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Is the Pulsar APX V3 worth it?

As a beginner dry herb vaporizer, there are a lot of great features that make it stand out against older models. Whether that be USB-C charging, the metallic design, or good temperature control, for a budget vape, there are a lot of reasons to choose it. In this review, we’ll be going over these key features and more to help you decide whether it’s worth purchasing it or not based on your unique vaping habits.

What’s in the Pulsar APX V3 Box?

1 x Pulsar APX V3 Dry Herb Vaporizer
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Stir Tool
2 x Replacement Screens
1 x Cleaning Brush

Pulsar APX V3 Key Features

With upgrades over the V2 version including a larger chamber, isolated air path, and higher max temperature, there’s been a significant boost to the vape’s cloud production and taste.

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Cool Color Options
  • Affordable

The Pulsar APX V3 uses a heating element around its ceramic chamber to extract THC up through the rubber insert in the mouthpiece and then through the mouthpiece hole.

Pulsar APX V3 Filling Chamber

Is the Pulsar APX V3 portable?

Coming in at 4.0 x 1.25 x 1.0 in, and just about 100 grams, the APX V3 is super portable. It can easily fit into any pocket, and if you’re a heavy user, consider picking up a Tools420 Vape Case where you’ll be able to keep everything you need in one convenient spot including a USB-C charger for a never-ending party.

Pulsar APX V3 pick tool

Pulsar APX V3 Vapor Quality

As mentioned, there’s a significant boost to the V3’s vapor quality compared to previous models. As we mentioned in our original version’s review, you’ll want to do a bit of a modification on the mouthpiece to get the best airflow possible. For us, that meant removing the white plastic filter at the top of the mouthpiece insert. It’s a simple fix that boosted the airflow for us by about 20-30%.

For the temperature settings, the first two preset temperatures didn’t really have any vapor production, but a decent flavor. The two upper ones had a good mixture of flavor and cloud production, and the last mode, which they are calling ‘cash’ was a bit harsh to inhale.

Because the temperature gets quite hot, you’ll be able to use the sandwich method with a small amount of dabs or live rosin between clumps of ground dry herb.

Pulsar APX V3 front panel User Interface

Battery Life

With the same 1600mAh battery as the first edition, you can expect about an hour of use before you’ll need a recharge with the included USB-C charging cable. The APX V3 is meant for casual users who are looking to have a few puffs here and there and won’t be using their vaporizer all day, every day.

Pulsar APX V3 Charging Port

How to Use the Pulsar APX V3?

To use the Pulsar APX V3, you will first start by clicking the shorter side of the mouthpiece up and away toward the power button side of the vape. It does require a bit of force, so just be aware that if you’re a medicinal user or have arthritis, this definitely won’t be the vape for you.

Once you get the mouthpiece off, you’ll be able to load up to 0.5g of your finely ground dry herb into the ceramic chamber and place the cap back on. After that, press the power button five times until the vape turns on, and then press and hold the power button for three seconds to cycle through the five pre-set temperatures.

Pulsar APX V3 mouth piece

Using a wax cup

One of the nice things you can do to help your vapor quality with dabs is to use the XMAX V3 Pro Wax Cup. It has a funneled mesh design which will help to your dab melt down to vape evenly, plus it will prevent any kind of leakage down into the chamber which could cause damage!

xmax v3 pro wax cup

How to clean the Pulsar APX V3?

  1. Remove the mouthpiece
  2. Remove your spent product with the included dab tool or brush
  3. Using vape cleaning sticks or vape alcohol wipes will help you keep your chamber free from normal resin buildups
  4. The only part you’ll be able to submerge if you want to is the metal screen in the insert
  5. Once everything is dry, you can put the mouthpiece insert back together and use it as normal

Pulsar APX V3 mouthpiece screen


You’ll have access to a one-year warranty on the APX V3 that will cover you against manufacturer’s defects.

Pulsar Vaporizer Review Conclusion

The APX V3 is super easy to use with some great improvements made to the manufacturing quality that has in turn improved the vapor quality. With a very discreet design, high temperatures, and haptic feedback, you’ll be able to get big clouds when you’re on the go at a very affordable price!

There are a few drawbacks though. With a limited battery life and a difficult-to-remove cap, medicinal users are better off spending the extra money on a Mighty+ or Crafty+.

What do you think about our Pulsar APX V3 review? Were we accurate with our assessment of this budget dry herb vaporizer?

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