks

  • With the removable dosing capsules, the glass dosing capsules act as a removable chamber meaning easy cleaning and reloading. They come in a sleek silicone sleeve that can hold three pods, so just preload a few and have the Switch and sleeve in the pocket for easy chamber reloading.
  • The chamber’s mouthpiece has a spring-loaded compressor which will help you get the most extraction possible. It also acts as a bit of conduction extraction and will help to make sure there’s no empty space in the chamber that would reduce vapor production.
  • Every session will last four minutes before it automatically turns off.
  • Make sure to use the temperature boost for 20F/7C per second of additional heating

Linx Eden Switch Loading the Chamber


With the sold separately Linx Lava Plate, you’ll be able to vaporizer your favorite concentrates without ruining the chamber. It’s a small mesh pad that will help you evenly roast your dabs as it melts down. It works really well and is almost better than normal ground cannabis does as an overall vaping experience, so I’d highly suggest adding one to your order.

Linx Eden Switch Portability

The Linx Eden Switch is just under 6 inches, has a sleek design, and an overall discreet temperature display giving you the chance to have a session anywhere you’d like. Given the sheer amount of small parts in the original box, we highly suggest picking up a Vape Case which will let you store everything you need in one convenient place. I’d also suggest using the body sleeve because otherwise the body of the vape just gets way too hot to put back into a pocket after a session. I do really like the mouthpiece cap though, as it will protect the glass from any accident while you’re traveling!

Linx Eden Switch On Hand Portability With Bag

Is the Linx Eden Switch discreet?

Since the heat-up time is so fast and the design is almost all black, I’d say that you’ll be able to get discreet sessions in while in public without any kind of problem. The convection heating will reduce the amount of dankness in the vapor compared to conduction units, so you won’t be getting any unwanted attention.

Manufacturing Quality

The Linx Eden Switch is leading the revolution in health-conscious design technology. Designed to be the healthiest and safest vaporizer on the market. It’s free of fibers, paints, or harmful silica. Staying true to their vision, the Eden Switch is made from medical-grade stainless steel, quartz oven, and glass mouthpieces. For any vape connoisseurs that value a clean airpath, the Switch is one of the best-made in the market.

Linx Eden Switch Extra Device Shot

Battery Life

Overall, you’ll get about ten sessions from the 2500mAh battery, which comes out to about 40 minutes of battery life. With the included USB-C cable, a full charge will take roughly 3-4 hours from dead and will show the current percentage as indicated by how many of the four bars are flashing. Once all four lights are solid, you’ll know that the vaporizer is fully charged. When the vape is on for normal use, the number of lights that are on will indicate the current charge. For example, 3 lights = 75% battery, etc. When you’re very low on juice, the lights will blink 10 times to let you know it’s time for a recharge. As some small downsides, Linx cautions against using the device while it’s charging, as well as not charging overnight.

Linx Eden Switch USBC Charger

How to Clean the Linx Eden Switch?

  1. Make sure the device is powered off and cool to the touch
  2. Unscrew the mouthpiece compressor from the mouthpiece by unthreading it
  3. With the Filter spring disassembled, gently separate the filter from the spring into two pieces by unscrewing the filter from the spring connection
  4. Soak all removable parts in isopropyl alcohol
  5. Clean all surfaces of the mouthpiece and chamber with alcohol and cleaning sticks
  6. Rinse any glass dosing capsules with Orange Chronic Cleaner 

Linx Eden Switch How to Clean

Final thoughts

The glass vapor path, solid performance, and durable and portable build make the Linx Eden Switch a very solid vaporizer for the budget category. However, there are a few drawbacks as there was a bit of a learning curve to get good cloud production. Overall, I’d recommend the Switch to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the Firefly vaporizer as it has an awesome on-demand flavor and is made from super high-quality parts.

What do you think about our Linx Eden review? Have you tried this portable vape? Let us know if our assessment was accurate and what you think is the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer!

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Linx Eden Switch VS XMAX V3 Pro

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