Utillian 621/620 Wax Canister Set


  • OEM replacement accessory from Utillian
  • Compatible with Utillian 621 & 620
  • Wax canister accessory for concentrates
  • Made of stainless steel

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Product Specifications

Utillian 621 Wax Canister: Designed for use with concentrates, this is the official replacement accessory for the Utillian 621.

Introducing the official replacement wax canister accessory designed specifically for the Utillian 621 and the 620, optimized for use with concentrates. Crafted from stainless steel, these canisters ensure pure and safe vapor consumption.

The Utillian 621 wax canister functions as a dosing capsule, allowing seamless integration of concentrates into your vaping experience while keeping the heating chamber free of sticky residue.

Ideal for enthusiasts who enjoy dabbing with their Utillian 621, having extra wax canisters on hand enables easy prefilling of doses and rotation between dab sessions. However, heavy concentrate users may find wax vaporizers better suited to their needs.

Using concentrates with your Utillian 620 or 621

New users should note that concentrates are a highly potent form of cannabis, resembling a wax-like substance. Compared to dry herb, they offer a more intense experience with fewer puffs needed to achieve the desired effect.

Concentrate Compatability

  • Live resin
  • Live rosin
  • Wax
  • Budder
  • Shatter
  • Crumble
  • Sauce
  • Hash
  • Diamonds

How to use Utillian 621 wax canister

  • Remove the magnetic mouthpiece cap from your Utillian 621.
  • Insert the wax canister into the heating chamber
  • Load the wax canister with your favorite concentrate using a stainless steel dab tool.
  • Re-install the magnetic mouthpiece cap and start vaping.

How to clean

For fast cleaning, soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol (cleaning iso sticks) and dab the inside of the wax cansiter to absorb the concentrate residue.

The vaporizer cleaning bundle is a helpful cleaning item including cleaning iso sticks and cleaning iso wipes.
The vaporizer maintenance kit is another handy tool kit that includes cleaning brushes, a packing/dab tool and a pair of tweezers for easily and safely removing the wax canister without burning yourself.

For heavy duty cleaning, fill a plastic Ziploc bag with iso and fully submerge your wax canisters for 10-20 minutes. The Orange Chronic iso-based cleaning solution works wonders as a scrubbing agent to remove grime and resin.

When to replace your wax canister

The replacement times vary depending on your usage, with an average of 4 months. You will know it is due for a replacement when the wax canister no longer produces vapor or the vapor doesn’t taste good anymore.

Heavy users may want extra wax canisters to rotate in and out during usage and cleaning.


Transform your Utillian 620 into a wax-compatible device.

Not compatible with Utillian 720 or Utillian 420 series devices.

For more vaporizers from the brand, check out our Utillian vaporizers brand page.

Utillian 621 Accessories

What's in the box

2 x Utillian 621 wax canister

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