Pax 3 – Complete Kit

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Pax 3 – Complete Kit

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Dry Herb Vaporizer Wax Vaporizer Conduction
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Heat Up Time: 15 Seconds
  • High-polish Anodized Aluminium
  • Bluetooth App Enabled (Only Available for Android Phones)
  • 3500 mAh Battery

USD $242.02 

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As the latest version of the ever-popular PAX portable vaporizers, PAX 3 had much to live up to! PAX Labs came through, yet again, by bringing you a smarter, faster and stronger vaporizer with an improved heating system, new and improved battery and added haptic feedback! Unlike the already impressive PAX 2, the PAX 3 allows users more control over their vaping session thanks to the mobile app feature! PAX didn’t stop there with the add-ons, oh no! Now, for smaller vaping sessions, use the new half-pack oven lid included with the PAX 3. Also included is a wax concentrate insert, and haptic feedback to simply blow the vaping enthusiasts’ mind!

Smoother Vape

Who doesn’t like smooth lines and a refined look? PAX Labs is keeping with the latest colour trends by bringing you the PAX 3 in: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Black both in Glossy and Matte. This takes the metallic brushed look of the already refined PAX 2 up a notch or 2! Made of highly polished anodized aluminum, the PAX 3 exterior remains sturdy yet soft and smooth to the touch. Hold this little gem in your hand with the same comfort as the stick shift of a Porsche, thanks to its ergonomic shape. For those who prefer to vape on-the-go, this vape was engineered with class AND discreetness in mind, making it eye-catching yet easy to hide if the need arises. If having one of the sleekest, sexiest, and functional portable vaporizers available today would make you proud, you’ve found your match with the PAX 3! Backed by a 10-year warranty, you can vape worry-free knowing that you’ve chosen quality without sacrificing style!

Pax 3 Half-Pack Oven Lid

Forget the “one-hit wonder”, the PAX 3 was designed to impress the vaping enthusiast who enjoys several sessions during the day. The large herb chamber means less reloads, which means convenient and seamless vaping. For those of you who prefer single-sessions, OR if you only have a touch of dry herb left, PAX did not forget about you! Boasting a new half-pack lid, cutting the chamber size, your “one-hit wonder” is bound to be a GREAT ONE! Just place the half-pack oven lid in the chamber and load your herb, and you’re good to go for 2 vaping sessions (depending on how much herb you had to spare)!

Pax 3 Battery Life

If you’re like some people, you may not care about the specifics, only that you can vape knowing your battery won’t leave you stranded. Well, with the PAX 3, leave your worries behind because this vaporizer’s power has been upped from its already powerful PAX 2 predecessor. The PAX 3 now has 500mAh more power than the PAX 2 thanks to a 3500mAh lithium-ion battery. While we’re on the subject of batteries, did we mention that the battery only takes approx. 90 minutes for a full charge, which is still faster than most other vape batteries? If you thought a 45-second heat up time was fast, you’ll be blown away by the whopping 15 seconds it takes the PAX 3 to reach the lowest vaping temp, and a measly 5 seconds more to reach the highest temp! Who wants to “plan” to vape? Now you can just vape when you feel like it, where you feel like it without having to twiddle your thumbs thanks to ultra-fast heat up time! Imagine this…you’re at the office, but you could really use a hit. Simply toggle your desired temp (360F, 380F, 400F, or 420F), step out and start vaping virtually right away, so you don’t have to waste any valuable break time!

Pax 3 Heat Settings

With smartphones today, and apps for basically everything, your phone can be used to control virtually anything…so why not your vaporizer???? Now, with a mobile app, temperatures can be controlled on your PAX 3 portable vaporizer! With just a few taps on your smartphone you’ll be customizing your vaping session and getting adventurous with your vapor profiles. AND…did you know that you’ll have more control over your Pax vaporizer by using the app? WHY you ask! The Pax mobile app offers settings and features that are not available directly on the device, so that means an EVEN better vaping experience than you could have imagined!

BOOST MODE: This mode maintains the perfect vaporization temp between vaping sessions by reducing cooling, which is most beneficial when waxy oils are being vaporized at a constant high temp.

STEALTH MODE: This mode decreases the amount of indiscreet odors by cooling the unit down quickly.

FLAVOR MODE: This mode will only allow the PAX 3 to heat when you draw from it, making your vapor more delicious.
Have we mentioned that you can target, with absolute accuracy, the perfect temperature for vaping your choice of herb? On top of these already amazing features, now you can NAME your device, lock it when not in use so it cannot be used by others, and even customize the look of your device by choosing your favorite color scheme! We think it’s safe to say that the PAX 3 portable vaporizer is pretty damn smart…probably even the smartest!

EFFICIENCY MODE: This mode promotes thorough vaporization by gradually increasing the heat as you vape, releasing different terpenes and flavors.

New Feature of PAX 3 Vibration Notifications

Similar to today’s advanced smartphones, PAX 3 showcases haptic feedback, which is parallel to the vibration alerts we all know well from using our phones. Who doesn’t love the convenience of a simple vibration when you have a text message? Well, now your vaporizer does the same thing! Store your vaporizer in your pocket (if you prefer to be discreet), or just hold it in your hand and go about your business while you wait for it to heat, and wait for the buzz! When this vaporizer has switched to Standby mode, it will vibrate to let you know, so you’re never left guessing! Use the wonderfully convenient PAX 3 mobile app to customize the vibration strength based on your lifestyle. Be prepared for a masterful vaping session that is not only convenient but also discreet thanks to the PAX 3 haptic feedback system!

Vape Concentrates

Although the PAX 3 portable vaporizer was engineered with dry herb in mind, it’s also compatible with waxy oils. Just insert the PAX 3 wax concentrate insert for a vape on-the-go experience with runny to waxy consistency concentrates. Waxy oils are vaped in a similar manner to dry herb with this vaporizer, slowly and lowly. This process offers a smooth vaping experience exploding with flavor, which is superior to other portable vaporizers. Did you know that the PAX 3 can give you 15 min of powerful vaping with just a single pinch of wax, which is far more than you’ll get from a vape pen? Set your PAX 3 to the highest heat setting for your best experience with the wax concentrate insert, as recommended by the brilliant makers at PAX Labs. Oh, and one last thing, the wax insert is leakproof and super easy to clean which is a bonus for just about EVERYONE!

PAX 3 Is The Ultimate Portable Vaporizer

Always improving, always growing, and always focused on innovation, PAX Labs has thought of everything with the new PAX 3, making it even more incredible than the PAX 2! Say hello to a slick, sexy design, with a “beefed-up” battery for added convenience, and don’t forget the haptic feedback system (vibration feature)! Engineered with style AND discretion in mind, this vaporizer can be used in the privacy of your home, or the hustle and bustle of the city without attracting a crowd! What should you expect with the new PAX 3? STRONGER, FASTER, SEXIER, TASTIER are 4 words that come to mind, because this vaporizer is classy and trendy, but you also get superior vapor in virtually just seconds thanks to the advanced conduction heating system! Experience powerful, flavor-packed elite level vapor production with the new PAX 3 in the comfort of your home on on-the-go!

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x PAX 3 Unit
  • 1 x Multi-tool
  • 3 x Screens
  • 1 x Flat Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Raised Mouthpiece
  • 1 x USB Charging Dock
  • 1 x Concentrate Insert
  • 1 x Half-Packed Oven Lid
  • 1 x Regular Oven Lid
  • 1 x Maintenance Kits

Pax 3 Accessories:

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Brand Name
Product Name
Pax 3 - Complete Kit
USD 250
Product Availability
Available in Stock

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

Onyx, Sand

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer: Pax Labs
Warranty Period: 10 Years
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herbs & Wax
Heating System: Conduction
Heat Up Time: 30 Seconds
Bowl Size: 0.4 g
Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
Battery Life/Size: 3500 mAh / 80 Minutes
Temperature Range: 182 - 215°C / 360 - 419°F
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes (unavailable for iOS devices)
Dimension (HxDxW): 3.9 x 0.85 x 1.2 in
Weight: 93 g

24 reviews for Pax 3 – Complete Kit

  1. Avatar for Robert


    So the Pax 3 was my first weed vape and I liked it, but then people on Reddit said it’s not very good for the price and told me to get the Mighty vape. WOW what a world of difference! The Pax 3 is good for sure but the Mighty is really in a different league. Hits way harder, smoother, with better flavor, and doesn’t get as hot. Pax is good but get the mighty vape!!

  2. Avatar for Carly


    What an amazing vape, great recommendation and thank you for the fast delivery.

  3. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Top notch for on the go puffs.

  4. Avatar for Gerard

    Gerard (verified owner)

    Really nice addition to the collection. If you need a compact, discrete conduction style vape give this one a go. Quick heat up time, 1/2 pack optional lid is nice, stylish, Bluetooth app and great service/ communication from Josh @420tools.

  5. Avatar for Mike

    Mike (verified owner)

    Way better than PAX1. The extract addition is essential. Great product – hits hard if you want it to but discreet as hell when it needs to be.

  6. Avatar for Jim

    Jim (verified owner)

    It works great, as advertised. Now all of my buddies want 1.

  7. Avatar for Anonymous


    I definitely liked the Pax 3 but found other cheaper weed vapes to perform just as well for less. I ended up selling my Pax and just got a Vapium Lite which I like even more! Definitely a good budget weed vape if ur interested in one!

  8. Avatar for Rob B.

    Rob B. (verified owner)

    Amazing portable vaporizer

  9. Avatar for Jamey J.

    Jamey J.

    Bought it 4 my gf and she really loves it. I smoke joints still but kinda wanna get one bcuz I go to the movies a lot and can’t smoke j’s in there. Is there a different vape I should look into? Btw thanks for the fast shipping, got here before Christmas, saved my @ss haha.

  10. Avatar for Patricia Vaughan

    Patricia Vaughan (verified owner)

  11. Avatar for Andrew

    Andrew (verified owner)

  12. Avatar for Alyssa M.

    Alyssa M. (verified owner)

    Everything came on time and the product works great!

  13. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic service! The Pax 3 is well designed and easy to use.

  15. Avatar for Robin

    Robin (verified owner)

  16. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Avatar for James P.

    James P.

    The oven is pretty big which is good, but I like to microdose so I went for the half pack oven and in my opinion it made the Pax 3 way way better! The normal oven fits like 0.3 grams or so and the half oven is much better for solo use. I did managed to scratch mine really easily which kinda sucks but no big deal. Pretty good overall, little expensive but a good unit!

  18. Avatar for Charley


    It’s my first weed vape and does everything I need it to! The battery life is really good, especially with how small it is! I had problems using it for the first few times because I wasn’t inhaling properly with the Pax, but then I understood you have to inhale for longer and then it works fine!

  19. Avatar for Nancy

    Nancy (verified owner)

    Transaction was swift. Gentleman behind the counter was great. incredible peoduct

  20. Avatar for Robert S.

    Robert S. (verified owner)

  21. Avatar for Michael M.

    Michael M. (verified owner)

    Great product, quick shipping!

  22. Avatar for Jay C.

    Jay C. (verified owner)

    Really good quality products

  23. Avatar for Brian B.

    Brian B. (verified owner)

    Have always liked the performance of the Pax products. Very discreet, quick to heat, very happy with the kit, complete. Oven attachments are very handy. Love it!!

  24. Avatar for Daniel B.

    Daniel B. (verified owner)

    a bit pricey but works as intended

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PAX Labs, Inc. is another USA based Company selling Dry Herb Vaporizers. Their dry herb vaporizers such as pax 3, pax 2, and pax era are their leading products. Pax vapes deliver the best-vaping experience through their dual use of Pax 3 vaporizers. You can use Pax 3 for loose leaf and extracts. Also, with up to 10 years of warranty Pax promises quality support for their end-users.

Questions & Answers

Erick H.
How to use Pax 3 properly?

The Pax 3 manual will help you learn everything you need to know about the device, but in case you’re wondering the best draw technique for the Pax 3, we recommend inhaling slowly over a 5-15 second span. Short joint-like pulls don’t quite work so well, so go slow!

How to clean the Pax 3 the best?

Cleaning the Pax 3 is a bit of an involved process. The main bowl can be cleaned using a brush after every session, and you can use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean it every few sessions to get it squeaky clean.
To clean the air path on the Pax 3 we recommend using a small pipe cleaned dipped in iso since a Q-Tip won’t fit in there. Then use a dry pipe cleaner to clean that area again and run a burn-off session.

How to load concentrates in the Pax 3?

We recommend using the concentrates tank for the Pax 3 for concentrates. Set the Pax 3 into the highest temperature setting and warm up the oven a small bit. We recommend then adding the wax once the concentrates tank is warm as it’s much easier to melt your wax/resin in when warm. Then just continue the heat cycle and away you go!

How to charge the Pax 3?

The included Pax 3 charger will do the trick for you! Unfortunately the Pax 3 charger is proprietary and is unique.

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