MiniVAP Vaporizer Review

Long overdue, this MiniVAP review re-visits a vaporizer mostly forgotten for over a decade. While the size isn’t quite mini by modern standards, the power within suggests it’s more like a MegaVAP.

Though it has been slightly refreshed/updated over the past few years to optimize its performance, the same concept and attributes still exist.

We’ll go over all the important things like battery life, vapor quality, ease of use, etc – let’s hop into the Minivap review right away now, shall we?

Is the Minivap easy to use?

One of the very few medically certified vaporizers out there, the MiniVAP was designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

They certainly succeeded with this ethos as the big protruding buttons and simple bowl system is as easy as ever. If you thought using the Solo 2 or loading the Mighty+ was easy, you’ll be surprised to see the MiniVAP is even more simplistic.

On the other hand, the flexicone loading/basket system is a little finicky. While it’s effective, some find themselves just loading the bowl directly and enjoying it like this.

Like all convection vaporizers, the MiniVAP works best with a medium-fine grind and packed down ever so slightly. We go over more details on the ease of use in the MiniVAP review video.

In the end, using the MiniVAP as a whole is extremely simple from adjusting the temperature to cleaning – it was designed this way intentionally.

MiniVap charging

Minivap vaporizer battery life

Rated for 2100mAh you wouldn’t expect much, however, some very clever engineering makes this vape the absolute king of battery life. You will receive approx. 3 hours of on-time and hits before the cell drained out. This is at high temperature and heavy hits taken often.

However, the battery is a proprietary connection and requires the charging dock and DC barrel plug to work. While the reliability and efficacy are excellent, those who like standardized connections and USB-C may be a bit adverse.

You are able to plug it in directly to the wall for unlimited power, though the portability and battery life addition with the cell is certainly a step up. For a similarly powerful and more portable dry herb vaporizer, you might want to pick yourself up a Mighty+ instead. 

MiniVap battery

MiniVAP Heating System 

The bowl on the MiniVAP is large enough to fit 2 Storz & Bickel dosing capsules with some room to spare.

With room for approx. 0.5 grams of flower, the MiniVAP is a go-to when it comes to sharing with friends as you’re freed of the responsibility to constantly fill and stir the bowl.

A powerful convection heating element with very slight hints of conduction is the golden ticket here and is the credit to the excellent vapor quality. Keep in mind though that the unit takes ~2 minutes to get up to speed.

There are 2 heating element styles available – a glass and Teflon-glass model. The former having slight aspects of conduction while the latter being pure convection.

While the chamber was respectable for when it came out, its more modern counterparts like the G Pen Elite 2 will have the same 0.5g bowl and have a lot more positive features as well, like USB-C charging. 

Minivap chamber

MiniVAP Vapor Quality 

The MiniVAP both excels and is average in this department, depending on the mouthpiece used:

With the stock mouthpiece, you get very tasty, light, enjoyable vapor. Density is moderate but doesn’t quite come close to the heavy hitters out there. More suited towards numerous light sips and has quite a bit of draw restriction.

For light sips, the original mouthpiece works great but is not satisfying for heavy hits. The 14 or 18mm WPA changes that up and allows for those heavy rips.

However, when a water pipe attachment is attached, the game is changed. It’s easier to inhale as the draw restriction improves and combined with a bubbler is asking for trouble. Heavy hits, excellent flavor, and an enjoyable experience overall.

However, the water pipe adapter hit directly is a bit harsh and dry due to lack of cooling path and beckons for a j-hook or similar accessory. For the most part, for the size of a desktop, you’d be better opted for the Plenty vaporizer which will offer you better vapor quality and ease of use right out of the box. 

Minivap mouthpiece

Is the MiniVAP portable?

The MiniVAP isn’t quite small by any stretch of the imagination. Though it is nice to walk around and sip on, putting it in the pocket isn’t going to happen. There is also no chance of hitting this discreetly in public. While it doesn’t bring too much attention and looks like a fancy thermos if you’re sipping it in public. Of course, exhaling a plume of vapor isn’t so stealthy. For a more portable option with similar vapor quality, check out the Crafty+.

Minivap powering up

Should you buy the MiniVAP?

We’d say that the MiniVAP is especially good for connoisseurs, those who enjoy simplicity, and a premium experience overall.

Medical cannabis patients will be hard-pressed to find a better vaporizer and that’s why the MiniVAP tops our list of the Best Medical Cannabis Vaporizers around.

We wouldn’t say this vape is good for those who want a very portable, do-everything vaporizer.  It’s premium, shiny, and a well-crafted machine.

If you like extended sessions on the couch, in the park, or sharing with friends and want the best of the best, you wouldn’t be able to find a more appropriate unit. 

In modern times though, it’s overall a hideous design with outdated features. For a more modern take on a portable dry herb vaporizer, the Arizer Air MAX looks and performs much better. 

MiniVAP Vaporizer Review Conclusion

The overall user experience is top-notch. Like an adult sippy cup, the MiniVAP is about as good as you can get with its drink-like design and bulletproof engineering. The only proper portable session convection vaporizer out there.

There isn’t quite anything like it with its phenomenal battery life, convection vapor excellency, and incredible simplicity. It’s a #1 pick for extended sessions and sharing when away from an outlet.

Thanks for reading our MiniVAP review – if you have questions or thoughts please leave them down below, we’re glad to help out!

MiniVAP tips & tricks for best performance

  • Load the bowl directly or use the baskets as a chamber reducer
  • Low temperatures for tasty and light clouds, high temps for heavy hits.
  • Use the water pipe adapter to change the experience entirely
  • Medium-fine grind and packed down gently for best results

Minivap Review
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Minivap Review
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